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It is not possible to contact your support. Any browser blocks access because you have an invalid security certificate. Please address this issue. I cannot get past the Database Settings page, it tells me ‘The suggested URL /login was not found on this server. Any clues?

Thanks for purchase Our Application. please send an email to

how you try to contact with our Support Team ?? We are provide support only through email , do you have issue just send an email our support team will respond you as soon as possible, Thanks


can you setup this system to include Pay Plans which allow me to charge other users to access my site and each plan would have it’s own features. (micro-transactions)?


please send us an email to

Please answer these questions in detail if allowed

1. Does the design Responsive smart mobile devices ?

2. Does supports RTL ?

3- Do you support ssl ?

4. Do you support the Arabic language or multilingualism ?

5- Is it open source code or encrypted? Can I customize whatever I need to fulfill my requirements? I mean, adding custom features or removing some unnecessary features etc ?

1. Yeas Its mobile Responsive 2. Does supports RTL ? NO 3. Do you support ssl ? Yes 4. Its not multilingualism ? 5. It is Open Source Code Should you need any further assistance feel free to contact Thanks

I am not able to install .i t can’t get pass through database page

Please send an email to

Can Cstomize Order No, INVoice No. and can start with any no of increasing?

Yes You can do we will help you. send an email to

help me, change currency not work ? how to fix ? see :

send email ? I’ve sent an email please check

what is sent to an email?

Check your email, I’ve sent an email back

We received

Hi, when im trying to install, i put the database information and after that it throws this 404 error: Error 404 – Not Found

The document you are looking for may have been removed or re-named. Please contact the web site owner for further assistance.

Obviusly, im not able to go to the next step (create my user and password)

Please Send an email to

I want all orders to have Pending status by default, how to do it?

you need to change in Program, we can help you

Hi, how can I check to see what the customer buy from us in the past? And Who buy the product A (for example)?

I see Customer order history in “Order Process” => “Manage Invoice”, but I can not see Product Saled history. Your code is great. And also, could you add note beside product when create order? I can put in the product serial or something like that …

There is no product sales History. you need to customized it.

is it possible to show the product attritube in Add order and how can i make it possible to send the Invoice to customer? does´nt work in your script?

Yes Its Possible. You need to custom develop.

How to connect & use barcode readers / apps (when using your application on mobiles). Can you please tell the process.

Mobile Device barcode readers is not supported

I can´t send invoice to customer?!!! and also the newsletter is not working… can you help please! thanks

Please send an email to

Hello, I am the representative of a commercial square where we have different businesses and. I would like to know if it is possible to install several installations? Since each store must have a different inventory system. first of all, Thanks.

You need to buy Extended License.


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I’ve bought and I tried to cancel the order, when the order was canceled, but the stock did not go back

that’s what I try it from their inventory system

we did not find this kind of issue, please recheck again. send an email to


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when I logged in as a user, why is not there a page to change the password and profile

Please send an email

Hello, Has a discount calculation problem, doubles the discount and changes the profit

Is it possible to change so that the profit is calculated from the total amount without discount? I think it should be this way.


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1 produto teste 10,00 30,00 1 0 30,00 Discount Amount 3,00 Grand Total R$ 27,00 Profit R$ 14,00 Total Cost Total Revenue Total Profit R$ 10,00 R$ 27,00 R$ 14,00

I keep insisting that this is a mistake, if the discount was 3 because you deducted 6? Profit on this account should be 17 instead of 14


andersonx Purchased

How do I fix this error?

easy inventory (ver 1.0) not run on my wamp server after login dashboard not show error return This page isn’t working

localhost redirected you too many times.

yes received easy inventory (ver 1.0) source one of your purchaser & my friend

without Purchase code we are not provide any support

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on install it doesn’t seem to be creating my account for login? I’ve look in the database the user table is emty, along with me not being able to login after the /install/create_user page


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all the files are 777

please send an email to


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