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Can I make the case that photos of women’s asses are not appropriate for showing my clients? I’m getting sick of this type of imagery as placeholders. I cannot and will not demo this stuff to my clients.

It’s offensive. Stop it. Please.

I have removed those images.

Please note that the back-end is opened to public for people to try the system. All images were uploaded by other users.

We will try our best to monitor those contents

Thank you. I really appreciate it.

Thank you very much.

OK a Quick question, I have developed your coding, and looking for an option that from a THUMB nail, when you hover over it, you have an OPTION to link directly to a PAGE, rather than loading up the colorbox image, or alternately a button on the colorbox that allows you to go to a shopping cart.

If there is already a solution to this, sorry about asking a obvious question, but just need some guidance IF this is possible to do.

So as well as pulling in a Image, need the ability to add a URL to a page with a button. With the ability to go direct to a page URL rather than the Photo on Clicking.

hope there’s a simple solution, I could code it, but asking in case its already there – somewhere

thanks in advance

sorry we don’t have such feature, will need to code it

elieli – will you develop it into a future update?

Hi, The script is great! I have problem with special characters in folders names. Letters than ñ, á, etc. don’t show correctly in folders name, for example, ñ becomes ñ The files cannot be read to gallery page or to admin page. I notice that when I try it on your demo works correctly. Thanks, Susana

I sent an e-mail through the contact form.

Did you receive my email? Please send us your server login and we can have a look for you

Yes, thank you for your answer.

Thanks ChunkStudio!

what if I want to auto crop thumbnail for square size? for example, 100×100 px.


Thank you for your purchase. Yes, you can change these variables in includes/php/config.php

//set thumbnail width
$cfg['thumb_default_width'] = 180;
//set thumbnai height
$cfg['thumb_default_height'] = 180;
//set enlarged width
$cfg['large_default_width'] = 900;
//set enlarged height
$cfg['large_default_height'] = 600;

it’s not work. i try to upload an image, but it size not 180×180, but 270×180 (look at the picture).

i want a square crop image, not only resize.


Sorry it does not support crop function at this moment

Quick update I have now really pushed the design of the Gallery so it can be incorporated into any page layout… but having a few problems, which I will hopefully reolve.

But have a QUESTION regarding Jquery 1.4.2, that is now causing issues with other features that require the new feature set of Jquery 1.8.3, (or the buggy 1.9.4) that ironically colorbox uses with no problems

Is there a solution? have you updated the Gallery to work with 1.8.3 as if you try and run both 1.4.2 doesn’t work, so a bit of a dilemma – do I have gallery effects or not.

Hope you have an updated version that runs smoothly with 1.8.3

your help/ advice would be most welcome

We updated the colorbox folder (css, images, js) and change all pages to use jquery-1.8.3.min.js

is there an easy to spot breakdown – of these changes – so I can update my amended coding… All really done is edited the manager code to spit out a different html layout. Just need to get a idea what I am letting myself in for.

Have you now UPLOADED this new version for distribution? await your reply (hope your OK :-))

We have uploaded the new version already.

Basically you will need to change all the php header to include the new jquery-1.8.3.min.js, such as category.php, index.php, login.php, manager.php, upload.php.

And of course, replace the colorbox folder with the new one and the jquery-1.8.3.min.js file

Sorry that we didn’t manage to make a easier way to handle such update.


This shows 8 images in one line, can i change this to 5?


Thank you for your interest.

Yes, you just need to manipulate the margin and padding setting in back-end

We did something like this


Thanks for your fast reply, what page do I need to edit?

I will be using it in an iframe. So don’t want much black space as this means scroll bars appear in the iframe.

What do you suggest I do?

Thanks in advance

There are 4 views in the script, here is an example
# View type 2 start
//set opacity of small photos
$cfg['frontend_config2']['po'] = 0.5;

//set padding between photos
$cfg['frontend_config2']['pp'] = 12;

//fine tune gallery_wrapper top margin
$cfg['frontend_config2']['gwt'] = 50;

//fine tune gallery_wrapper left margin
$cfg['frontend_config2']['gwl'] = 25;

//set small thumbnail width
$cfg['frontend_config2']['s_width'] = 34;

//set small thumbnai height
$cfg['frontend_config2']['s_height'] = 34;

//set enlarged thumbnail width
$cfg['frontend_config2']['b_width'] = 180;

//set enlarged phot height
$cfg['frontend_config2']['b_height'] = 180;

//gallery slideshow setting
$cfg['frontend_config2']['CBss'] = false;
$cfg['frontend_config2']['CBspeed'] = 5000;

//frontend record per page
$cfg['frontend_config2']['f_rpg'] = 60;

//set frontend image order by name or time uploaded
$cfg['frontend_config2']['f_order'] = "name"; # name / time
$cfg['frontend_config2']['f_order_type'] = "desc"; # asc / desc

You can refer to includes/php/config.php

i created a new category but when i try and edit a picture and move it to the new category i cant save it. the save button wont do anything.

i sent it to you…

I have fixed it and sent you a file, please try.

Thank you, works great and i love the gallery!!

Hi, a presale qn.

Its a little diff how I want to integrate this.

1)Is it possible to create a category ( folder name) when i add a product in wordpress? 2)Upload the images via ur plugin to it(folder) 3)create a link on the product page to only show the images in that folder only. =)

Regards, Rafael

Sorry this is not a wordpress plugin

I have purchased this and I am very angry as I have lost more than 1 hour of my time fixing your bugs, without success.

The option $cfg[‘photo_folder_path’] is USELESS as you hardcoded the path on all your calls:


$lm = new manager($_GET[‘pageNo’],$_GET[‘num_per_page’],$cfg[‘photo_folder_http’],’photo’,$_GET[‘folder_name’],$_GET[‘keyword’]);

OR more clearly:

$lm = new manager(’’,’’,$cfg[‘photo_folder_http’],’photo’);

You put ‘photo’ instead of $cfg[‘photo_folder_path’]

I tried fixing it but this error is everywhere and even after trying to fix it many things such as creating a new directory does NOT work.

Please fix ASAP.

Thank you! Rod

MORE errors and bugs:

File upload_action.php Line 105 should be imagepng($large_dest_img,$large_folder,9);

Also when I upload a TRANSPARENT png the images look terrible on thumbnail and large sizes. They get completely corrupted.

I am giving this library 1 star until all bugs are resolved.

I didn’t pay to stay almost 3 hours debugging someone else’s code. I feel I have lost precious time.

Will these bugs be fixed???? Thanks

I am finding even MORE bugs.

The RENAME image feature does NOT work. IMages get overwritten and lost.

I am ready to ask for a refund if issues are not solved in the next 72hs.

I am very sorry to say this, but I have never lost so much time with a codecanyon purchase.

I am so dissapointed.

I hope you can make it up and solve all bugs quickly.


Not even the CATEGORIES drop down works.

I see only “All”.


I am having problems with the loading speed of the images. Is there any way to speed it up? What affects the speed of the whole gallery? Knowing that the demo you put also takes some time to load.


The speed seems fine, are you having slow connection?

Nice script.. I wanted to make the entire system password protected so no one can view without logging in. So the admin login page would display first then once logged in you would see the index.php page. Advise?


The image resizer is not working. Please advise.

When the size is changed it causes the resizer to quit working. $cfg[‘memory_limit’] = “200M”; $cfg[‘upload_max_filesize’] = “10M”;

I need the ability to upload multiple 4-5mb files. The system seems to only be able to handle 1 file at this size.

I’ve attempted to email you regarding an issue in this script. Are you still around?


I have hosting with godaddy. CanI view image on server as if now it show only as file cannot make out image from file. I run a prestashop store and prestashop create image with different name and different file size on server. Once product is sold and deleted I Need to delete image on server.