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Hi thanks for getting back to me.

I have setup the login and the settings.php required fields to the database as requested. I can login but when I select the database from the drop down list to back it up nothing happens. I am running locally with the database setup on local host.


So you get no errors reported to screen and the backup file isn’t created? Can you look in the script fodler to sdee if PHP is generating an error to a file, if it is, open the file and let me know the error.

Hi Bricktop,

I posted a comment a few days ago but as I’ve not received a reply I thought to drop you a note here.

I wondered if you would be interested or have the time to help by writing a script for me that could create a MySQL functional clone copy of a MySQL database that is situated on a different server than the master database? I could then trigger that script with a Cronjob.

The reason I would like to do this is so that:

1. I have a fully functional clone that I can switch to easily should the master database server ever be out of service.

2. To use a clone for development purposes.

Hope you can help. If so, just let me know the cost :)

Sorry, I missed your previous comment. I’m no longer developing scripts due to time constraints so am unable to assist, sorry.

No problem at all… and thanks for the reply.

Hello, what the meaning of “automatic cron backup”? In the demo I couldn’t try it. Is it difficult to set it? Could you tell me about this feature? Thanks

Hi there, a CRON job is an automated task that you can configure (check your web host supports this, most do though) to run at certain times, days, frequencies etc.

Included in the package when you purchase this script is a CRON version, which allows you to set the backup variables and define as a CRON job, therefore allowing you to set an automatic database backup at the times/dates/frequency you set.

Hello, super nice script work! Only problem impossible to connect to the database with host OVH ==> example: namedb.mysql.db for host ovh shared :( a solution ?

Hi there, do you mean the web host OVH? Are you receiving an error message at all?

Is it working?


I have been trying for nearly 4 months to get this to work both locally and on a hosted server but I am unable to get it working properly.

Nothing seems to happen when I do either a manual or auto backup.

What can I do to try and find out what is going on?



It’s possible, normally the browser will report timeout or memory exhaustion errors but your host may be suppressing them. Add the following to the MySQL_backup.php file, at the very top, just after the opening <?php:

ini_set(‘memory_limit’, ‘2048M’); ini_set(‘max_execution_time’, 260);

done this and now get 504 Gateway Time-out

You must have typed something incorrectly in the PHP file, double check that each ‘ini set’ command is on it’s own line and ends with the ;

I have many websites and servers. Can I install the script in all my servers?

Hi there, I think according to the Envato licensing terms you will need to buy one licence per server but please double check at

How to install? i want to install it on my server.

Hello and thank you for your purchase, have you read the help file? It details step by step how to install.

is this PHP 7.0 compatible ?

Hi, I haven’t tested but would suggest not.

Hi, will it works on shared linux hosting ? Will it save to dropbox or gdrive ? Thanks

Hi, yes it works perfectly on Shared Hosting but does not automatically save to Dropbox or GDrive, just to the specified folder on your web server.

I bought this script because I coudn’t be bothered to update my existing script from mysql_ to mysqli because I am going over to php 7. What a shame it is still in the old mysql_ It would be a good idea to spend a few minutes upgrading the script to use mysqli