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It would be great if you could give us a demo :)

Hi StigO. Because it is a PHP class it is hard to do a demo as their is no front-end but if you look at the screen shot you get an idea of how it works. If you have any other questions I am happy to answer.

We need a demo, one screenshot is simply not enough.

Either more detailed screenshots or a video/real demo.

Yeah, I’m with Thecodingdude on this one. I realize that you may not be able to setup a demo but, a video of it’s setup/use would encourage many more sales.

Hi guys,

Thanks for the advice. In the meantime until I create a video here is a simple description of what EasyFTP does. It is a simple PHP class that makes FTPing files or running common FTP commands your FTP server easier than if you were to write the code from scratch. An example to FTP a file would be as follows.

  1. Include the EasyFTP PHP file in your project
  2. Configure EasyFTP to point to your server (config.ini)
  3. Run the below command
EasyFTP::put("c:/example.txt", "targetfolder");

I will try to upload a video as soon as possible.



nice product. Is there a possibility to combine the class with a form. So the user can choose a local file from his pc and use the ftp upload to the server?

Would be great if you could point me in the right direcion!



Hi Jediha, I have been offline for a while so apologies for not getting back. If you haven’t already figured out how to do this then pm me and I will give you a dig out.

Script has potential.

Can you share how you would integrate with with MySQL upload multiple files?

table name: filesToUpload

id filename folder

1 file1.txt folder1 2 files2.txt folder2

Hi Dridma,

Apologies for quite a late reply. I would recommend creating your own class for this rather than using EasyFTP as this is quite different functionality.

I usually prefer to store files on the filesystem but there are times when you may wish to store files in a database in which case you would create a column in your database of type BLOB (Binary Large Object) – depending on the size of the files you may only require TINY BLOB or you may require larger – and insert the files using a regular SQL INSERT statement using fread to get the contents of the file into a variable.

Hope this helps somewhat!

Hello, We have a regular php uploader. However it fails with large spreadsheets—not large in MB but large meaning many tables and fields. I believe that I can upload such files using ftp to get around that problem. Would I be able to use this script to do so? What kind of interface does it have? The end users are non-techies. Thank you.

5 stars, saved me a lot of time. Thanks

If this had a demo, screenshots, or anything I would be willing to consider purchasing it… but there is nothing, this is just a blind faith situation, and it’s just not going to happen. It’s a pity too.

work with sftp?