Support for Easy Post Google Fonts


Brickr does not currently provide support for this item.

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It would be nice if I can dictate IE to show Google fonts?

All fonts are working in IE7, IE8, IE9. As you can see in live preview :)

Is it possible to use the fonts on Menu?

Yes it’s possible to use fonts on ANY CSS class, id or HTML tag you decide. You even got a CSS parsers which will tell you which CSS classes, id’s and HTML tags are in your theme CSS.

It does work with caching plugins and such?

Yes :)

Is it going to slow down my website?

If you don’t use too much different fonts everything will be fine, We have tested using 15 fonts on the same page and everything was ok, a little slower (maybe 600ms) but nothing too much.

Most people will use 1-5 fonts on one page and that will load normally as if it isn’t there :)

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