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nice work

Does this only work for phonegap?

This Is native app based on phonegap framework

okay, so is it necessary to use phonegap to build and submit to the appstore?

It’s build using phonegap so you would be able to do changes using phonegap

Is it native app or phonegap base? I have no idea about phonegap.

How to handle retina image size. Most phone now is retina @2x. But your can only display 320×480, 320×568. PLEASE ADVISE

It will handle the same way like other images. You can email me the queries at info@psdtohtmlexperts.com for further queries.

Hello, is the live preview supposed to work? Right now, it’s going to a blank page for me.

Sorry, it’s not live yet

Although I’ve no idea how PhoneGap works (I will check it out) – the game looks great :)

Its simple to handle, Thanks

Can we sell this on the App Store for free but input iAd? Thanks.

Sure, you can after purchasing it’s extended version.


I have few queries :

1. Is this supporting iPhone5? 2. How many levels are presently added in your design? 3. Can i use same Art work / sounds in my app?



1. Yes, its supporting iphone5 2. Everything is clearly mentioned in the screenshots or you can check the video link to know more about this app. 3. yes, you can use it after purchasing its extended version.

Thanks & Regards


I purchased the app 2 days back.When i am archiving it is giving liker error.

ndefined symbols for architecture arm64: “OBJC_CLASS$_CDVInvokedUrlCommand”, referenced from: objc-class-ref in CDVFile.o “OBJC_CLASS$_CDVPluginResult”, referenced from: objc-class-ref in CDVFile.o objc-class-ref in CDVLocalFilesystem.o objc-class-ref in CDVAssetLibraryFilesystem.o objc-class-ref in CDVCapture.o objc-class-ref in CDVSound.o “OBJC_METACLASS$_CDVViewController”, referenced from: OBJC_METACLASS$_MainViewController in MainViewController.o “OBJC_CLASS$_CDVPlugin”, referenced from: OBJC_CLASS$_CDVSplashScreen in CDVSplashScreen.o OBJC_CLASS$_CDVFile in CDVFile.o OBJC_CLASS$_CDVCapture in CDVCapture.o OBJC_CLASS$_CDVSound in CDVSound.o “OBJC_METACLASS$_CDVPlugin”, referenced from: OBJC_METACLASS$_CDVSplashScreen in CDVSplashScreen.o OBJC_METACLASS$_CDVFile in CDVFile.o OBJC_METACLASS$_CDVCapture in CDVCapture.o OBJC_METACLASS$_CDVSound in CDVSound.o “_CDVPageDidLoadNotification”, referenced from: -[CDVSplashScreen pluginInitialize] in CDVSplashScreen.o “OBJC_CLASS$_CDVViewController”, referenced from: OBJC_CLASS$_MainViewController in MainViewController.o objc-class-ref in CDVFile.o “OBJC_METACLASS$_CDVCommandDelegateImpl”, referenced from: OBJC_METACLASS$_MainCommandDelegate in MainViewController.o “_CDVLocalNotification”, referenced from: -[AppDelegate application:didReceiveLocalNotification:] in AppDelegate.o “OBJC_CLASS$_CDVCommandDelegateImpl”, referenced from: OBJC_CLASS$_MainCommandDelegate in MainViewController.o “OBJC_CLASS$_CDVCommandQueue”, referenced from: OBJC_CLASS$_MainCommandQueue in MainViewController.o “OBJC_METACLASS$_CDVCommandQueue”, referenced from: OBJC_METACLASS$_MainCommandQueue in MainViewController.o “_CDVPluginHandleOpenURLNotification”, referenced from: -[AppDelegate application:handleOpenURL:] in AppDelegate.o ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture arm64 clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)

Hello Miccy,

There is no problem in the folder, may be you have not downloaded it properly, We have not received any issue from any of our clients saying files is missing so may be problem is at your end. All files are available.


Linker Error. Please help me ASAP

no such file or directory: ’/Users/xxxxxxxx/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/EazyPuzzle-ggljllyosdsvzibwliemdqgkoacj/Build/Intermediates/ArchiveIntermediates/EazyPuzzle/InstallationBuildProductsLocation/Applications/libCordova.a’


4 days ago i sent comment. But still no reply…...................

Hello Miccy,

We have already replied regarding this, I hope you have checked our previous message. How we can help you in archiving the folder? It may be due to download problem…you can download the files again or if you can see we can email you the complete files.


Hi, Project is running on device and working fine. When i am trying to take build it is showing Linker error. Libcordova.a file missing.

Please send test mail to my mail id then i can send you the complete screenshot of this.

Thanks for ur reply.

Hello Miccy, we have replied all your questions please check your email. I hope it will be helpful.



I bought code few days ago and when i import code in xcode it giving me following errors.

Can you please tell me whats wrong with it? If this is due to missing files, can you please upload code on dropbox and send me dowload link.