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writing arabic in the title returns ” ؟؟؟؟؟ ” in the databse so in the output menu too. using pdo file.

Please convert your tables to utf8. Run this sql query in your database:

Hey buddy, Really liked your content. Can you please elaborate the database structure. I mean field purposes and what data type u r using. I’ve read your comments before. Hope u would help.. Thank You..

No problem.. By the way thanx for the reply.. I need explaination for few fields.. What does parent_id and position store. I mean datatype, values and constraints.. Can you plz help me..

parent_id field is used for parent-child relationship. For top level menu items, the value of this field should be 0
position field is used for ordering
Here is the detailed table structure:
  `id` tinyint(3) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
  `parent_id` tinyint(3) unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
  `title` varchar(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
  `url` varchar(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
  `class` varchar(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
  `position` tinyint(3) unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
  `group_id` tinyint(3) unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT '1',
  PRIMARY KEY (`id`)

Thank you for the reply..

hello sir

could you help me to add mega menu manage feature to emm? What is the fee?

i want to use this feature with canvas theme:

as in pages, portlolio, blog menus…

i am waiting for your reply.

Hi, for custom work I charge with hourly rate. Please send me a message me via my contact form with the detailed requirements. I will calculate how long it will take to complete it.

Hello, I really like your script. I’m wondering if its possible to make it supports PDO. Thanks

Hi, please message me via my contact form so I can send you the modified file.

Hi, Can i implement dynamic active class such as

  • li class active

    what do you mean by dynamic? if you mean automatic active class when you click a menu item, there is no feature like this in this script

    hi, it is possible to have a php 7 version ?

    Hi, this is an old script, and it has not been tested with PHP 7. But I’ll try to test it and update it soon.

    Thank you. I have just tested it on PHP 7 but that running not. my server only turns on php 7

    Hi, please try the new version. It should work with php 7.

    Hello there, 2 years ago mysqli support will come, but still has not come, when will it come to?

    Hi, the update is still in queue. But it will support PDO, not mysqli.

    The update has been approved. Please redownload it to get the new version.

    Hello there, 2 years ago mysqli support will come, but still has not come, when will it come to?

    Hi, the update is still in queue. But it will support PDO, not mysqli.


    Ploto Purchased

    Hello i have problem to running the Menu manager with external provider. I have install in accordance your installation procedure. I have modify the config.php with

    define(‘_BASE_URL’, ‘');

    and the DB configuration with MySql external database. (i have install in external mysql database the demo database, with access like administrator so it possibile delete / add / modify tables and record into the table)

    the mulfuntion that i see are:

    - if install the passowrd for login (don’t running, by the way i remove its) - i try to modify the menu skeleton there is many error

    -i try to insert your sample into my php file but i see the first configuration only, i need use “echo easymenu(2, ‘class=”vertical green”’);” but i haven’t any result.

    have you some advise for resolve my problem ?

    Bye Paolo

    Hi, please send me your control panel/ftp login so I can check the problem directly. You can send it with the contact form in my profile page.

    Hello I am very interested in purchasing your product but I have some questions, please email me at your earliest convenience and I will share my questions, thanks, my email is

    Hi, you can post your questions directly in this comment section, or use the contact form in my profile page

    It is a very good script but I could not separate it, I use codeignter and I need to separate it to use, Can you do make a version of this script in CodeIgniter? Please, contact with me an send me a budget

    I can do customization work with an hourly rate ($50/hour). It will take at least 8 hours to convert it to CodeIgniter.

    Ok, do you have email contact?

    You can contact me through the contact form in my profile page

    Hello! I’am MacBiXo, I’ve been talking with you to develop this project in Code Igniter

    Ok at the price you tell me

    Hi, which CodeIgniter version do you want to use for this project? Please contact me via my contact form to discuss the project in more detail.

    Code Igniter version 3. Where is the contact form???

    In my profile page


    riste86 Purchased


    I purchased your plug-in but I want to make some modifications. I want to add custom form for adding menu items (ex previously created pages or product categories in my database) to Easy Menu Manager. I’ve created some changes but to the screen I see response like this:


  • News<\/div> http:\/\/localhost\/codecordia\/codeframe\/view\/page\/blog?cat=1<\/div> <\/div> <\/a><\/a><input type=\”hidden\” name=\”menu_id\” value=\”2\”><\/div><\/div><\/li>”,li_id“}

    Can you please guide me how to add another forms for adding menu item.

    Regards, Riste Gjorgjiev

  • Hi, thanks for your purchase. Unfortunately, support doesn’t include help for code modification. Please consider requesting a custom work from my contact form.

    Hi, I bought this script and Im verry happy with my purchase.

    I am having trouble wrapping my head around how i could use the templates/menu.php Easy Menu Manager without the GController class? Somehow to use it directly

    Hi, thanks for your purchase. Why do you want to use it directly? It will require a lot of changes in the code.

    1. There is no option to create right side bar menu widget or left side bar menu widget. Will these options be available in the final script when I will buy from you?

    2. I can use this script for both my HTML and PHP Websites. Am I right?

    1. This script doesn’t create sidebar. You need to create the layout yourself in the html. If you mean to create a vertical menu, you can change the class to vertical, like shown in the demo.

    2. You can include this script only from a php file. If your file is a html file, you need to change it to php.


    thedlc Purchased


    I bought this item but it does not work on mobile (Android)? The navbar reloads when I want to look at dropdowns. How can this be fixed?

    Best regards Daniel

    Hi, thanks for your purchase.

    The css codes used in the generated menu are only samples and do not support mobile. You can use your own css code if you want mobile support.