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Hi there. I have been using your plug-in for many months and I’m very happy with it (although I’m not using it at the 100% of its possibilities). However, I recently noticed that my “1s” and “re-shares” from Google are not counted (they were, in the past). Did something change like it happened with Twitter?

For example: this is one of my posts on Google+

You can see it has several “+1s” and re-shares.

The source is this one

but it counts only the number “3” associated to Google+ icon.

Can you please help me to understand (and possibly to solve) the issue?

Thanks, Bernardo /


The problem you have appears a month ago to another customer and it was caused by bug in G+ API which makes shares disappear. Unfortunately till now that customer was not able to find way Google to restore them – the value misses into API for that url.

Will you be making any updates and improvements such as adding more social networks?

We will check technical possibility for this. Not all networks has API access to counter service. Which networks you need?

Honestly the only network I really need. The only one you don’t have is Tumblr. Everything else I use doesn’t have an open API.


Unfortunately Tumblr does not have counter API access. That means that we will not be able to get share value for it.

Does this support instagram and snapchat? hint!! if it doesnt it should ;)


Unfortunately it does not support them. Instagram API limit access to such data and it is hard to generate it. In Hello Followers we have added logging and stat of followers change once that plugin is active – this will provide you information how your followers value change.

Snapchat we have not seen to provide such public access to data that can be taken.

We are periodically researching for new possibles way to get data from different networks and as soon this is possible we will immediately add them.

Hello, is this still compatible with the last version of Wordpress and the future updates?

Thanks! :)


Yes it works with latest version of WordPress and we are now preparing update for changes of Facebook API that will be pushed very soon.

I will be waiting for such update!

Hello, when is the new update of the ESMP Pro plugin coming? Currently no Facebook statistics are working.

Yes we have made such and it will appear very soon. Send us mail to appscreo at gmail dot com and we will send you

Hello, we sent you an e-mail, still no answer


We sent a few hours ago update but in case you did not receive it please notify us with email

Facebook And Twitter. When I check the checkbox “Analyze Twitter Counter” and paste in a token in “Facebook Access Token”, the are empty when press “Update settings” – I dont get all my FB likes and no twitter counts.


Thank you for the notification. Please send us mail to appscreo at gmail dot com and we will send you updated build.

I did that 4 days ago, please mail me the update danielnicolajsen at gmail dot com


We send you build almost immediately. We will pm devs and they will send it again in few hours as link to avoid message block.

Hi, I want to use this plugin for other type of action. I want to build a blog contest where they, the bloggers need to write a review article and i want to add and track statistics for individual link entry. Will be possible?


Our plugin is focused on social interactions – measure of shares by URL of post. This url for post is only one which limits the possibility of tracking.

For your needs we can suggest to check affiliate plugins which we suppose can help you.

Thank you for answer but is not helping this. Think on a website where people submit they url and short part of the article. We need to make a top of influence, how many share, like generate the story which they have submited.

Bug Fatal error: ‘continue’ not in the ‘loop’ or ‘switch’ context in easy-social-metrics-pro/lib/dashboard/esmp-dashboard-detailed-content.php on line 23

The error message can appear only if there is unauthorized access to the report – without required parameters that are needed to run the report.

Contact us via mail to appscreo at gmail dot com and we will provide additional details on how to proceed.

Hi … Did you ever add in support for Google Analytics?


Not for now we have not added such.

Thanks. Are you planning to?

Yes but I do not have information when this will happen.

php compatibility checker has errors for your plugin. Is there expected time frame for this?


Plugin is fully compatible with all latest PHP versions. What you see is false positive message – you can find out why in here

PHP 7 is preferred by many of our customers because of better performance results and till now we does not have any report for problem. Actually because we always use latest performance optimizations plugin will run better on PHP 7.

You does not have buyer tag assigned and we cannot be sure which is the version you are running. Please consider updating to version 4.2 which is latest official.

I get this error in demo when testing content report

Fatal error: ‘continue’ not in the ‘loop’ or ‘switch’ context in /home/creoworx/public_html/fb_creoworx/esmp/wp-content/plugins/easy-social-metrics-pro/lib/dashboard/esmp-dashboard-detailed-content.php on line 23


Thank you for the notice. We will reset demo


I have a few question before to buy.

1.- Planned integrate Instagram? 2.- I need to use in wordpress, but i create a 3 pst in twitter, the software take this analytics or only work with wordpress post. 3.- Work in Multisite?



Thank you interesting in your plugin.

1. No right now we do not plan to add Instagram because as public sharing inside it is not possible, same happens for all metrics values

2. For all social networks data is taken by URL from each social API. In your case Twitter does not have official counter API. Data we track using most popular alternative That is alternative and not official which is why here we cannot give answer what value to expect but if the Tweet you compose includes URL to a specific WordPress post from your site data should appear.

3. No for now does not work.

Hey! I’m interested to buy this plugin as it seams to be just what I need. If I understand well, it can display list of top posts based on total share count from Facebook (facebook like + share + comments). My client wants to display 2 Top lists on one page. First one would be based on total facebook share count for last 7 days and second one for last 24h. I was wondering is this possible to be done with this plugin. This is kind of urgent and I would appreciate your fast respond. Thanks!


Unfortunately you will not be able to display the data as plugin does not store it grouped inside such segments. But that is idea we can work in feature.

Best Regards, AppsCreo Team

Hi, is this still been supported? haven’t seen any updates for awhile.


We are considering the feature of product as many of major social networks drop support for share counter (Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn). Others apply rate limitations that prevent automated update on larger sites (for example Facebook).

That makes hard to keep and update data for shares. That is why demo is currently not working.

Best Regards, AppsCreo Team

Demo not working. Please fix it.

Does this plugin still working?


At this time as most of networks remove the official counter the plugin cannot do its primary job. We are waiting to see for counter alternative services and then we will make a change inside it

Best Regards AppsCreo Team


Please alert me when you willmake a change !

Thank you


We will