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The plugin slows my wordpress admin down? Any ideas why?

Please contact us at appscreo at gmail dot com and provide a temporary WP admin access – we will login and test what may cause this.

Hi, plugin is not working – Facebook share produces and error message, other networks work, but there is no reload after sharing and the content stays locked.

Can you please contact us at appscreo at gmail dot com and provide a temporary WP admin login details. We will login and test.

hi this plugin slow down my website but after i deactivate plugin everything back to normal how i can fix this?

To be able to identify what may cause this we need to have a temporary wp admin access. Please contact us at appscreo at gmail dot com and provide such. We will check your options and make changes and provide additional information.

For example sometimes usage of short url may do such slow when connection between host and service is slow.

i sent an email to appscreo at gmail dot com didn’t get answered

We respond you via email

Does this work with optimizepress 2.0 theme?


We have not test it with that themes and cannot confirm – if that theme use a default WordPress functions it should work properly.

Hi This Plugin Work With WP Rocket ? ( Cache Plugin ) ?

Current version of locker is not compatible with that cache plugin because of method of unlock.

is this only for wordpress? i have a php site i want lock my site completly and after sharing on time line it should open is this possible? if not can u create this for me?

and if user delete the posted think should come again on screen

yes or no sir?


The current versions does not allow usage outside WordPress and currently there is no possible rework of it. We send you email

hi i test demo! after +1 page refreshed! any ajax ?

No – current version is working with refresh only

Hi, I like this plugin. I would like to purchase. Before I purchase, can you please clarify the below:

I would like to setup a WordPress website using Easy Digital Downloads Plugin. My plan is to offer some digital goods for free download and some are paid. For the user to download free goods, he has to subscribe to the RSS feeds and share it to any one of social networks. Can I achieve using “Easy Social Locker” plugin? Do you have any suggestions for me?

I will look forward to hearing from you.



We test and we cannot confirm that it will work – we test but it was not possible to work with Ed and locking

Please do it for me. I hope you can do it. Do you want me to pay you?

This is really very important for me.

I hope you understand and do it.


Please contact us at appscreo at gmail dot com to send you some additional information.

Hello, is it possible to allow the viewing of content to registered users, independently from the sharing option? I mean, is there an option to allow registerd users of the website to bypass the ‘sharing’ limitation and see the whole content? Thanks!


We can modify the build in option that allows users with admin rights to see full content to allow every registered user to see the full content.

Please contact us at appscreo at gmail dot com with link to this topic and a temporary WP admin access and we will make the change.

Does this plugin work well with WP-Cache plugin? I’ve already bought it clearly but i haven’t quite used it, want to know what I’m getting into prior to setting it up…

We will reply you via email

It’s been three days since u last responded & almost a week since I’ve seemed help… & still have gotten no response or any help…


We respond you several times to email but we got it back from your mail server. Can you contact us again with another email to send you reply

Hi, I get the following error on my Wordpress site: Strict Standards: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, non-static method EasySocialLikeLocker::init_fb_script() should not be called statically in /var/www/k003771-1/html/wordpress/wp/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 503 You should use $this instead of CLASS in lines 227 and 228 in esll.php.

Please contact us at appscreo at gmail dot com and we will send you update

interested in buying… but too many buyers are saying it doesn’t work and slows down a website?

so basically this does not work when there’s a cache plugin or cloudflare cache?

also… do you have a better template of locking a video player? like display a youtube video player and a lock msg on the layer of a video player saying like or share to play video?

another question is that… can the locker be enabled randomly based on users? for example only display the locker on 2 visitors out of 10 visitors?


Right now locker does not work if cache plugin is provided – we do this on server level. Also we do not have different designs and if active locking will be applied for all visitors. If you lock a video people will see locker message to unlock and see video.

Do you have this as a PHP script?

Sorry no – only WordPress version

Hello. Can you send me demo about fb share locker and google share locker about this Easy Social Locker plugin?


Currently product is not under active development sorry

I would like to buy. but before buy. I must to test this function. So can you send me fb share locker and google share locker lock style to me?


Currently product is not active development

Can you send me Easy Social Locker demo? Required include “facebook share, Tweet, Google share” three styles. Is this ok?

Is there a way to show web-site content and then say after 1 minute of viewing require a facebook like to unlock and continue viewing?


Unfortunately it is not possible to be made.

Live prew is broken!


Product is retired because of lack of interest from customers. We keep it live because of all previous buyers if they need to download or aks a question.

i want my visitors to download free ebooks from woo commerce but want them to pay by sharing .how can this plugin help


Product is retired because of lack of interest from customers. We keep it live because of all previous buyers if they need to download or aks a question.

prepurchase question: is it possible to lock the buy button in woocommerce? like this:


No it is not possible