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please can i have a look at employee user page/frontend where entries will be made.

you need to login as an admin

Is there any option for supplier due?


vqoley7 Purchased

i can’t create user on installation. its always looping redirect. please help ASAP. im using php 5.6.


vqoley7 Purchased

hello, my database was no wrong, i can see in my phpmyadmin its working , but it stuck on installation create user.


vqoley7 Purchased

i have clear cache, remove all my files and database the reinstall again. its working now. thanks

You Welcome :)


vqoley7 Purchased

can you add purchase tax in next version? or its already exist? i mean tax purchase from supplier.

We will add in next version

i want to categories wise reports .please help me

Yo need to develop this report or we can make it but its chargeable please send an email to

Actually i thinked that this facilities within this soft.

I can add a language on the system ??

Can you create a store and when you withdraw the inventory products decreases ??

No You can not do it

please i created new pages on the project but when i try to access it using my browser it keeps saying i 404 Page Not Found

The page you requested was not found.

please i need your support or rather if i can pay for you to cutomise the project to what i want exactly am ready pls

yes i need to make changes in what i buy from the suppliers from “product” to”raw materials” , is that possible??

You need to customized this application. if you are a developer you can do it very easily.

If you ask us to do it’s chargeable

Please before buying, I have some questions:

Can I change Language to Arabic?

Is it possible to change Copyrights, all author details?

Does it support Back Purchase – Return Money ?

I only deal with WordPress and Magento and many scripts in the hosting, I have a host in Godaddy and the SiteGround, and my plan is to buy this Script and work to host them, is there a problem with that?

Waiting for your answer .. Thank you ..

Q: Can I change Language to Arabic? A: You need change one by one translate in Arabic language. because by default Easy Inventory is not Multi language.

Q: Is it possible to change Copyrights, all author details? A: For your personal use you can do it. but if you want to distribute more than one client you can not. you need to buy extend License.

Q: Does it support Back Purchase – Return Money ? A: No its not support.

Our application run Any Linux Server or local host.

One by one?

Will the trend be from right to left?

I do not know how to be a buying and selling App and does not support the product return process!

A customer bought a product and returned after an hour and decided to return it. What will your App do at that time?

This is all..

I still think that there is a misunderstanding, and you certainly support what I mean..

Please quickly reply .. Because I need this app strongly ..

Thank you,,

And please how much is the extend License? Does it have additional advantages

Easy Inventory does not support multi language and right to left alignment


please i am having issues in my order section which are

1.) each time i try to input quantity of products i want to sale it goes back to 1 while in the product in stock is greater than what i want to sale 2.) same goes to the unit price if i try to make changes to it goes back to the normal price i inputed 3.) then after making the sale the oder invoice does not show me the required information about the product i sold please i need your assistance urgently

could you send us some screen shot and email to

Is this support multiple stores, warehouse functionality?

No dear

Hi, I want to buy your system, but, I need to know if it runs on Wampserver?. I’ll leave it running on my notebook only.

Is it possible to change the language?

I have an urgency in these answers

Yes you can run our application at your wamp server


i cant install the system

please send an email to with purchase code, mention what kind of issue you are facing and server login details. we will take care of it.

Hello, I want to know if Easy Inventory support POS Printers and Due Payement report

POS printer is normal printer, there is no due payment option

Hi Your code seems to be robust. I want to buy just have these two pre-sale questions. Could you please answer?

1. Can I use bar code scanner to add product entry? 2. Can I create low-stock alert email that automatically sends when stock value reaches a low

Thanks in advance

bar code scanner is not for product Entry, its for add product to cart. low-stock alert email is not available, but In top menu low-stock alert is show

i try to upload your project on my live server then it shows me 404 not found error Please help me ,

We received your email regarding this issue. our support team working on it.

thank you for a quick response

i have 2 presale question Barcode is for add product to cart.How do that there any frontend available.

2 Barcode is print allow only one barcoe at a time to be printed , what if i want to print same barcode , maybe 100 piece

You can use bar-code reader to read bar-code add to cart. you can photocopy for 100 piece

Where can i keep the amounts in inventroy from going negative?

It will come with negative sign at inventory stock


Istartups Purchased

Hello can we use this offline? And also set it up online and can we always update the files using file Zilla to upload changes. Because most time internet may be absent and access to inventory might be needed urgently

you can use Easy Inventory Offline.

i cant install this product online even after following doc where is the said web installer where is the doc for offline installation

doing doc read up couldnt see some stuffs can one record credit sales and change currency from dollar to any other country currency, and didnt see place to record expense please i need installation guide no suport reply