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Great idea, nice plugin. My question is, How does it handle images?, does it strip the post of the images, or are the images resized accordingly? Good Luck with sales


Hallo, all the images and other elements available in the post are also available in the High Contrast Window. The website owner can add specific rules to handle images and other elements inside a dedicated CSS file.

For more information, check out the Quick Start Guide: http://www.demo.danycode.com/easy-reading/quick-start-guide/

This link is no more active, the quick start guide is now inside the plugin documentation.

Bookmarked!. Good look with the sales.

Deom doesn’t work

Hallo Bestigorek, the demo does work, please add more info if you want help.

Obviously javascript is required.

Remember that you have to click on the icon in the right-bottom side of the screen to activate the high contrast version of the post.

Good idea, but white text on black is usually harder to read. Can you configure the colour ways to make it black text on white?

Hallo jamesckemp, it’s possible through the custom.css to set any color combination, more info about plugin customization are in this page http://www.demo.danycode.com/easy-reading/quick-start-guide/

Anyway many people with light sensitivity (elderly or people with visual impairments) don’t like to read on pages with white backgroud because of the LCD back light.

This link is no more active, the quick start guide is now inside the plugin documentation.

a smart idea. Does it work with pages too ?

Hallo, it works only with posts.

The plugin has been updated to 1.19, now it works also with pages.

Does it work with a responsive theme? If not can you add code so that it will? Thank you.

http://www.jfontsize.com/ http://adaptive-images.com/ Other: http://css-tricks.com/seamless-responsive-photo-grid/

Hallo, your question is a bit generic, but yes, it works with a responsive theme.

Great Idea! Any plans to get the plugin to work with pages, or is this not a possibility? Good luck with the sales.

Hi Amadain, thanks for the appreciation. Will be done in november. ( i have to work on another project for a few weeks )

The plugin has been updated to 1.19, now it works also with pages.

I want to use this on my php page so does it work or I have to have wordpress to use it

If you want to use this outside wordpress you have to make a lot of adjustments and you have to create new php functions to replace the wordpress api, this can take a lot of time and coding.

looking to purchase this but it doesnt work in firefox?

Hallo northernmonkeycm, there are no known issues with firefox. Are you experiencing a problem in the plugin demo with firefox? ( If yes contact me directly via my profile with a screenshot, browser version and O.S. version )

Can the activate Easy Reading button [+] be place easily using shortcode instead the position at the bottom-right of the screen.

Hallo, a shortcode is not available but you can simply apply the button ID ( #easy-reading-button-show-modal ) to a custom element on the document and remove the default button and related css style from the plugin ( Edit easy-reading/includes/front_end.php to remove the original activation button and remove the related css by editing easy-reading/css/front-style.css ).

This is how to create a custom activation button:

<div id="easy-reading-button-show-modal">Custom Activation Button</div>

If you need more help on doing this feel free to contact me directly via my profile page.

Hi, Does this plug in convert every part of the page (text, navigation, menus) or only texts? If only texts are converted how is navigation possible for the visually impaired on the page? Thank you. Best wishes, Ferenc Kelemen

Hello kelf, this plugin works only in single posts/pages and the content of the the modal window is the content of the current post/page. The modal window doesn’t include the website navigation or other elements and is intended only for reading the content of the current post/page.

Does this work for mobile phones ?

Hello turner2f, this plugin has been created for the desktop version of the website and is automatically turned of with mobile devices.

Hello, I just purchased this plug-in recently and it seems not work with frontpage as it didnt show on bottom-right corner, and this theme got this button where the user click on it and jump back to top. I would like to get it working on this theme or something.

Thanks Dave

Hello Dave, please contact me via the support tab or my profile contact form with a link to your website ( with Easy Reading activated ), so I can inspect the page and send you a CSS fix if needed.

Easy Reading 1.24 Released

Easy Reading 1.24 has been released, the “Mobile Detect” class used hide the Easy Reading activation button with mobile devices has been updated to the latest version.

Important Notice

Please note that if you don’t update to 1.47 you may experience problems with the last version of chrome because the non-updated version of the “Mobile Detect” class detect the last version of chrome as a mobile device and the result is a hidden Easy Reading activation button with chrome.

How to update

To update simply replace the plugin files.

Hi, do you think that an update to have the feature on mobile devices will be possible? It would really be a huge help.

Hello nasan, thank you for you suggestion, in the next few week i’ll invest some time on this. If you need more info or if you have more suggestions/feedbacks feel free to contact me via my profile.

Hi there,

Quick question—when a user clicks on the icon on the bottom right of one page, then visits another page, is the high contrast version still active on the new page, or must the user click on the icon on the new page to activate that option again.

Thanks very much.

Hello GorgosDesigns, the user should click the icon to open the modal window each time he wants the modal window activated. Hope this helps.

Ok, thanks very much.

Hi there,

thank you for this usefull plugin. Is there any way to hide the magnifier icon from the frontpage? I want it to appear in single posts only.

Thank you for any help. :)

Hello jBelgardio, the plugin already verifies if the context is a singular post with this function https://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/is_singular and the magnifier should be hidden in the frontpage, even if the frontpage is a post or a page. If you want I can send you a modified plugin file that includes additional conditions to avoid the problem, like verifying the url etc. Can you please contact via my profile contact form with a link to your frontpage? Thank you.


Great plugin. Easy to use.

My only issue is that it does not strip shortcodes, so all my shortcodes are showing up in the window.

I know there is a php function and Javascript to strip shortcodes, but it would be great if you could help me get that done or possibly if you could edit the plugin?

Thanks for your help. :)

Hello okose1,

if you want to strip shortcodes or other stuff please contact me via email through the support tab or via my profile contact form. Send me the content shown by the modal window and and tell me exactly what you want to remove from that text, so I can reply to the email with a modified version of the file that generates the content of the modal window with specific regular expressions ( used to remove specific strings from the text ) applied.

Hello, can it be used with keyboard? If yes will buy.

Hello rancito, i’m sorry but there are no keyboard shortcuts associated with the activation of the modal window.

Hi. From your demo I have no idea what your plug-in does. BUT this is the only plug-in I have been able to find, help impaired viewers. On many of websites I have seen this A A A icon on top of articles to enlarge font-size. THAT is what I am looking for. Any knowledge on this one?

Hello BiochemNordic, this plugin generates a modal window over the document which includes an high-contrast version of the post. Click the icon on the bottom-right of the screen to activate the modal window.