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Click here to create new application in Facebook Application Manager – not working. . . and I’M THE USER ADMINISTRATOR

got it working this far . . now i can see the app working but i can’t added to the page, the button add page down’s work

got it running now thats the link . . . now the problem is that is not opening the sharing window when you enter to the contest.

Can you provide temporary admin access to check configuration. To have this option you need to activate share gate function on success page

I would like to purchase your plugins but I have a few questions before I do. I have a contest that I would like to run in conjunction with a contest that I am in.

I want to host a contest that the top users will win in exchange for voting for me in another contest. Is this possible?

If possible, I want the user would vote for me once a day and earn points for voting, sharing, etc. Can I determine the number of points they receive for voting and sharing seperately.

Unfortunately no – you can have access to voting points but you will not know the share value. You will know the top entrances but you will not know the exact share value

what about the answer to the first part. Can a user gain point by voting on an external URL? Can I have them click the vote link (open in new browser) and track it? Can I provide an external link that has to be clicked as one of the criteria for entry?

Currently no. We are waiting for another change of Facebook policy that was mention for this type of action and then we will decide will or will not implement this function according to changes that Facebook will apply.

Currently this is unofficial information but may be before the end of September there will be more details on this. Facebook has perform actions to avoid such actions inside Facebook fanpage applications and first of that was removing the fan gating as function. That changes does not affect work outside Facebook fan page tab – they affect only when application is used inside Facebook.

Dear appscreo, I have some troubles with this plugin. The share link shortcode generation link point to a wrong facebook page so that I cannot activate the voting phase. Moreover, I see that the contest entries csv generation does not work, I have some entries but the downloaded file is empty. Can you help me please? Thank you

Can you please provide WP admin access to check the settings.

Sure, can I send you admin credentials via email ? what is your account? thank you

You can send at appscreo at gmail dot com

hello work with multi site and wp 3.9? thanks

We have not made any test with multi site version and we cannot confirm. Plugin itself support unlimited applications served from single domain (even in different pages). Our demo site is running latest official version of WordPress 3.9.2

- What is the main difference(s) between Easy Facebook Contest and Easy Facebook Fanpage and Promotion Builder?

- Are both plugins fully compatible and up to date with FB adn WP?

Thank you.

Easy Facebook Contest is actually extension of Easy Facebook Fanpage and Promotion builder that allows you to run Friend contest – this is type of contest that when user enter he get link and his friends can vote for him.

In Easy Facebook FanPage and Promotion builder you have sweepstakes option which looks almost the same way but there is no voting and no point system so winner is selected on a random basis.

Easy Facebook Contest can work only if Easy Facebook Fanpage and Promotion Builder is active.

Main connection between Facebook and WP is actually done via Facebook Fanpage and Promotion Builder. Plugin is moved to API 2.0 of Facebook to be compatible with latest requirements and works with latest version of WP 3.9.2 (installed on our demo site too).

Hello I need help with set up

Please contact us at appscreo at gmail dot com and we will do this.

The demo is not working. Is there a possibility to see a working demo before purchasing..?

Hi, Is fan gating still possible with this extension? Regards, BBC

As of change from August 15, 2014 Fan gating is officially forbidden and all functions that provide information for this are removed from Facebook API. You cannot use them to create a Fangate (you will not have information for visitor like state of page).

Also as it is forbidden form Facebook any attempt to emulate this in Facebook tab is also forbidden and usage will cause penalties like block or even remove of Facebook page and profiles.

Hi, I’m interested in purchase the product, but I need to be sure if I can create a contest in Portuguese?

Regards, HMJR

The front end fields of plugin can be changed to language you wish and it will not be a problem. To use that plugin you need to have private SSL certificate installed into the domain where it will run. Also this plugin requires Easy Facebook Fanpage and Promotion Builder to run.


I wanna create competetion in facebook and I am using latest wordpress, kindly please let me know will it work for me or not? Please provide me complete details,...

We respond on the latest comment you wrote.

Hi Could the amount of sharing be customize? Example user need 5 invites to proceed on contest #1 and for contest #5 or #3 which ever the invites can be different? Same goes for the other social shares. Also how does the winners of each contest determine? Please let me know.


We have not test it but as you are in the contest and grab the share link and enter it to vote for yourself you will get a message that you have already voted.

How do I clear old contest data when finish and remove all or individual users?

We can supply a custom code that will remove the data for entire contest or for a particular user. Can you please contact us at appscreo at gmail dot com and we will prepare it for you (include link to this conversation).

pre-sale question, is this compatible with mobile devices ?

We haven’t tested the compatibility this year after the latest changes Facebook made. But we suppose that all works fine, because we haven’t received any customer voices for troubles. What you should know about Easy Facebook Contest is that on mobile Facebook has a restriction about the tabs – they do not exist there. The contest can be open on mobile with direct link. That means that you have to share the address of the contest on your wall and then this is the path that makes the contest available on mobile too.

Will there be any addons since the fangate is longer active? If not you should remove this in your sales page. I got this plugin thinking fangate is a good feature to have but after I purchase it I found out I cannot use it because fb no longer accepts this kind of thing.


We manage to consider how this plugin could be developed according to the new rules that Facebook forced. We are working on developing functions closer to the previous Fan Gate.

Hi, I’m considering to get a few of your plugins, this included and I sent an email with a few questions on your support page.

As I understand the “fan gate” has been ban from Facebook but I have an idea to still getting that:

It will be possible to get via API if the user likes your page and inside of your wordpress validate and accept members that like your page and share the contest for example? I know that we can’t force the visitor to like the page first to show the contest and we can only force them to share to get into it. But if from the wordpress admin panel we can see which members that share the contest to get in, also like the page, we could get the member that we would like to reward.

Let me know if this makes any sense. Felipe Millan


The fan gating that was removed provides that data – is the current user linked your page. That data was removed and now to make that happen you need to use a function similar to social locker which unfortunately does not work inside Facebook tab.

Currently you can make user to share something to get access to specific page (for example contest enter page). For now we do not know there to be a legal technique that can be used to get a similar function to fan gating of Facebook.

The demo is a white page :(


Press the remove button to clear the frame that is loaded from CodeCanyon and it will start work – Facebook does not allow usage with iframe of some parts of site for security reasons.

Will it be updated to the newest Version of Wordpress ? ...and does ist works still perfekt ? ..Because the Demo says at Firefox that this in not a safe site…..I would be interested in to buy this plugin …

thanks Ray

Hello Ray,

The demo you see is running with the latest version of WordPress. We made a test with FireFox but we did not see the message you are talking for. Did you press the remove tab button?

...I was logged in in Facebook , and there it Shows the massage. ...Where or what kind of remove Button do you mean …an Snapshot would be fine…

Any updates on this script?

We have a request from a customer to create a new type of contest added and we are working on it and as soon as it is completed and tested we will release it to public – this will be a product type contest where customers will be able to share a product from the list and enter the contest and users they drive via their links will give theme pointing.

Almost 2 years and I see no updates. How soon?

hello i recently purchased your plugin … am trying to get the hang of it so please give me a quick crash course on how to setup a contest … you can provide me with your support email and we can chat through there

Anybody there?


We resend you the message a few days ago. Please send us a blank message to appscreo at gmail dot com and we will reply again. Sometimes when there is a conversation message can be removed from spam filters.


Hi with this plugin can I set a question on my Facebook page and if the user gets it right they enter the draw for the prize? Do i also receive email and collect their email address every time they enter ? Please explain as all i can see is this sweepstake and the demo don’t work.


There is no option currently to set a custom question with plugin – you can setup enter in contest link. That link you can hide using another plugin but not with the contest plugin.

Once user enters the contest you receive information for name, email and gender that are stored (user confirms that give that data to application) in your database and you can export and use them

also can only fb page members enter? I noticed in people’s comments fangate not available anymore. Before i purchase the plugin i’m hoping we can have only fb liked users entering… I LOOK FORWARD to your reply.


Once they enter the contest the information is stored inside database for each contest or sweepstake – you can access it from there using the build in export or directly export it from the database table.

the wordpress database table?

Yes inside WordPress .Contact us at appscreo at gmail dot com and we will send you a sample screenshot how collected data look inside WordPress – even with masked personal details we do not wish to post screenshot in public.