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Looks nice, shame i like them with databases…. i might still get it bookmarked

Thanks for appreciating my application.

Thanks and Keep well!

Looks nice, Can you enable a psd form design in it? Thanks! :D

Thanks a lot for liking it, The Login form is created using pure CSS , so it don’t have any images. Do you still need PSD ? :)

Thanks n keep well.

Hello Again :), I bought a login PSD form to make it look nicer :) I bought http://graphicriver.net/item/clean-login-sign-up-ui/588804?WT.ac=category_thumb&WT.seg_1=category_thumb&WT.z_author=PixusDesign Would i be able to embed it in the form? Thanks again Kind Regards, James

Hello JamesMoran,

PSD Looks nice!!

I would also like to add that the same effect could be implemented by CSS too!!
You will be definitely able to embed it in the form.For any help please contact me at :https://www.facebook.com/vinay.way

Thanks !!


I would like to use your script in each website i’ll create for my client but it seems to not have a extended licence ?


Hello Breizoueb,

The extended license is now available for you :).

Keep Well!

He there,

I just wanted to say that this script is pure gold. I recommend this to everyone who wants to use secured pages. It’s safe, fast and easy to create your own Username and Password.

Thanks a lot. 5 Star.

Kev from Premiumstuff

Where do you set the direction of the login button? I want it to go to a certain page?



Would this have the ability to be set up just as a password field and have each different password redirected to a different web address?

for example,

pass: xxx goes to address xxx pass: yyy goes to address yyy

If it can be done i will be purchasing this for sure!

Thanks! -Austin


I have purchased your product and it is amazing. Well done!

One Question:

If I wanted to add in a field that captures a persons name which then sends that name via email – could this be done and how easy would it be to add?

Please email me info@blandydoes.co.uk

is there a way to make this have more than one username and password?

Yes, need to change the code a bit.

could i get a little direction on what to change.

Hats off to NxtCode.

For little money only this does its job without fuss.

Good show

Thanks a lot!!

Very nice!

Here is my goal – wonder if this plugin will work for me.

My customer has many clients that need a UN & PW to enter to go to their personal portal that has information for their eyes only. This page is located _blank at a different url.

Each customer would need their own UN & PW, and each goes to a different off site URL

Does this plugin do this?

On another project, my customer has a ton of literature that is available to be downloaded.

Example: Product is a Piece of equipment – if they want to download the pdf brochure on that piece of equipment they fill out their first name and email – an auto responder is sent to their email with a UN & PW to then go to the form to gain access to that pdf.

My customer is more than happy for them to download information, but in exchange we would have their email to send them opt out company newsletters/information.

Would this also be possible?

Thanks in advance – looks like a great plugin!


Hello there! My congratulations for your great script. In some servers I see that some constants are not working propertly. So in the very first time I get into the login form I can read this on the bottom: Too many login attempts, please try again in minutes. As you see, the “minutes” constant is not shown. I think that can because the PHP version I’m running (newer one). Any tip to get it working there my friends?



How easy it is to install especially for non programmer and no script knowledge people like me !

Do you provide help?

you can add more than 2 users?

hi a pre sale question i need this script for my web application.so every user hav his own login and after login he han access the web.souser can creat login him self or we hav to creat login? 2.its multi user login script? 3.user can reset his pass? 4 need a database for this script thanx after ur answer i need to purchase that script regards

Looking for this with a multi-user feature with admin control panel for adding or removing logins.