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Great Plugin… Good Luck for Sales..

Thank You :)

You need to provide demo & more screen shorts

I want to redirect users only if they are not logged in. Can this wordpress help to do that? Or is this just a basic plugin that adds a single line to htaccess?


There is no documentation here?

Does it allow for wildcard redirects?

Can one redirect pages/posts that have been deleted?

You seem to be charging $12 for a plugin that does less than the Yoast SEO plugin for Wordpress that is completely free…

Was interested in this but notice you don’t respond to enquiries here. Bad service=no sales. Goodbye.

A “Thank you” and a smiley face ain’t gettin’ it!

Could we get some info about your $12 “masterpiece” !!!

I’d like to see an answer to ‘ThinkUpThemes’ and ‘gecko_guy’s’ posts before I give you a dime.

No info no payment. No answer no payment. Goodbye.

A shame.


I got an old joomla site in de root of and a new wordpress intallation with a new design and content in

I do not want to import the old content from the joomla site, wat i want is to redirect all the joomla links to the root of so i don’t get 301 errors.

Is this the right plugin to solve my problem?

Thank you Matthijs

can you upload bulk redirects via csv or text file?

Great work! Good luck with sales!