Easy QR Code Generator

Easy QR Code Generator

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Qr Code is type of Barcode that you use on your website. This type of barcode you can read by mobile phones like iphone or all with Android system (youtube link with example of use : ). Inside you can insert some informaction like link ,text, email address, phone number ,contact information and more ,this message we read by your phone. Normaly you to create this you can use google chart but the syntax use terrible this class create link for you in easy way you pass only some information and you get corect link for google chart This class is :

-Useful for any .NET website
-Cross-browser compatible
-simple to use (2 line of code)
-detailed documentation included
- DLL file included
- DLL tested on VB.Net and C# projects ( working without problems )
- VB.Net source code included

This class change text to link or create html image tag for you . Result of class you can easy use in your web page

Version 2.0

I was recreated class I add new methods

- 3x email methods
- 2x SMS / MMS methods
- Contact methods
- 2x Geo location method
- Bookmark method
- Phone number method

You can vie examples and read documentation on this link :

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