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Hello,demo page is not working

Thanks for pointing, we will add live preview soon.

I need a project which can store information for Farmers ,is it possible to customize this?,do you have skype?

Yes it can be customized, i have skype, send me your email id, i will get in touch

We will add it soon, till the time you can see this video https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvivpkz78aTcX7RVcVHeH2lBTc36PU3m1 And demo images.

DEMO ADDED – PLEASE SEE AT – http://pm.tinytoll.com/

This is almost what I need, but I would need some customization to your program. For example, I need my employees/freelancers to be able to fill out online timesheets (as this allows), but then I need the information put into an invoice so that I can bill the client. Does this have that kind of functionality?

The invoice functionality is not implemented in this application. I will try to implement it in the future.


dont understand how to install on hosting server

Please read documentation, you just need to change the connection string and restore the database on windows server with asp.net (http://www.asp.net/) mvc.

Hi, I didn’t notice that I need to have Windows Server to run. I am using Godaddy Apache/Cpanel server. Pls let me know how to host on Cpanel Server? If you have have option than I need your help to refund the amount. Thank you!

Hi, Thanks a lot for buying the script. unfortunately It is not working on apache. It will only work on windows server and it is clearly mentioned.

Also you can contact envato for refund. Actually you paid to envato not me. So please read their terms for this and contact them.

Hope it helps.


Hi, can you please plan to release for cpanel/Linux based sites?

Hi, We might do it in the future but I have no estimation date for it,

can you plugin email results of a timesheet? For example employee name, hours worked against projects, total hours ?

This functionality is not present right now. But we will try to implement it in future. Thanks

I am working with a client and they are looking for an online tool that would allow their healthcare providers (a nurse for example) to put in their hours for a specific client/patient, and then allow the client/patient to sign the timesheet for approval. Does your system have something like that?

You can use this system buy registering client/patient as employees (please see tutorials that we put on youtube page) , but we do not have any approval process. Thanks

hello, does it includes the source code?....for customization purposes….

Yes, it includes all source codes.

Hi there, thanks for the system. One question please, how can I change the date format from Month/Day/Year to Day/Month/Year ? Thank you.

Hi Dear,

You need to edit the code for that, there is no common place to change it as of now.


Thanks for your reply. Sorted. The date was hard coded in AddTimeSheetDetail.cshtml as mm/dd/yy, at the bottom page script. This change is in addition to changing all date formats to dd/MM/yyyy and also the culture from en-US to en-GB in Web.config

Thanks for your update. Good luck :)

Hi it’s nearly 70% of our requirement meeting, we need to know the cost of the project not only the ManPower hours but also Raw Materials Consumed and Machinery / Equipment / Instruments utilised. How can we add it ? with the Source Code if we can do it please let us to know ? otherwise if you can do it at your end based upon our Change Request (CR) document let us to know the charges. My Skype id jacob.consultants and mail id jacob.consultants@gmail.com

I sent you email

Hello, I have a similar request as above. I have different projects. But each project has a specific list of tasks to be done. (building, welding, techical). And I want my employees to book their hours on specific tasks. (so I can identify if we put to many hours in welding….etc.) Can I do this, or what would it cost to build this?

Oh and can it run on a apache server?

sorry but you cannot run it on apache server