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cool script only thing missing is the display for the larger images in a light box or modal window?

however the opening of the image with just a link to the jpeg or ping is not quite going to work for me. I would be an owner if the larger presentation was more compete :)

That’s what the link_to_file config option is for, if you set that to view.php for example the images will be linked to view.php?img=images/99.png so you can use that to display them how you like.

I might add an example of that.

the new version of example 2 has a demo of the link_to_file option.

also you can use $gallery->create(2); to return an array of file names that you can use to display things how ever you like.

What you are asking for is possible already.

It seemed old school at first but I guess with my own CSS I can do what I want pretty quick and easy. It’s probably not too painful to work in modal window myself but I agree, it’s probably a popular request to consider.

This can be useful and save a ton of time, especially if you are making a site for someone who has a low budget. Help like this can make it worth it for us.

What I have a hard time finding is categories/multiple galleries and control over thumb cropping.

I like it. May come in handy sometime.

thanks for the comments, ill look into the cropping thing, at the moment they fit to the width and the height is cropped, or black bars added.

As for categories, you could just a folder for each category.

Looks simple enough :) A nice option would be to give a parameter for a order. By name, date asc and desc

that wouldn’t be too hard to do, ill look into it


the newest version of the package has the sort function added and a small bug fixed.

its still in the queue, but expect it shortly.

Ill look at the thumbnail cropping at some point too, but that would be a slightly larger job.

Is there an admin area I would be able to give my clients to upload images?

no, unfortunately not, you would have to build the upload area yourself, this only produced the gallery.

Watch my uploads though, in a few weeks I will be uploading a image hosting site backend, that might be more what you are looking for.

on a more serious note, if your point was that that item is similar, then I can’t comment on that because I don’t have access to that item other than its description.

There are a few similar items, I guess you should pick the one you think it right for you.

can it handle multiple subfolders of images?

does it provide pagination?

you would have to make sub-folders and create the galleries manually.

And no there is no pagination, you would have to do that manually again using the array return option. This is something I will most likely add later on.

EDIT : Do you mean sub-folder to become sub galleries, or do you just mean sub folders to become a single gallery ?

Easy gallery looks great—very easy to use.

I’d love to see your take on the image hosting site backend. Are you still planning on releasing this soon?

Hopefully should be done testing and have it uploaded within 2 weeks.

this looks really classy wide_load.. ! well done, is it possible to have a description area and a link tab under each image ? thank you!

That’s not something I worked in, but you could use the array return option to do it with your own code. I might add that to the integrated example at some point

Hi, I have just got this for my new VPS .

I installed it and then got GD, I now have a problem, the error for installing GD has gone away, saying I have installed it right, although, the thumbnails do not come up – instead I just have the name of the image surrounded by a border and as a link to the image.

Any ideas?



Could you email me via my profile page with your php version, and any error messages that you get with error_reporting turned on and set to E_ALL.

Could you also see what you get when you try to view the thumbnail directly in the browser.

I suspect a problem with you set up, but if does turn out to be something wrong with the item I’ll get it fixed as soon as possible,

I’d prefer to talk about the problem via email, It will just be easier for me.


Trying to figure out if this can work in the following manner:

I have my website, and then in a subfolder I have a shopping cart, inside of that cart, an /images folder where all of the main cart images are stored. So it would seem I could point this at that folder, and have a gallery of the cart images on my main site… right?

Since the images are named by part number for main product image (i.e. ht1122.jpg) and for secondary images have sub- added (i.e. sub1-ht1122.jpg, sub2-ht1122.jpg) , I would like to modify the code to disregard all images starting with ‘sub’ (thus only using the main product images) and use the filename of those remaining to generate a link for each image that leads to a search on the cart itself.

So, only the main product images would end up showing in the gallery, each with a link back to”partnumber’

where partnumber came from the image name.

Obviously I know this would involve some code modification for skipping some files and for constructing the linking url… I’m just wondering if this script is set up in a way where I could make these mods without re-engineering everything.

Hope this made sense.

Thanks for you time


thanks for your interest in my item, it would actually be very easy to make the modification want, basically you would just need to change line 86
$full = glob($this->imgdir.'/*');
to something like
$full = glob($this->imgdir.'/ht*.jpg');

I haven’t tested this, but in principle it should work.

Appreciate the quick response – what would you say about the other part, that is, generating a link based on the filename?

If this sounds like its not too difficult we’ll pick up a license and give it a shot… and if it works in practice, we will be able to get you a few more sales out of it ;-)

Thanks for your time

The images are based on the file names yes. That line I posted is what gets the files, luckily it would be very easy to change the search string :)

Does the job and it’s very easy to install
5 stars

What would it take to add prev, next, and home navigation to this? Trying to avoid manual creation of links.


It should be pretty simple to do since you are given an array of images so you can just base the paging on that list.

I can’t really you specifically though since I have not looked at the code in a very long time.

Feel free to email me for a more detail response as to how to do it :)

Hi there,

I just bought this script and PHP is something I am still a noob at so I am kinda confused at why my images are not displaying. I created an image folder and added the images. The thumb folder and images in that folder has been generated but in the web browser its not displaying the thumbnail. You can see the example here

I would appreciate it very much if you can help me out. And I did not change anything to the code just wanted to see if this script worked.


ignore my previous post everything is fixed thanks to the author for getting back to me.

No problem :D

I saw that pagination was not included three years ago, has it been put in since? I like the demo, but not sure how to use the array return option. I deal with a large number of images and would like something a little bit cleaner than what I use now. My current script works great just not the cleanest. Thx.

Hello, I think the script is already great. But I have a question. Why do not I see the preview pictures. Which folders do I have to create except images?

Can insert the php code into my own php web? Are you available for small customization (add and show a field “PRICE”) thanks