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Great work GLWS :)

Thank you for your appreciation.

1.) You need to add option only admin can delete files.. 2.) Add option delete file after 1 hour, 2 hours, 1 week, 1 year, never…

Thank you for your suggestion. In this script it does not use a user login. So it’s not possible. But I will take your idea to account when I do next update. Thank you for your comment.

Your requirement is now updated. User permissions and more. See the demo.

Hello, cancel uploading button missing. What to do if user send wrong big file?

Yup. I admit that there is no option to cancel uploads while uploading. I’m developing next update these days. I will create that option. thank you for your suggestion.

Upload cancellation button implemented. Now see the demo.

Very easy and practical to set up :)

The update is under review. It will be approved soon. I will inform you when it’s approved. Thanks.

Thank you very much!

You’re very welcome.

please, can I have this soft without user / without sql / without permissions ?

No problem. I have that version. Please send me email to I can send it right away., many thanks !

Package sent. I also updated package files here with that version. Anyone who buys this item can download it once it’s approved.


the application no found correctly, check on this link:

It seems like the file “files.php” here is modified. The page gets error ” Fatal error: Class ‘finfo’ not found in /home/archivosinnovaci/public_html/files.php on line 9” at the end (See souce with browser) and in my original file there is no class in that name. In that line I have “mime_content_type()” function.

So please re upload files.php again from original package. If you still get any more error, please send me files.php file (which is uploaded) to my email ( to investigate. Waiting for your reply. Thank you.

Script looks great. GLWS.

One thing, on the Demo when viewed in Chrome, the page does not show any instructions, just a big, empty grey box…

Hi, Thank you for your appreciation. I wonder about chrome error. Since I can see it’s working fine here ( ). I think it’s some version issue. Anyway I’ll dig into this much more.

My mobile phones Iphone 5s and iphone 6 not connect the admin area. I’m interested to buy it, but I’m sure if you can someone upload Mobile if I can not go; Can you tell me what should I do to connect;

Hi, Please try this direct link

If fails try this. (this is my next script. Still on review)

Reply me what happens.

1. what kind of files we could upload ?

2. Can we upload zip files and extract them within the application ?

3. When we upload folders, dos the application upload the sub-folders too within it ?

Best Regards,

1. Any file 2. No. No unzipping program is not included 3. Any web browser allow us only to upload files. Not folders. Its browser restriction

Hi there, i want to but your script, but is it possible to use it without admin part? i already have access control but need file managment.. look forward to hear from you


Thank you for your inquiry.

Great. This script have No SQL, No Permission version within the same.

See this demo. SQL/

I hope this fulfills your requirement. If you have any concerns just let me know.

Also see this script. Sometimes this may suit to your needs, because this script is has differ from front end version and backend eversion separately.

Is there a setting so it will not overwrite same file names. I want to keep both file if a file by the same name gets uploaded.

Sorry for the delay. It was mid night here. I see your support email, I will reply it.

No worries I figured it out. I need to make the Dropzone smaller much smaller how do I do that?

just put it into a div or something which is small, then dropzone will automatically smaller.

hi nelliwinne, i already bought your system , but why other user can see other user file ? can you teach me how to prevent other user can see other user file .. thank you

This is just a uploading script. It does not have any user login based method. You can develop it to anything you want.

If you want to view user only uploads you will need to write user authentication system and user based folder creation system to upload files and then connect this uploader to those folders based only their username or some unique code.


herbasd Purchased

Why the another files cannot be deleted except jpg, png and gif (such as image) ?

Yes. It’s there. Check inc-main.php file and it’s $DisAllowFileTypes variable


herbasd Purchased

There is the function regarding FileSizeConvert only in inc-main.php.

I cannot find the line ”$DisAllowFileTypes variable” in inc-main.php. Please help me how to make to limit the extention name “php”, and “js”.

Opps. It’s not yet updated here. Dont worry. Just send me a support messege using Support Tab Above. I will send you the update by email.