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the script is very slow loading the form…whats the reason??

Hi, Awesome product, i intergrated it in a website and it works but when you click submit instead of showing the submit message or an error in the form details it re-dirrects to the home page.. It sends the e-mail though.

The $enablereddirection is false, it does not even validate, just re-directs to the home page of my website even when you click the submit button without filling in anything

It had to do with the way i have organised my web pages but i figured it out and Fixed it. Thanks

Ok thanks

My SMTP settings are correct as they work in Swift Mailer but I cannot get Easy Contact to deliver a message via SMTP.

Hi, kindly check your smpt details and make sure it is correct. It should work because the form only provides a setting for smtp. Please contact us via our profile. Thanks.

Please i bought the wrong script…i thought it had a wysiwyg form composer….i don’t want to put hands in page code (i cannot). Can i be refunded? i just bought it few minutes ago. thanx

It is because we are following author terms of Envato. Thanks.

even if it does not work?

We wont have a demo if it does not work.

you probabily did not read my help request few messages before…that’s why you are still believeing your script is working fine.

Hello , is there a way to get a datepicker in this form thanks and regards

Hello, unfortunately datapicker is not supported.

Hello @codeadik i have sent you an email, as i have an error when installing my forms on sites.

how can I format the email output.


Hi, unfortunately, tye script don’t have an easy way to format the email. You need knowledge in php to customize it via process.php. Thanks

I noticed that none of your “drop down” boxes include validation. Is this supported? Can you validate if an option is selected?

Next update you should add that ;)

Also, is it possible to add a form component within html? Say I want to have 4 combo boxes next to each other instead of on top of one another – should be able to have full control of layout. Is this possible?

Hi, in this script, it is not possible to have one line of 4 combo boxes. We have another item here that have a control of the layout like font style, color, layout and etc.

Do I get it for half price since I already paid for this one that wont do what I need?

can i add multiple email addresses to receive the form details (i.e. cc / bcc }

Hi, cc and bc is not supported. Thanks.


Date field is not supported.


Hello, on my server is antispam function. Mail function should be: mail($to, $subject, $message, $headers, -f addresss@domain.xx). name@domain.xx should be a valid e-mail from the my server. Sender of the mail could not be any email, but a valid e-mail from the my server. Can you help me?

Sorry I think I don’t get you. When you say sender, it means the user email adrress. A user email address is always validated by the script in terms of format. User email addresses are different from one another, it can be gmail, ymail, hotmail abd etc. So what do you mean by valud email from my server? Please contact me via my profile. Thanks.

I need to insert a <label> class inside the checkboxes inside the EasyContact.class.php. How can I do this?

echo '<input name="'.$varName.'[]" type="checkbox" value="'.$item.'" />' '<label> '.$item.' </label>' '<br />';

i dont ask for a email in my form, so the mail is send without email. Can i add a fixed email address as sender?

can i cc the mail to a second email address?


djprog Purchased

Hello Codeadik,

First:very nice and useful, I had it working in 5 minutes ;-)

Second: I need to send in the email informations that I don’t want the visitor to see (e.g. visitor IP, referrer, etc)... is there a way to add this kind of invisible fields but still have them sent in the email ?

I’m sure it’s possible but I haven’t found out how exactly !

Thanks for your help.


How do I incorporate this into an existing form? I bought this form thinking that I could use it with a theme that already has a form embedded, it just did not come with the functionality to make it work. But I do want to use the same style.


I purchased your script some time ago and seem to be having a issue with it, I am trying to test the form and upload a doc file and docx file to the form to send but it keeps saying the doc and docx extensions are not allowed?

In the config file I have the following line so it should accept them extensions

$easyForm->createFileUpload(‘document’, ‘Upload File’, false, 165000, array(’.doc, .docx, .pdf’) );

Can you help please?

Thank you in advance

Ian Haney

ı use this form he work well but now there is internal Server Error