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Does it come with source code?

Dear sir,
Thanks for your opinion.
Yes, Come with full source code.

  • .aspx files
  • .CS Files [C# code files]
  • Full Database SQL Script
  • JavaScript JS
  • HTML
  • CSS

You can be change any things.



HI from Spain,

I need some details about your solution please:

Can be modified this script for such cases where users can access their own private page in the website *(of course the users don’t see each other) and they can access content uploaded by the admin, and the admin assign what content for what user? I refer here to photos.

I’m looking for a solution in .net where the photographer can make all you have here, + he bring the data clients, put them to his control panel, may ask payments online and give them some content in a private environment…

thanks, and please let me know if so, and which is the price for this update in case you give freelance jobs.

P.S my client “thing” is running IIS

Dear sir,
User can access their own private page

yes the admin assign what content for what user.
running on IIS
Please details on – > citkar@live.com


Is it supports credit payment ? ledger module available ?

Ledger reporting module available here ->
Credit payment is not present at this moment.
we can integrate Paypal payment getway for you.


I’m from Brazil. And I will need to develop a kind of sales system that has a webservice secure connection(with a x509 security certificate) to send the sale information to the governament before the finalization and return some information to show in the printpage.

You think I can: integrate your system with another checkout payment options(in this case I will adapt with some DLLs too because there’s an X25 secure connection with the credit card operator) and with that intermediary webservice connection??



Yea it’s possible to integrate any payment gateway. Source is come with the item.
Hope hear from you soon.

Hi, I just bought the pos. Can I open the cash drawer from this asp.net app ? If yes how ? Thanks

This is only web project there is no interaction between web project and device.

Not able to test this. the credentails are not working please provide admin and non admin user details. thanks

Please login



Hello such , I wonder if this software can be translated into Spanish .

also let me know if you agree gun barcode reading

Current POS system is available on English. It’s Support any keyboard input bar-code scanner.
If your bar-code reader can read bar-code and put it into Note-pad, it’s means our POS is perfect for you.
It’s can be translated into Spanish..
Please contact Us @ citkar@live.com

Hello, Can this be installed on a Linux system as is or is this for “Window Servers only?

Would like to install on “Linux Server”, will it work if I purchase?

Can I Pint each Bill with Barcode under ?? Thx

Need details of project package and installation file of db and application What is the size of the application and db.

Dear sir,
Thanks for your comment us. Easy POS build on ASP.NET, C#, bootstrap with SQL server 2008. Full application source code and database script included.

Included files: ASPX, C# CS, SQL, JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS

Requirement is VS 2010, .NET 4.0, SQL server 2008.
Total project size is: 3.75 MB (app source code and DB script)

Hope to hear from you soon.

Can you provide complete functionality of the system. Does it have inventory management, price module. order module etc. Are you planning to release new version release with added features

Key Features is :,
Customer 1.add items —> 2.Sale_item --> 3.POS receipt print—> 4.Report.
Please find more
http://www.citputer.com/test45/Login.aspx Login details: admin/admin.
Near future we have plan to add inventory feature . More details contact us : citkar@live.com

I need to try the demo

the link does not work http://www.citputer.com/test45/Login.aspx

Please follow the link. It’s now on live action.

Dear Concern,

I have gone through your demo version. But there I couldn’t found any payment due report for specific customer. Is it available in your system? ex: I have sold items with 50% payment and customer ensured that he will pay me within next Sunday(specific date), so that i could get notification and communicate with customer. Waiting for your reply. Thank You.

Regards, Kayser Dhaka, Bangladesh

Can you people add due option for me (for specific customer). So that i can buy your product. Mention that, i am not a technical guy to modify your code :)

Our Modification is Done. Due option is done. Updated version will be available 1-2 days later on marketplace.

Log changes
=Vs 1.5 — 06 Feb 2016=
*Add Due List
*Receive Due payment Options
*New Dashboard
*Menu bug fix

Hello sir, E-POS updated version is now available, you can find it.

can i run this on godaddy?

If your hosting service provide windows hosting server. its will work.

A few questions. Can i void a sale or return a Item ? How I delete a user ? How can i delete Take and when adding number such as 11.22 Purchase Price and retail price even on the demo it says “Please add decimal value e.g: 20.11 or 20”

Please add this code
instead of ValidationExpression=”\d{0,9}” in both txtpurchasePrice , txtRetailPrice

Currently don’t have Delete user option but u can add this function by following customer delete and u should also learn more.
Don’t have return option but as soon as possible we will do add for our value valuable customers. Details Support citkar@live.com

Hi, does this run offline or online? I really don’t understand much but am interested in POS that can be used in a supermarket or normal shop where a product will be scanned to show the price when a client is buying

It’s web base POS u can use it online or offline. we have also Desktop POS and inventory with POS. u can find our profile. This POS u can use in super market or any shop. first u have to add item and then u sale item to customer with bar-code scanner. more details on citkar@live.com

Hi, the source code I got when run is different from the live preview. Can please make the updated version available?

Please check your email inbox more Details at citkar@live.com

Hi, I am planning to buy this pos system. So I will need bar code reader and printer to integrate with this POS system.Could please suggest any barcode reader and printer for this POS system?

yea you need bar-code reader and pos printer or thermal printer. This POS support any barcoder reader and thermal or hit sensitive printer.
Best of luck

Does support discount per item? Does support webhooks? Does support import products?

can’t see the option to change the inventory in the demo, it’s blocked?

in demo version all delete/ modification option disable.

hi 2 questions: 1) does it support thermal printers? and 2) what is the difference between the easy pos and the inventory management with pos?

Yea its support thermal printer and any others printer.
EPOS only POS. and InvoPOS has included inventory and POS.
it’s has 3 main module : Customers, Suppliers , and Company. in the demo link it’s shows InvoPOS.


eesec Purchased

Barcode was not working

HTTP Error 404.0 – Not Found The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

Most likely causes: The directory or file specified does not exist on the Web server. The URL contains a typographical error. A custom filter or module, such as URLScan, restricts access to the file.

Things you can try: Create the content on the Web server. Review the browser URL. Create a tracing rule to track failed requests for this HTTP status code and see which module is calling SetStatus. For more information about creating a tracing rule for failed requests, click here.

Please See this file ManageItems.aspx.cs in the line 177. fix your Barcode folder details more citkar@live.com

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