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Bad syntax, terrible documentation. I couldn’t make heads or tails of the flow. Not worth the time figuring out what I need it for.

It does the job well; Although it’s very difficult to install or to modify. Some critical elements are not coded. Like login check, check if user = user. I doubt if users.xml is a save storage for usernames and passwords. This is a login check example: This is what I have made

$logincheck = md5( $_SESSION['user'] ); if($logincheck==$username) { echo 'Welcome, '.$_SESSION['user']; } else { header('Location: /login/index.php?action=logout'); } ?>

But the script is very fun to play around. For that reason I can login every user to their own account page like this

<?php header('Location: /users/'.$_SESSION['user']); ?>

Please note that not all browsers are supported. I don’t know which are supported and which not but many of my clients report to me the login is not working. As I say to them to clear cache and cookies and use other browser like Internet Explorer it’s working. WEIRD…

If ('you have minimal knowledge of PHP') { echo 'you should buy'; } else { echo 'look for alternative'; }

UM… Guys….

This person has been AWOL for two years.

Why are you still posting questions ?

mysql seem deprecated, do you have mysqli version?

demo isn’t working

Hi there ! i was wondering if this nice form will works for my website because i need a login system, is the integration easy? thank you

You need to fix your demo

Hello, your script interesting, i can pay double price if you can just tell me more about it. Cheers!