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we have given you all login detail of our server and all necessary requirement and you are not even reply from last 4 days. at present we are unable to use because of many errors from your end please clear all the things otherwise refund our amount

ok, it worked now, sorry because google changing api , thank you

one more thin there is problem in currency symbol which was earlier US dollar but we have changed it to indian rupees but it not shows properly

just go to the db table, fix the currency symbol in the table countries :), after that, select again and save in setting, i can not login to cpanel to fix for you, pass is change :)

hello, is there any way to scrap data from zillow or trulia to populate database ?

i do not know, thank

A Database Error Occurred Unable to select the specified database: mues45t_easy1e Filename: /home/mues45t/public_html/easy-real-estate/third_party/MX/Loader.php Line Number: 102

thank you

pls refund my money the support is very bad

Doesn’t work.

A Database Error Occurred

Unable to connect to your database server using the provided settings.

Filename: /home5/mozcasa/public_html/third_party/MX/Loader.php

Line Number: 102.

Contacted support. they asked for my cpanel access to fix it.

sent but nothing…

I bought this because a need a site up and running now.

not some weeks later.

hello, yesterday so late i go sleep, now i go online, if you still want setup now i will help if not i will refund, thank

I need a script that I can install and manage my self, if I have to rely on you to make changes it will always take alot of time. please refund

thank you

this script have install wizard and guide to install, seem you do not reading it but ok, i will refund

Compared to the load of competition ou there – I think you need to put some effort into your demo site to increase sales. Is the property portal where buyers and sellers can list and transact or is it just for a single individual agency?

Also does your website portal and mobile app work in sync – so that whatever happens on the website will automatically apply on the mobile app. If someone posts a property on the mobile app, it will appear on the website?

Thank you.


hi, thank for your nice comment, i will depend on your comment to get it work well, long time busy now i will be back

I just use this products this is fantastic work ever 5*, Thank you for sharing:)


Hi, Demo is not active

we moving new hosting

We have attempted to install the application, but unfortunately it is throwing the following error after all correct details were inputted:

Strict Standards: mysqli_next_result(): There is no next result set. Please, call mysqli_more_results()/mysqli::more_results() to check whether to call this function/method in /srv/disk8/2296504/www/ on line 27

Warning: mysqli_error() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli, null given in /srv/disk8/2296504/www/ on line 63

how I fix this please let me know as soon as possible

thanks for the refund me :)

please refund the money i still not get afer you approved thanks :)

hello, i had approved but need maybe wait for envato make it

Hi, Live demo is not working. Thanks

we moving new host :D

i update live demo

No demo? Goes to parked domain?

Noticed a comment from over a month ago about changing hosting, why take so long? Can be done in less than an hour

hi, we waiting update new product too, so it take long

i update new demo and update product too

new update ???

will soon

hello, live demo on now

hi in Realcon Admin demo ( username and password not correct ) please send me username and password

sorry The message was not addressed to you but another account

what for ios app can you make it ?

we not have EAT now, sorry for this :)

Can this script work together as frontend with your android script ?

yes, it working with android together

admin demo user id and password missing, the mentioned user id and password dosen’t work.

it now agent1/admin , thanks

Dear Mate,

Till the shared use id and password not working

user and pass of admin is admin/admin