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thanks @PreScriptZ

Mobile support is a must! :) What do you think? GLWS!

thanks @dzeriho for your comment. I’ll fixed in the next version ;)

thanks @CodeRevolution

Congrats, good luck with sales – DCSF

thanks @digitalcenturysf

fantastic work, i wish you big sales ;) !

thanks @EricProchnow :)

thanks @WildLion_Production

Excellent GLWS ;)

thanks @st1s

Great work. Would love to see mobile support. Painting with fingers is fun!

Thanks @cocavet. Has the demo been updated? I’ve tried on tablet and smartphone and it doesn’t appear to work.

Yes, it’s updated. Its possible that you’ve got cache on your browser. Try to run in private mode ;)

Hi cocavet, I tried using incognito mode but it didn’t work.

The demo doesn’t seem to work in Chrome. I am unable to draw. Any specific browser settings to make it work?

Wich version of chorme do you use? I have the last one (Versión 56.0.2924.87) and it works. Older versions too.

Chrome 43 on a Mac, but I realized I had a touch events flag set. Once I reset back to default, it works great. Thank you!

Hello there,

Do I need to have nodeJS installed on my server, in order to run this app?

Hello Srdjan,

It’s not necessary in your server, but is required in your local environment to compile the files.

any background image option in canvas and save the paint with the background ?

Hi anusunu. It doesn’t exists this option but I’ll consider it in next version. Thank u for your comment :)

can you do that ? available for development ?

Hi Can you add the erase button .

How to disable scroll up and down when drawing on iPhone?

Hi @caichunjian520, you can fixed with CSS. Try to change html and body tags to position: fixed and disable scroll with overflow: hidden :)