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lookupuser and find by username do not work on the copy i downloaded, just show {} with no value in it

I try it in another server and I see your problem .. I think there is problem in compatible because I use method to parser XML but he don’t work on all cases! so, please give me a 24 hours and I’ll fix it! I really sorry for this unexpected problem, and I appreciate your time! I’ll inform you here again.

Thanks, Saud

Hi again .. it’s resolved now .. I am waiting the Envato support to update my file!

I am so sorry again for this little issue!

Kindly, Saud

Now you can re-download the files .. it’s resolved!


Kind Regards, Saud

works good now ;)

Thanks buddy! I hope it help you ..

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further questions, I will be happy to assist you. ( I mean it! )

Kind Regards, Saud

hello. does this api support advanced search as described in:

I am interested in the last search options “Only search within Creative Commons-licensed content ”.. Thanks!

Awesome. Purchased! Thank you!

Just checked and the latest code is not in the download…can you please update..thanks!

Thanks for purchase .. I was update it .. but he is still in review by Codecanyon team. so, we have to wait until he approved my new files! try download it again after 12 hours maybe you can got new files!

Thanks for understanding!

Good Luck!

Do you have an extended license?

Hello ashmetry, You don’t have to get extended license! Feel free and use it as you like!

So welcome!

Kind Regards, Saud

Hi Just bought your product and there is a file missing require_once(‘phpFlickr.php’); is a required file and it is not present in the download, without this the file does not work

Hello, Excuse me .. I don’t write ( require_once(‘phpFlickr.php’); ) !!! there is now file with this name! So, can you make sure you download my files not another one!

Or maybe you mean another one but write here? please review the file again!

Nice to hear you, Kind Regards, Saud

Excellent! Just what I was searching for. Good luck with sales, hope people know this, you would sell a lot. Pretty good script. Thanks.

I’m glad to hear from you! Thanks a lot for your feeling .. I’m really so happy :)

So welcome. Let me help you if you have any further questions! Kind Regards, Saud

Hello sfadli,

I think Flickr has changed its API syntax maybe, because I’m getting this error:

lexml-load-file]: failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! in /home/marinapu/public_html/wp-content/themes/marinas/class.php on line 57

Warning: simplexml_load_file() [function.simplexml-load-file]: I/O warning : failed to load external entity “[MY API KEY ]&user_id=60253296@N06&extras=description,url_s,url_l&per_page=45” in /home/marinapu/public_html/wp-content/themes/marinas/class.php on line 57

Any thoughts? Thanks!

Hello MarcoVega, Since this example site ( working that’s mean Flickr API don’t change, and any thing is working fine :)

About your issue, the CURL is so mandatory in your server because it’s faster than file_get_contents and so good to make the code very useful. you can’t make a API call without something like these functions so maybe you have to contact to your server administrator to enable these functions!

If you have any further question, I will be so happy to assist you. ( I mean it ) Just send me an email ( so I can help you to solve your server problem.

Kind Regards, Saud

I solved the issue, somehow I had problems in my server using fopen(), file_get_content(), or anything requesting data from another site, EVEN simplexml_load_file().

What I did to solve this was CURL the feed to a string and use simplexml_load_string() instead.

I also get this

Warning: simplexml_load_file() [function.simplexml-load-file]: URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration in /nfs/c06/h02/mnt/89576/domains/ on line 24

I assume the same problem as MarcoVega?

Hello Friend,

Maybe this because you had a same problem with (MarcoVega), so you can try to do his way.

Hope I can to update my files this week to support this way too.

Let me assist you if you had some problem just send me an email ( I’ll be happy to help you.

Kind Regards, Saud

Hai, Just a question, can we display only free photos with specific tags

Yeah sure you can choose which license you want to show!

so Welcome.

Is it possible to load different sets? For example, as a webdesigner, I’d like to have 2, or 3, galleries portifolio in my site. So I’d like to call different sets from flickr for each gallerie portfolio. Thanks

Do you mean you want to have 3 galleries on your site? Yes! it’s simple just copy the code 3 times and change the userid of your flickr accounts!

You can use galleries as many as you want .. no limits!

Hi, thx for great script. Got problems because of my bad expirience about coding. I need simple search field for commercial lincense with result of 20 images please. The example.php will include in another php. If search please dont reload complete page. Need the complete code after this: include(‘EasyFlickrAPI.class.php’); $EasyFlickrAPI = new EasyFlickrAPI; $EasyFlickrAPI->__KEY = ‘YOUR_FLICKR_API_KEY’;

Big Thanks!

Hello, Yeah you have to write your (Flickr API Key)!

If you need help send me an email (, maybe I can take a look on your script then help you. It will be my pleasure!

Just bought the script and its the first working script I have found. Works great!

Is there a way to output the tags of the pictures?

Got it, Email sent, thanks for waiting.

And Now I’m investigating this item update issue why they didn’t publish the new update till now.

Received and replied – thanks! :)

You’re So welcome!

Can this be used to create a wallpaper app of specific Albums and Collections?

I think you want to get wallpaper photos from a specific tags from Flickr .. if that what you meant? so Yes this API will help you Inshaallah. <3

Hi, API FLICKR now not function :( Please HELP. I have on my webpages.

moddo You’re amazing <3 .. Thanks for your kind words

How to set only specific album. I have always selects everything from the total content of what is public.

Will this exceed the normal 20 images that flickr sets as a limit? I notice your demo does not exceed 20.

What do you mean about (exceed 20) ? in which function?

Great! That’s mean my plugin will help me as much as you want. Please don’t miss to purchase and rate. <3

This plugin no longer works. Do you have an update ready?

Yeah there is an update on this link:

You can read old comments to know the Envato reviewers pipeline problem :(

Please if you want any help send me an email directly.

Hi my friend.

It is possible to set or how to do everything to read only a single set of directories. Often use your script, but has few friends asked if it would be able to use one of my Flickr account. Not two, one for web, one for private purposes.

Thx. MoDDO from Czechia :)

I don’t know what you mean exactly, do you mean to get only list of photos in specific album?

You can use this function callAny()
    $parameters = array();
    $parameters['method'] = 'flickr.photosets.getPhotos';
    $parameters['params']['photoset_id'] = '72157623086057202'; // put here album id!
    $theResult = $EasyFlickrAPI->callAny($parameters);

BTW, in Flickr API albums name is (sets).

Hope this code help you.

Thank you for my great friend, just to test it today and let you know. Once again thank you. <3

<3 Veeeery welcome :-)