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Nice, Looks much better and has tad more features than one of the competitive products here. I will be buying this soon.


Please see requirements before buying it and if you have any questions I will be glad to answer them.

I don’t have Facebook. Could you post some screenshots or a video of the process the user goes through for each of the contest types?

Thank you.

Thanks for asking. I will prepare such presentation and post it. I will write you message here when it is ready

Here is link to video preview or entering / voting in contest

Great work, I will be coming for this soon. What are the requirements? The way you said it sounded like a bureaucratic process. give me a hint please.

I will give you a hint :). It is not so bureaucratic as you said. Requirements are: – to own Easy Facebook Fanpage and Promotion Builder and installed – WordPress version 3.5 or newer (it may or may not work on previous versions – I haven’t tested) – SSL Certificate – this is most specific thing. Facebook requires https connection to your site to display external fan tab content. You may use private or shared SSL (for example and other providers gives you shared ssl addresses which is suitable for plugin – tested from customers and there is official tutorial on their site how to make it).

If you don’t SSL certificate you will not be able to display content in Facebook (you will get error message). This is why I write users to read about requirements. There is a free solution that can offer shared ssl hosting with WordPress but you can use it only for Facebook because of limited hosting parameters. If you are interested in this write me message via profile contact form and will give you address – for demo I use it and it is tested to work.

Very nice work, congratulations, i have only one problem here and in main program, i cannot use UTF-8 characters in Title and Link text.

Can you please contact me with my contact form and send example characters you wish to use.

I suppose where problem may be but I wish to check. After that I will send you update and post new version here (when you contact me with form I will have your email).

Thanks for purchasing my plugin.

Great support, thank you very much for very fast solution. :)

Hi there,

I wanted to know if with this plugin, I can create a contest only on my wordpress website. I don’t want users to participate through my facebook fan page, but I want them to participate on my blog. To enter the contest, I want the users to be fan of my Facebook page and to share the contest link on their wall.

Will that plugin allow me to do this?

Thank you

This plugin is dedicated to run only contests inside Facebook.

We are working on extension of this plugin that will allow to participate and vote even without Facebook account but I can’t tell when it will be released.

So for now answer of your question is no – it will not allow you to run contest just on your blog.

Hi,i would like to add a contest to my WP site where each visitor could add a comment. All the comments should then be posted to my fb open group and the 5 comments with greater number of likes will win. Could i do this with your plugin in combination with fb? Could you provide support / guidelines? Do you support latest 3.8.1 wp version? Does the plugin works with open groups?

thanks in advance

Unfortunately current version does not support this feature. The visitor just click the button and enter contest. I plan to create another type of contest in feature that is similar to what you are looking for but I can’t tell when this will be ready.

To run not only this contest but any application on Facebook you need to have SSL – all data is transferred via ssl in Facebook since 2011 year.

I just check Facebook specifications for Open Groups and they does not support applications – so you will not be able to use this plugin with Facebook Open Group.

Thanks for your valuable comments. They are much appreciated. I will keep in touch

Thanks and I am sorry that I can’t help you

Does this plugin intergrate with aweber also or just mail chimp. Is there a way to integrate it with a weber?

Current version supports only MailChimp. I will review aweber api and plan to integrate it in one of next versions. I will update description when this is available.

I have a few questions: 1) do the contests work on mobile? 2) can you customize the layout of the fan gate and contest pages to be more than just some text and a big button? such as add images?

3) does the fangate work on mobile as well as the rest of the app

on 1) and 3) – mobile support is still under development and will be ready soon but for now answer is not fully functional or just no. You can test mobile link that I gave. I will prepare you such for contest but for know I didn’t suggest using in real work unless you test it and you are sure will work in your case.

On 2) pre-liked page is just page as others and you can put any content it it.

Hello, I am very tempted to buy, but I would try first. I have many doubts about the compatibility with my website.


WP Template:

Thanks, Celso

I answer you in other product comments


I see in the demo video that you can view the score of the top ten rankings. If someone is not on the top ten rankings, can they still view their own points? (I’m sure they will want to know how far from the top they are).

Actually I didn’t think till now for this … you can use [effc-contest-results id=<contest id>] shortcode which will generate full result table of all users. I will include in next release option to display current user score.

Please contact with my form and I will know your email address – I will send it immediate after its ready.

Thanks a lot. I am e-mailing you now.

I got it – you will have email when it is ready.

Super App & Support :)

Thanks ;)


I see a user that ‘votes’ for someone else does not automatically enter the competition themselves (they have zero points if they voted for someone else). Is there a way to give them one point when they vote or enter? Or alternatively, is there a way to create a second ‘enter’ page that instead says ‘click here to vote for user’. Basically, two different scenarios:

Scenario 1: Someone wants to enter the competition themselves. They click on the page, they click on the tab that takes them to the competition.

Prelike page – They like the page. Enter competition page – it says ‘click here to enter’. Final page where score is displayed.

Scenario 2: Someone is invited to vote for a person. They receive the personal link and it takes them to the competition tab where they can vote.

Prelike page – they like the page. Vote page (similar to enter page) – this page says vote for user and not click to enter. Final page – where score is shown.

Is it possible to have two separate ‘second’ pages for the two different scenarios?

Thank for reading the long question. Hope you understand…

Hi Grayline,

When user is referred to enter contest from friend and opens page he has two links: – enter in contest – vote for user

Initial version was with only enter in contest link but enter in contest link makes following: – user enter contest with 1 point – user gives hist friend bonus points that you set in settings

Vote for user was created as result of customer request – option just to vote for friend and not enter in contest.

Unfortunately only one safe way to avoid cheating is to keep users information for users who only votes with zero point (this makes available to check if someone is trying to cheat because IP blocking or cookies can be manipulated but Facebook user id (not username) can’t).

In your case upper link for enter in contest will do what you are asking (if I understand you right). This text may confuse users so I have added in development list to be able to set custom texts in different cases.


Features that would make this extension awesome:

- Option to include some questions / in-put boxes before entering the contest. Those would be added to the database alongside with the e-mail

- Option to show how points and rank even if not top-10. If you have a HUGE contest this is way better.

- Option to enable/disable voting, should be possible to make it enter-only.

- Get extra points for following on twitter / instagram / pinterest

Let me know what you think. I think these features are easy to add, and they would make this extension ubber awesome! I’m looking to launch a nationwide contest and these features would make a killing.

Hi Phones,

your suggestions are great. Here are my answers for theme: – form with questions is planned feature to be added – for showing all users result table is available shortcode. I plan to add current user view if not in top 10 after table but it is not ready now – for now disable voting can be done with just one line of code to be commented. You can also remove shortcode for personal share address of user and use only ShareGate. When user is not referred from someone hi can’t vote for friend just enter. – for follow suggestion – I am considering such options to be added because sometimes there are missing required api calls from social network to track done things. I am planning to add share different things for bonus.

I couldn’ reach to “Live Preview” page. Is it working now? I am using your plugins as you know. And I want to check this also. I don’t know if you want me to buy this after my support needs! :)


When you open it from CodeCanyon you need to press Remove Frames and then it will show. This is direct link:

i would like to see this plugin working with mymail plugin too. is this in your plans? it wouod be helpfull to build our newsletter too…

Thanks for suggestion. I will consider this – for now it has automated export to MailChimp only.

Hello I would like to know if it’s possible to create contests where the user will find out right away if he won any prize(winning moment) and at the same time where only users with a special code can participate. Thanks

Currently there is no option for enter with code in contest. What you are after with code lock? To make people perform additional action before enter contest may be.

Also what you mean with user winning moment – can you be more specific?

Thank you for your reply. In fact what I need to do is a sweepstake. In other microsite(outside facebook) we had this type of sweepstake: where the user could participate only if they had a code(for example from a product they purchased) and instead of setting a winer code we set a winer time for example if someone enter their code first between 12:00-12:30 would win the prize, this way the user would know right away if he won or not. I just want to do the same in facebook.


Can you help with installation and setup if i purchase? I have tried to setup different things of our facebook page in the past using other builders and its never worked out well.

I am happy to purchase as soon as i get a reply. Thanks

Do your hosting meat requirements – private SSL certificate installed

It seems the Live Preview does not work at the moment. There is just a blank page to see.

Press remove frame button – it opens directly Facebook page and Facebook doesn’t allow frame loading.

Fatal error: Call to a member function getUser() on a non-object in /home/ottawain/public_html/wp-content/plugins/easy-facebook-contest/lib/effc.contest.shortcodes.php on line 12

This is what I’m getting when using the shortcode on a page… any ideas?

I have everything working except the sharing shortcode

you can try it here:

Yes I saw that. Are you able to open temporary WP Admin access to login on your site and check configuration. You can send this in private to email appscreo (at) gmail (dot) com.

Really hoping that you’ll add support for custom fields / input fields soon, cause that will make this a superb plugin! :D

Another thing is thing that I have noticed in the latest competition / sweepstakes trends are the option I like to call Share & Send.

Say you have custom fields in the competition; the name and email will be automatically populated by connecting with Facebook, but you`ll still have to input some fields on your own (could be a poll, multiple choice questions or just plain input fields for say e.g. phone number). When all the required fields are populated and you press submit / send / enter competition you are given two choices; send or share & send. Send will just enter you in the competition, but share & send will open the share dialogue and the form will not submit until the share dialogue gives an all clear. Just like the Share Gate function. If you cancel share you are given a message to either just send the form without sharing or try again.

Our research show that this really increases the incentive for the user to share.

Now thats something I would like to see in this plugin! :D

Thanks for suggestions. They are really cool and will be implemented in plugin functionality. Currently we are working on another extension of main version of plugin that will handle functionality explain here. You will be able to set polls or forms that user will be required to fill and then enter in contest but still it is in early development stage.

I will send you message when there is beta available and you will be able if you wish to be as beta tester (which will have benefits for you of course).