Discussion on Easy Invoice Generator ASP.NET CORE with EF Core

Discussion on Easy Invoice Generator ASP.NET CORE with EF Core

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How can I disable register and login for users so they generate invoice dast

possible, do email us at

No reply yet to test demo, I have message u

Looks like an abandoned project no demo nothing nothing here to test

Database file is missing. where can i get it

Db will generate automatically while application first time and do some seeding stuff.

how to add local SQL server

Just change in the appsetting.json, please check the documentation folder

change to what? i don’t know how to create local sql .. i was check documentation but there is no way to create sql

You need to change the connection string, which will connect on your local database. (First install the ms SQL server on your machine, you will get a connection string same as documentation)

If it’s too hard to get Please email at, will guide and setup everything on your machine.


i am trying to run it in vs 2019 but when i do update-database, it won’t do anything

thanks for purchasing our item, first of all, sorry to hear that you’re facing this issues.

we have used .NET core 2.1 SDK in this item, so visual studio 2019 will not work, vs19 has .NET 5, so you have to install .NET core 2.1 SDK separately then you can run the app.

if you’re facing issues, email us at, so that we can help quickly.

Hi Source code not working

Application ‘MACHINE/WEBROOT/APPHOST/INVOICE’ with physical root ‘C:\Work\project\Invoice\Invoice\Invoice\InvoiceCore\Invoice\’ failed to start process with commandline ‘c:\program files (x86)\microsoft visual studio\2019\community\common7\ide\extensions\microsoft\web tools\projectsystem\VSIISExeLauncher.exe -argFile “C:\Users\mathk\AppData\Local\Temp\tmp467D.tmp”’, ErrorCode = ‘0×80004005’ : 0.

HTTP Error 502.5 – Process Failure

It because the .NET core 2.0 SDK not installed in your computer. We can fix you the project. just email us given email address


Hi Are you available to make some changes for this application, I wanted to make slight changes like ‘customers’ to ‘patients’ and also add an extra field to invoice as a insurance cover amount from the given service?

Yes of course, if you have other features we can also help you to do that. Email us at

Hello any demo site available? thanks

sorry we do not have demo access at this moment, you can check video demo. you can buy without any doubt, if there is any issue we’ll fix at your machine.

Good luck with your sales


Somehow there’s something wrong with updateing grand total in edit page. This isn’t working properly and is multiplying. Is there a solution ?

we’ll solve it if there is any, please contact at let me know how can we reproduce it.

Amazing project! Can you send me the Databases?

You can run migrations to generate the database, can you please check the documentation folder to know how to Run migrations.

Hi! There’s a way to change or add a language?

no, there is no option to add or change language, but if you have requirements we can do that.. email us –

I have purchased below product on 30 NOV 2020 but it is not working on VS2015.

Easy Invoice Generator ASP.NET CORE with EF Core
Purchase code: d845b7cc-27d2-4748-9a91-75e726691de7

Need help as soon as possible

Requirements :

Visual Studio 2017 with .NET core sdk 2.1+

Source code not working on vs 2015 please help

Requirements :

Visual Studio 2017 with .NET core sdk 2.1+

Hi, You didn’t update this system since july-18. Can you provide this with the upgraded version in ASP.NET Core 3.1/3.2??

Yes, it actually easy to convert 2.2 to 3.1, will need only 1 hour. We can provide you that support, please contact:

Hi, I have three questions, please! Can I have a Right to Left version? Can I upgrade from regular license to the extended one? and how much should I pay? Can you show me the mobile version? I couldn’t login to your demo. Thanks

Sorry there is no upgrade options, it doesn’t have specific to mobile version. Its a web application with responsible design which will work on mobile. Please contact with if you have any queries

Thanks but may I know why ? :)

I’m running Update-Database but the database doesn’t change…

2 hours around this and still not able to run the migrations… disappointed.

sorry for bit late but i hope, you’re satisfied with our support :) thanks again for purchasing our item

Awesome item!! Even more awesome the support!! Very skilled and helpful!! GLWS, thanks again for the help ;)

I have added Customers, then proceeded to generate an Invoice, but I cant see the list of customers from the drop down menu, meaning , I cant proceed to generate the invocie

On making an invoice, I would like to select Company name, instead of Client Name, what are the modifications that are necessary to be made.

Is that where there s label=”Name”, If I put label=”Company”, it does not work

Under AddSale.cshtml

It’ll not work like that, check the aspnet core input razor syntax or email us.

Alright thanks

This is about this product and another and the possible combination of the two, barcode + inventory. Can you do it?

Yes of course, please send us your requirement at


Nice Application and Customer Support.

thanks :) if you liked our item, please rate and review, it’ll be really helpful.


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