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Finally! Someone made it easy to use Google fonts! Best of luck! :)

Thanks :)

Nicely Done! Congrats! :)

Thank you! Glad you like it ;)

Great job Brickr! Works exactly as described!

Glad to hear that :) Thanks!

It would be nice if I can dictate IE to show Google fonts ?

Can we see a web page where your plugin is in action? I would like to view that page in my IE where I have chosen Tahoma as my default font.

It if works, wonder wonderful. :)


All fonts are working in IE7, IE8, IE9. You have a live preview of this plugin (button on plugin page) but here’s the link :)

If you have any questions, I’m here :)

Really nice and easy way of implementing Google Fonts – good job!

Thanks :)

Is it possible to use the fonts on Menu ? Thanks in advance

Yes it’s possible to use fonts on ANY CSS class, id or HTML tag you decide. You even got a CSS parsers which will tell you which CSS classes, id’s and HTML tags are in your theme CSS.

Hmm.. This could be useful! :P

It does work with caching plugins and such? And it isn’t going to slow down my website? :P

I have tested caching solutions and it’s working.. If you find some problems they will get fixed! :)

I have tested using 15 different fonts on same page… there hasn’t been much slow loading, but in normal situations users will maybe use 2-3 fonts on one page so that is not slowing down site at all…

Speed of your site depends on how you are going to use this plugin… :) But as far as I have tested everything is ok and site speed isn’t affected…

Nice one! :D going to my follower list ;)

Thanks ;)

This is what they look like in my IE9 :) ...or I am missing something ?

Hello razzc,

This is how it’s looking in genuine IE9.

Also the same in IE8 and IE7, verified it again. There are no page errors detected so I really don’t know why in your IE it’s not working.

p.s. I have tested on another PC Ie9 and also it’s working.

:) What is a “GENUINE” IE? ..Or I don’t know of there is a “FAKE” version of IE?

I have tested your page link on Chrome, Firefox and Safari and it works fine but not on IE9 where the user has selected a particular font type. Unless an IE user has left the font type to “default”.

I sent your link to a couple of friends with different font type set in their browser and they too get to see your text in the font type of their choice – Arial and Times New Roman. Not Google fonts.

I tested on IE8 on my laptop and I see standard Windows fonts.

Genuine means that I’m using real IE and not some IE emulators. Are you testing on live preview or on some site after purchase of plugin? If you are testing on some site then please send me a support mail to and I will be able to test it out and see what are the problems.

This plugin is only adding Google CSS Stylesheets and CSS code.. so nothing complex that IE wouldn’t be able to render.

Here is a video preview of it in my IE. Also tested on HTC mobile phone and it’s working normally

Sorry but I can’t reproduce the problem on my two computers or on my HTC mobile phone.

I can confirm that everything works and looks good in IE7 – IE9

Thanks! :) Appreciate it!

I believe you and your youtube video too. Here is a screen dump of ’ GENUINE’ IE and tested from IE7 upwards and all I see is my default standard font. I am not reproducing anything neither I am using any emulators. !

It only works when you go out and ’ RESET ’ IE’s back to it’s default settings and Microsoft recommends you ONLY do that if the IE is unstable.

So I went out and did that. Now it shows Google font using your link but then again, the theme I am using has that function and it perfectly shows all the Google font I chose using it’s admin panel.

It would be a good idea to make your customers aware of that and at the same time they need to know that going out and ’ RESETTING ’ IE back to it’s default setting is not a good idea.



Sorry but I can’t guarantee for anything to work in browsers (special IE) when user has modified it’s settings. As you can see other users are not having issues and also I can’t redo your settings.

For further assistance please contact me via e-mail

Thank you!

Hello, does your plugin let choose between extended and non extended version of the same font? For example, If I need Lobster Latin Extended – will I be able to choose between Lobster and Lobster Latin Extended?

Hello Piotr_D, This feature will be added in next update, currently that isn’t enabled sorry. :(

Best Regards

Next update will be in 10-12 days approx.

Ok, thanks, let me know, when it’s ready.

Korean, Japanese, Google fonts to be added?

I will test for compatibility … if everything is working I will publish it in next update :) Thanks!

That’s really good news. (^ _ ^) Thank you very much.

not a problem ;)

Japanese and Korean fonts are provided by Google. I want to use additional fonts. Does you support?

Hello Jumpnwow,

Sorry… still didn’t had time to include that feature :( I’m sorry…


Does the plugin support cyrillic Google Web Fonts?

Thank you.


Original version does not support it. But custom version does.

Please make a purchase and contact me to so I can give you customized version of it.

Thank you!

Why delete my comment? I have buy this Plugin and you dont want help me ?

Download the newest version of the plugin.

dont work again… last update 20 December 12 ??

Sent you the latest update via e-mail.. communicate via e-mail please

Hi there,

can also the font of the quote be modified with this item, please?

Thank you!


No, sorry.. that will not work ! :(