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Would this help increase page views and pages per user? I noticed it keeps the same url, so not sure if this helps in those 2 areas?

No it will not increase page views per user.

Hello, is this compatible within a pagebuilder? I use Divi for my site and I need to know if this will still work as a shortcode or html inside of the Divi pagebuilder. Thank you!

This is not shortcodes you insert but simply some tags that render the content in slides. I’m not familiar with the “Divi” page builder. If you submit a ticket at our Help Center we could test this for you.

BUG. This plugin has a conflict with WPLMS Pagebuilder plugin, when you activate easy pagination Pagebuilder stops working.

Please give me a quick fix to this bug. Thanks

Submit a ticket at our Help Center and provide login credentials to your website and we will review.

Please refund my money if you can’t solve 1 and 2 issues: 1. I’ve been spending half an hour searching the advanced settings without results, in last years I’ve been using hundreds and plugins and this is the first that I can’t find settings!!! Seems other customers had same problem (I can’t send you access to my site, so if you can’t resolve this issue without access refund my money) 2. I’ve been using only one hour (one half searching settings), at the moment I’ve found conflicts with other plugins that stops working, and in spite of my experience in wp still can’t get it to work, but without documentation, settings… 3. Documentation: few screenshots are documentation?? incredibly 4. Support: few lines of other plugins but no comments, forum, faqs of easy pagination.

Thank you for buying the plugin.

If you look at the screenshots you will see that ALL settings reside in the Pages > Add New

This is very clearly shown in the screenshots. There is no need for any long detailed documentation as you only have that single page with settings and each feature has a small grey box with an explanation.

I’m sorry that you find it hard to use. Did you try this before you purchased it? You had the option to test the plugin thoroughly before you purchased it.

We will be happy to review your site and make sure it works. Please visit our Help Center and submit a ticket.

Please notice that according to the terms and conditions from Codecanyon you are not entitled to a refund unless the plugin is broken and you can’t communicate with the developer.

Again I’m sorry you find it hard, but we will be happy to assist you if you submit a ticket.

I published the first post with the plugin but in admin mode brings me back this error, you see the bar above and have crippled the sharing buttons.


How solve this error?

This could be a conflict with another plugin or your theme. If you disable ALL other plugins do you still experience the issue? It this fixes it – you can activate one plugin at a time until you see the problem occurring again. This way we can identify the cause of the problem and debug your site.

If it doesn’t help deactivating all other plugins it could be a conflict with your theme. You can rule this out by previewing your site with a default WordPress website.

I suggest you submit a ticket at our our Help Center and we will review.

In practice the bar admin panel is in the footer instead of the header.


This problem occurs only with the post of the plugin enabled, if I put the post in draft the problem does not appear. It could be from the article. you can check:


Submit a ticket at the Help Center. We can’t do much for you here :) We will need to review your site for potential conflicts.

The documentation (if you can call it that) is TERRIBLE. No attempt by the author at all to explain anything. Yes, there are some links on the plugin page that somewhat explain a few things in a cursory manner. Overall I have now spent hours trying to configure this plugin. Maybe it works, maybe it does not and there is a conflict with my theme. But I will never know since nothing is documented. So I click and click, turn this option on, that one off. This could go on for days.

Developer: you take all the time to write the code for all these plug ins. How much longer would it take to simply explain each function? Or better yet develop the discipline of doing the documentation as you are building the code. Part of being a good programmer is DOCUMENTING YOUR CODE.

Thank you for buying the plugin. I’m sorry you feel this way! Did you submit a ticket about a specific problem?

The plugin is really easy to use. If you look at the screenshots you will see that there are ONLY THREE TAGS you can insert. And that is all. The rest is explained in the settings with the grey boxes.




If you run into specific issues with your website e.g. compatibility issues submit ticket at our Help Center and we will be happy to assist you.

Hi! Pre-purchase question. Is it possible to TURN OFF the thumbnail button located on the right hand side of the Navigation bar? I would like to use your plugin with very basic layout of arrow 1 of 5 arrow on top and bottom of my page.

here’s quick screengrab of the button I would like to disable.


Many thanks,


It is possible to turn it off. If you go to our demo site plugins.righthere.com you can login and play with it, so you know what you get.

thanks for quick answer! I did have a play with the demo settings but couldn’t find the option to switch the thumbnail button off… would you mind pointing me in the right direction if it is not too much to ask? many thanks.

Edit: FOUND IT! :) at the very bottom Bar Template thingy!

I’m sorry, there are three panels and it will be in the advanced settings :)

hello your demo account isn’t working


Sorry for the inconvenience. Someone thought it was funny changing the password. It should work now.

Hi, I just posted a question in support under ticket #5076. Please help. Thanks.

Thank you for buying the plugin. You submitted the ticket 12 minutes ago …Many tickets are answered within few hours, but some takes up to 48 hours. We will reply to your ticket as soon as possible.

...we have reviewed your ticket and added some comments. Please just reply in the ticket. ;)

I’m trying to try it out on the demo, but there aren’t any instructions on how to actually use it! Help!

And the thumbnails aren’t showing up in your demos in neither the Index page view of (grid of thumbnails) nor the next and previous page thumbnails.

Thank you for letting us know. There is an issue with the thumbnail script. I’ve reported this to the lead developer and he will look at this asap.

About how to use the plugin – if you check out the screenshots you will see the three simple tags you insert.

Question before buy. This plugin works with post too? Or only with pages? Thanks

You can use this plugin on any custom post type (posts, pages etc.).

does it work with woocommerce?

Not sure how you would use this with WooCommerce. Normally this is used to break up very long pages into sections (slides). Are you looking to apply this to the product page?

sorry I thought it can work in product category page to improve Pagination thru Ajax, it look I misunderstood this plugin, I am just looking for some plugin to improve the product category page Pagination other than the infinite scrolling

No i would not recommend it for this purpose. Let me know if you have any other questions.


I have some issues with the settings. Actually, I can’t find how to set the paginator. In the settings, I can only find “General settings”, “Custom Post Types” and “License”. I probably missed something… Could you help me?

Thanks a lot, cédric.

Hello Cédric

Thank you for buying the plugin. When you go to a Page or Post you will see the settings below the content.


I have a pre buy option to you:

Is your plugin (Easy Pagination for WordPress) have ability so I can add a pictures gallery with pagination like this: http://likes.com/g/22144502?page=4&v=t8vJSXMIeoJUuSITYtzrBL541Bw2Sk0gk4E1laA

I just want a next – previous button above on every picture and want to open new page every time. Please help


No that is not possible. It is NOT a new page view when you change “slide”.

Hi there, Can I use this plugin with visual composer? and can I make it full width? Thanks.

You can insert the shortcode anywhere you want. If your page is full width the EAP viewport will be full width as well.

So I can move between pages with the plugin in full screen?

You should be able to see the navigation buttons. Remember this is not changing pages – it is dividing your page or post into sections (slides) and simply showing each section.

I open a support ticket 3 weeks ago. The support replies only time and then silence. Until now no answer. Disappointing. Regards

I’ve asked the lead developer to look into the WP Rocket Caching plugin. Unfortunately some of these caching plugins can be tricky.

My new reqest has nothing to do with the caching plugin, because I found a temp solution like I wrote in the ticket. I got an answer there, but unfortunately not all my questions are answered neither my problem is solved :(

We will reply in your ticket.

Will you be supporting this plugin for WP lifecycle ? Also does it work for WP Multisite?

The plugin is compatible with the latest WordPress. However we have not added any new features to it for a while. We do not have any plans on retiring it yet. It should also be compatible with WPMS.


ixixy Purchased

this plugin is so slow, it’s almost worthless…..i had to remove it

Sorry to hear that. It must be a conflict with another plugin. We will be happy to take a look at your site if you want.


hypefx Purchased

The plugin works amazingly well! love the style and ease of use. I have one issue however concerning Visual Composer. Site is for a client, and when I insert the shortcodes via the buttons, they are wrapped in the VC [vc_column_text] code which breaks the pagination functions. you have mentioned that users are working with VC… how are they inserting the shortcodes to get around VC’s extra added codes?

thanks much for your help!


hypefx Purchased

also, if i switch to the classic editor, your plugin works beautifully. Sadly i have trained the client on VC so need to figure out a good solution inside the visual composer. thanks again!

Thank you for buying the plugin. We unfortunately have not added support for inserting the tags easily with Visual Composer. I can add this to our wish-list, but this is not something we can prioritize immediately


hypefx Purchased

Hey team, i love your plugin! Amazing…. but i am having issues with the index “show all page”. I saw an incomplete post indicating that there may be an issue between easy pagination and wprocket. any update on that? I am only seeing 4 of 20 images on the show all page. thanks for the great work!


Hello Chris Thank you for buying the plugin. We will need you to post a ticket to the Help Center, so we can review this further. Please provide detailed description of the issue when you submit the ticket and access to your wp-admin.