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Works good and all out of the box, but you didn’t clearly provide a way to add the code to other website pages. All your tutorial talks about is how to get it configured to work with databases… not how to get it to actually install it on other pages. The sample you provided has 43 lines of code in the header of the page… does this mean i need to add the all 43 lines of code in your sample index.php onto all my web pages in order to get the script to work? All other login scripts usually have 1-3 lines (?)

Update: I gave up. Too much trouble than it is worth. I bought another program and copied the css from this script.

can we get the sql file???

What SQL file do you want?

there is no sql file in the pkg on csv and xml…

I must begin by saying you’re my hero- thanks for all the great work you’ve released out here in the envato world! :D

I was wondering if this (possibly in conjunction with some of your other products) could be set up so that a signing in with a particular login could also log a user into a series of other external service accounts.

More specifically, I’m looking to create a way for a client on a team to be able to log into a wordpress install and automatically be logged into their accounts for the other services they commonly use to manage various project / site assets- like flickr, twitter, gliffy, google, etc.

I currently have the back-end admin sidebar set up with links to the services which display their content in an iframe in the main dashboard content area to the right. It would be a dream come true if team members didn’t have to sign into each service individually after logging into the dashboard.

I welcome any suggestions you may have. Thanks in advance!

- Chip :)

For this you’ll have to dive in the code yourself because there isn’t an out of the box solution for this.

I’m a noob, so I have a noob question; from my existing page that has a place for a user to log in or create an account, how can I implement this so that signing in actually creates an account for a customer?

I hope I was not clear as mud, but I don’t know how else to explain my problem.


Sorry for being such a noob, but how do i insert the login into my html website?

Can I get my $$ back for this

Hi, would it be possible for the login to timeout after lets say 30 minutes of inactivity ?

Hi, would it be possible for the login to timeout after lets say 30 minutes of inactivity ?

I gave up on this too as I also found the documentation confusing :(

I got an error : Warning: This encoding function can’t be used. in /homez.402/pushadse/www/mydest/admin/include/Login.php on line 157

how do you create an user on the mysql : login > admin pass > ? : md5(pass) salt > ?

help me out please

I having problem with your script. It dosnt work on mysql right !!! do you have working sample of it?

I would also like to get my money back. I emailed the developer and got no response. I have no clue where the install is not working. The documentation is not clear at all. Anyone else have this problem?

This Author is no longer around.

Can I use cookie instead of session?

What a joke! What a piece of dogcrap. I wish I’d have read all the comments before wasting my money on this. Documentation is virtually non-existent. Why is this guy still an “Elite Author” if he’s not on the site to support his “products” anymore. WTF.


I would like to buy this item, but want to verify that it will work with a remote mysql database.

So the login page will be on one server (in New York) but the mysql db containing the login will be somewhere else on a remote server (London).


is this abandoned?

Sorry this is not a user friendly easy login… It does work but it took me ages to get it right. The error messages didn’t show up.

Help files are really brief.

I would not buy this item again