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Can the documentation be exported as a standalone HTML package? —in other words, be displayed separately on a web server without WordPress?


Right now that is not possible – it can be displayed only inside WordPress site.

Hello, I like what I see. So far look the most promising documentation plugin, but from the looks of the current demo, I have 4 questions in order of importance…

1. Are syntax highlighting plugins working in the docs like for example crayon syntax highlghter?

2. I’ve read that you were working on a search bar feature. Is that comming anytime soon?

3. Are there any plans for export to PDF or offline html outside of WP?

4. Will 3rd child section be comming at some point?

Thanks in advance. Good job.


Thank you for the interest of our Doc Builder.

1. The plugin works with all kind of syntax plugins

2. That feature will be available whit the next update.

3. That can be done, but it is a lot of codding work, so this will not be added at the upcoming update. We will work on that in the feature updates.

4. We will try to do that at the next update.

We are working on the new release and we will try to get ready before the end of the year.

Thanks for the reply :) Looking forward to what the next update brings. Cheers

Hi, i want to purchase but i see that there has been no updates since released. Will this receive updates and new features, is it supported?


We are working on completely new version of plugin that will be released in the beginning of 2016 year which will offer more flexibility in documentation building and additional functionality that is missing now.

We delay update in order to get as much suggestions from our customers and things that needs improvement and than prepare a new update.

Is this plugin supported?

I asked a question at your support site over a week ago, but no response yet.

The plugin doesn’t work at all on my site.


Yes it is supported. We will check it sorry for the delay.

can i change the layout colour?like background colour and etc

You can change the categories area with the settings. The content background is made to be the same as your theme custom background.

Any more information about an upcoming update? The plugin hasn’t been updated since its original release more than a year ago and you are promising and update for quite some time now.


The update is ready and we already test it on our sites. Send us mail to appscreo at gmail dot com and we will send you development build. A lot of new options will come up with it like love search, new templates, Ajax loading of content and much more.

A quick view of one of new templates can be seen here.

Was the search function ever added to your update? I don’t see it. And when are you planning on releasing this update?


Update will be released very soon. We are almost ready with it. The live search is function that we add – we will activate it into one of our documentation and send link to preview it.

pre-sales question. In the article section can you put in videos?


Each article in documentation is single post and you can add inside it video or any other content. You can use also page builders.

Hi appscreo, when will the new version be released? will it have the same book-template format as well?

Version is ready and we are testing it. The book template is present and it is moved to use Ajax load of content.

You can preview of new templates that we have here and we can also settle private page with book template. The new version has 3 new templates and various new improvements like love search.

Send us mail to appscreo at gmail dot com and we will send you private link to check it.

Hi, Thanks for quick reply. So if we purchase now, we will get access to this new version?

Yes – you can get access to the new version. All you need is after purchase to contact us at appscreo at gmail dot com with your purchase code and request to get this version


just checking in to see if and when you guys are planning to release v2.0 of the plugin, which you have been hinting at and teasing over for the last couple of months?


We are done with the version from over a month, but we are overloaded last weeks and we have no time for final tests. If you want, we can provide the update in beta to test and help us release the official version in short terms.

Please contact us at appscreo at gmail dot com if you want the beta version.

It’s your module compatible with WPML?


Yes you can create multilanguage documentation. The simple way to made this happen is creating separate documentation for each language and than add the shortcode for each of them inside a WPML page which will take care to switch them.

What language does this plug-in support? Only English or some other languages?

Why don’t you add search feature on it?


We can arrange that for you. Please contact us at appscreo at gmail dot com to setup you a test installation.

Best Regards, AppsCreo Team

I have send email to the mail box advised. I don’t need to install it for test, but test your installation to see how it works with Chinese languages.


We are building a private installation for you. When it is ready with plugin installed you will receive a login details.

Best Regards, AppsCreo Team

Does Easy Documentation Builder support foreign languages? Does it support multilingual website? Thanks.


Yes customers had made a multilanaguage documentation. The key here is that plugin support multiple product/languages. Once you are ready with the docs on each language you just need to build pages for each language where you will add the shortcode for the selected to display.

Best Regards, AppsCreo Team

Could you show a couple of demo sites please?


Unfortunately we cannot share such with you because we does not know the sites where customers install and use documentation.

Best Regards, AppsCreo Team

Is there a demo area for the backend within wordpress? I would like to have a look at the settings and setup before purchasing. Thanks


No we does not have such but we can prepare such for you. Please contact us at appscreo at gmail dot com and we will prepare you.

Best Regards, AppsCreo Team

any plan to update support for elementor?


We have a new version ready to release. Contact us to appscreo at gmail dot com to share it wit you