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Can the form redirect after I fill out the form. I just need it to do that to have google adwords count it as a lead.

The script has redirection feature so it is possible. Though, redirected page url is static.

I have purchased 2 licenses. I am a bit worried reading that support have not been provided to those who purchased this product.

It is morally an obligation for the Script developer to provide help. No sales, mean the seller would have had to eat something nasty and thanks to people who bought his products, he is getting a good life !

I would request Envato/Code Canyon to see that it is binding for sellers to provide good customer care.

Just an observation.

Not easy to set up, money thrown away :(

Hi, just a quick pre-sales question: do you know if your form works or conflicts with BeTheme (

Other form php scripts using jQuery conflict with BeTheme and submenus do not work. This is what BeTheme uses: <!—<script src=”js/jquery-2.1.4.min.js”></script>

I want to know before purchasing another script that won’t work.

Also, can I use Google’s ReCaptcha with your form?

Thank you!

Hey, is there any way to set some HTML Elements to send with the form? Because right now none of the HTML Elements were sent.. thank you very much in advance.

there is a thinko in easy_contact/inc/process.php [196-199] wherein if $yourEmail in config.php is set to a different address than the SMTP authentication address (such as a forwarder/alias), process.php automatically assumes you want to use the SMTP auth address as that to which you send the email, rather than to the address you set in config.php as the intended To: address.

I purchased this script last week, have installed it and can only get it to upload .jpg files and it won’t accept .doc or docx or pdf (even though I have added them to upload array). I have already contacted @codeadik via email as suggested and not heard back. I would like to get it working and leave a good review when it is. Hope to hear back on this little issue very soonest.

html page supported??

Can I install administration in Index of / with MAMP?

Is it possible to display the IP as well as location?

How can i reuse form on other pages again? I receive following error:

Notice : Undefined variable: validFormDisplay in C:\XAMPP\htdocs\form\easy_contact\inc\form.php on line 4

This is not the form!

All cool, i never included config file. lol

Hey dose anybody kno why i get this: captcha.php:1 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error) on localhost it works perfect as soon goes live it spits back this..

I would like make the input text box smaller, so I can put the discription to the left of the input box…. Instead of having the description of what you want filled in followed by the input box beneath it. If anybody can tell me how to do this I would really appreciate it. Thank you

Is anyone providing best hosting server


kzip Purchased

hi love the script, little tip add autocomplete off to the captcha input in EasyContact.class.php <input id=captcha name=captcha type="text" value="" autocomplete="off"/>