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the referrals are not working – the points are not added at all through the share buttons or the referral link – please let me know what could be causing this as our contest is already running

So confused on how to setup a contest. When clicking “Click here to create new application in Facebook Application Manager.” it just says you don’t have sufficient permissions. I thought this was supposed to be easy?

Yes it is easy – do you operate with user that have administrator rights?

what email address could be collected here ? Is it their address or their actual email (for example gmail or yahoo addresses) ?

It collects actual email address connected to Facebook profile (gmail, yahoo, hotmail and etc.)


can I change all graphics and images of the fb app? Also I see it displays the list of top participants. Can this be hidden? Generally, how deep can I change things?

List of top is displayed with shortocde – if you remove shortcode it will not display them.

What you mean with how deep you can modify?

To understand, the content is being displayed inside the facebook app is generated by wordpress, so its 100% controllable (shortcode, edit, php, etc) from me?

Yes – content is delivered from custom post type – you enter content in it just like your regular posts and you can use all your current widgets and plugins

I need some help I used the a woocommerce shortcode on the contest pages as shown in your documentation. However links from the facebook contest app goes to https instead of http and I loose all the styling. I used this plugin to help – WordPress HTTPS. This does resolve the problem but then the contest success page can’t load. Any suggestions please.


Can you share wp admin access. Send it to appscreo (at) gmail )dot) com

for some reason the app brings up blanks pages. Ill send admin access to your email

you live view doesnt seem to be working? id like to see it live before i purchase…

When you open preview press remove frame to load Facebook or use buttons in description

Hello there, I’ve purchased both of your 2 plugins. but can’t create any facebook app or facebook contest. Please help me out urgently with live installations.

Contact me at appscreo (at) gmail (dot) com with access to WP admin to assist you

my email id is koby (dot) fong (at) gmail (dot) com. Please help me out with live installation. thank you.

I got your email. I will login to see things and answer you what to do.

Hi, is it possible to use this plugin tu run a facebook photo contest with users uploading their pictures and voting each others ones?


Current version does not support photo contest.

Can i pay someone to set this up for me? I have tried to contact author but no reply. Thanks

I have a question to ask before purchasing.

1. Does this always collect the user’s name/email? Or do we need to set that up in the Admin?

I looked under the “Entries” but did not see any data there.

When someone enter it always collects name and real email. Currently you check not connected to demo back end demonstration – we made this to allow privacy of data for testers.

I can send you screenshot to email with collected data from you but need something to search for: you can give me your Facebook profile page or name and I will give you email that you use as primary in Facebook (real).

There are 30 entries from yesterday till now.

Hi Could this work on multiple fanpages and managing different users for each contest etc?

Yes – you can handle unlimited applications and each of them will be different contests – there is no limitation.

And to clarify I need the “Easy Facebook Fanpage and Promotion Builder ” right?

Yes you need to have one Easy Facebook Fanpage and Promotion build licence and one for Easy Facebook Contents

Is this a DEAD project?

No reponse…HELLO???


The Demo is not working

Demo is working – just press remove frame because Facebook do not allow loading in frame

Hi Ok confirm to me on how this works. Users join the app and given a shorten url and they promote it. If other users joined using the shorten url the first users will be credited points?

Yes – that is the idea. You can test in demo page.

Could plugin us other shorteners like bitly or owly?

Currently only is supported – we may add them in feature but works out of the box with no need to configure and requires additional configuration from user which we wish to avoid.

Hi, i’d like to translate all the english comments such as “You can vote only once a day”. Where can i find it?

You can find that texts in Display Settings -> Localzation Options below network texts translation.

Could this plugin be used for more than one fanpages when using the needed “Facebook Fanpage and Promotion Builder” plugin? And could users earn more points when inviting friends?

Also if a users are asking for their short url could we retrieve it for them or will be automatically shown to them in the fanpage when liked?

You can use it in unlimited pages because render and major code is displayed from Easy Facebook Fanpage and Promotion Builder. Short url option is used to generate line to enter in contest with referral address. With a simple modification it can be changed to full url. In default config they will like short url which users share.

could i install this on a wordpress site, then use it to do facebook promos about other websites and brands that are not wordpress – or does the system only work on the one website/domain.

You can install it on single WordPress installation but you can handle unlimited applications from there – each of them can be for different product, site or brand.

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I am trying to understand the concept of this plugin. What kind of contest is this? What user is competing against? I mean there are contests where you ask users to upload something and others vote. What kind of contest is this?


The idea here is to make contest in which Facebook users to collect points. It’s some kind of game that seems a little foolish, but helps plugin users to collect real e-mail addresses and page likes (to register have to Like). How it works? When someone get register in the contest receive 1 point and get unique link that he have to post on his wall. When his friend(s) participate in the contest through this link the user receive extra points (the count of the extra points can be set off by the plugin user). Every registered user can vote for himself only once for 24 hours and that gives him 1 point. His friend can also vote for him once for 24 hours. And this is the way participants collect points. The contest is active for a certain time and the winner is the participant with the higher points level.

thanks for details. Is it possible to make it a bit interesting for the user. May be once they enter the contest they have to do something unique like writing a status message. For instance you a run a contest on best cat photo or may be best quote on cat or best cat meme. Rest of the logic stays same that you could invite more friends using your unique link and increase your chances of winning. There has to be some UGC element in it. Can this be done?

It can be done. Thanks for the idea. We will work on it and include changes in next update.

We would like people to enter a story writing contest. Can this be done? Thanks, G.

This plugin can’t held that kind of contest. Sory

Does this app work ? I thought facebook banned sharegate…

Facebook stopped only fangate function

What does it mean? Even your fangate doesn’t work? So what’s the purpose of your app if neither fangate nor sharegate work?

Currently only fangate does not work as it is stopped from Facebook as function. Sharegate works fine. If you can not access demo this is result of migrate of application to new Facebook rules which usually takes up to 72 hours for validate from Facebook.