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Great Work! Good Luck With Selling :)

Great work! I wish you big sales! :-)

I have a customer who wants the book system can: 1. Customer can choose location 2. Customer can choose staff/provider 3. Customer can choose service, 4. Customer can choose date, 5. Customer can choose available Start time 6. End time ( minimal time slot is 20min) Once the time slot is taken the staff/provider is not available for that slot on that day.. 7. Pay online or at location/store, 8. SMS text message remember

Plus customer’s name, email and phone number

Does your book software can do the above mentioned?

Thank you

Hi There,

I checked your requirements. Can you please contact us on this email address? so we can get with you over there.

Email id:

Thank You NetWorld team

the case when hit the target! Cool dude!

Hi! I have a presale question:

My requirements are:
  1. new customer registration before/while booking process
  2. recurring customers account management
  3. booking of an event AND optional booking some additional things (example: Sports event plus optional a room/accomodation
  4. backend review of all bookings per user (history of a user)
  5. individual fields for booking subject

I appreciate your answer – hope you’ll see this questions soon ;) Thank you! Andrew

Thank you for your questions.

Unfortunately, there are is functionality for user management. it allows you to guest registrations.

How the website works, i need airline, tour, car, hotel booking then all info from customer send to my email then i contact customer after they click submit to confirm. Thanks

Get information from customer and send them a mail need to manage by manually. But there is no functionality to confirm booking. user can book that item from frontend or admin can also add booking for that user from backend.

If you really need this functionality. then please send mail on: with your requirement.

We can develop this for you.

Hi, In your last reply to comment you say ” send them a mail need to manage by manually” ??? In the Features list, it states “Sends email confirmation to the customer who have registered, booked the item or made payment”. Are confirmation emails to the customer manually sent or automatically sent?

yes, you can purchase it right now and get the benefit

What is the price? 50% of $20 ?

@promovisiontv the current price is already discount price and its 50% off then normal price..

Pre-sales question – Can one event have multiple booking times to choose from? Will be using this for a tutoring site, and the idea is for each class to have multiple booking availability.

@slappleby, The functionality to add multiple booking time is not there at the moment. But you can create multiple booking items with this plugin.

You can use duplicate post plugin to directly copy one item so you dont have to re-type everything again. Please check

hello.. i have some presale questions :

1. this plugin available for shortcode? 2. can i add variables item on it?? such as rafting in 3 rivers and every element can add for child and adult. 3. this is also have menu cart??? thanks

Hi There,

Please check our comments on your questions.

1. Yes, plugin have a shortcode, here you can see a documentation for shortcode:

please visit this URL for plugin documentation:

2. Sorry, variable products currently not supported by plugin.

3. No this plugin does not have cart, you can simple register of a book and item. here you can see demo and try adding a dummy entry to check how it works.

Let us know if you have any other questions

Thanks NetWorld

hello, i am interested to buy your plugin but i have few questions, is it possible to charge few payment online through the credit card and remaining price at the arrival? or i wanna use room search or booking form at the homepage of website? is it possible with shortcode?

Hi There,

There is no direct feature to take partial payments. You can set booking price to half and add a note on event description for remaining / other price.

This way you can achieve it.

We provide short code to display booking items, you can use it in homepage. Please check our documentation for shortcode.

I hope this will help you.

Thanks NetWorld

Your live preview is a blank white screen


Can you please re-check, give a hard refresh and check, it will work fine. :)

There we go, shows up. Thanks!

Hi. Can you set up a recurring payments for clients?


Currently, this is not available in the plugin, but we can do this for you as custom work. if you are okay, please let us know.

Thank you.

Does it have waiting list feature?

@like2be At now there is no waiting list feature, but if you want, We can develop it for you as a custom requirement.

@like2be At now there is no waiting list feature, but if you want, We can develop it for you as a custom requirement.


wetdogs Purchased

I have a problem, in the process of installation I get a series of warnings: Warning: Illegal string offset ‘general’ Warning: Illegal string offset ‘display’ etc.

what can it depend on?

Hi Wetdogs,

Can you please share backend login details to below email id?

We will check and provide solution to it.

Thank You, NetWorld


wetdogs Purchased


ok thanks. Our support team will check and reply you back on your email id. Thank you NetWorld