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PHP 5.5 is deprecated, How can I use it in Higher versions of PHP

you can use PHP 5.6

have any option to change the language?

Which Application you are talking about ??

Hi, I bought from you the software last week. I managed to open the url in the local host (on php 5.6) but once trying to enter the database settings we received an error with the message: the database could not be created. please verify your settings. I also sent a private email without getting an answer. Please assist. Anna

I’m sorry but I don’t understand. Im not a dev so I need deeper explanations… How do I get to this page?? I downloaded your software and a localhost. Do you have maybe a better tutorial with instructions from scratch? thnk u


Our Support Team Already Replay your email.

is it support decimal value on product such kg, liter using?

In this moment its does not support. Thanks

Do your software support thai language ?

Not support Multi language at this Moment

Demo NOT WORK :-(

Hi, Please note that we can provide support only through email: (here in comments we can only answer some general and pre-purchase questions). Submit an email there and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Thanks!

They are pre-purchase questions…

So many questions is there it’s better to send us an email.

kindly explain me how we can manage the New Price Effect of Product, as old Price of products Profit will be different from new Price, System is calculating the Profit as a combine, accuracy is not stable.

when you add product in that time product buying price should be include with all expenses of this product like, Transport cost, Tax, etc..

but sir, In expenses there could be shop rent, daily expense etc.. how we can manage it? 2nd Question, How can we convert this software into a Setup to install it locally into the systems ? Thanks for your quick reply

You need to custom develop to handle your daily expense. You can easily run our application in locally by using Xamp application

do you have native apps for this? can 1 product multiple vendor/suppliers?

There is no Partial payment option in buying & Selling option.

please can i use this app online server…i mean not locally


please respond to my mail


ive been trying to install this program and this is what i’m getting “localhost is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500” on mamp

please i need help

Dear Send email to with envato Purchase code

Will there be an update to PHP 7 * soon? As of December 2018, PHP 5.6 will no longer be supported.

We do not have plan to update on PHP 7 at this moment. PHP 5.6 will not remove from server. so do not afraid.