Easy Reminder

Easy Reminder

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Do you ever face a trouble remembering special days and occasions of family or friends?

Do you always send belated wishes and then apologize for the same?

Do you find it tiresome to remember dozens of important dates and recurring events?

If any of those questions’ answer is yes, then we welcome you to THE EASY REMINDER!

Designed for Android phones, the app ‘Easy Reminder’ is a fast and easy-to-use tool for send greetings and wishes to your family, friends or acquaintances. Within a few minutes, you can text a wish or greetings to anyone anywhere around the world. With the ‘Easy Reminder’, you can organize all your wishes and greetings months in advance and then schedule it to be sent at your preferred date and time.

All you need to do is spend a few minutes at the beginning of each year to prepare a wish-list, and the ‘Easy Reminder’ will do the rest. It offers a variety of features in a clean and convenient interface allowing ease of organizing a wish-list for the following year.


1. ‘Easy Reminder’ allows you to select a predefined country (US, and UK) and based on that predefined events are displayed to you.

2. It integrates with the phone contacts thus saves the time of typing phone numbers.

3. It has friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface), which provides you an easy access.

4. It also displays green dots upon any month to indicate custom events on the HomeScreen (First Screen) so that you can easily know you have a custom event in which month.

5. It provides options for sending SMSes at a particular date and time.

6. With the ‘Easy Reminder’ you can choose to create/customize your own events.

7. Easy Reminder’ has options to edit or delete scheduled events before the SMS is sent.

8. The same event can be scheduled multiple times with different messages for different contacts.

9. With ‘Easy Reminder’ you can add recurring events like Birthdays or Anniversaries to sent SMSes each year to specific persons.

10. It allows you to send an SMS to multiple recipients.

11. ‘Easy Reminder’ also has a widget that can be added to the user’s screen.

12. It provides an app widget to know, the number of custom events coming in next 7 days.