Easy Email

Easy Email

Easy Email – The easy way to send email in ASP.NET

Easy Email is a simple to use ASP .NET C# / VB plugin developed by Jet Powered Code that allows you to send emails from your website or program with ease. Easy Email is easy to use and super flexible.


  1. Send emails by just adding text
  2. Send plain text and HTML versions
  3. Send emails from templates
  4. Send emails from templates stored online or on your server
  5. Send emails from a database (Only need to add an connection string!)
  6. Easy to send one email to many people
  7. Add attachments to emails
  8. Automatic and manual email validation
  9. Add custom headers to emails
  10. Support for multiple encodings to send emails in multiple languages including Arabic.
  11. Support for CC, BCC , reply to and priorities
  12. Great examples and tutorials to get Easy Emails working

Change Log

Version 1.3 : 03/11/2013
In order to send emails in certain languages we have added encoding support.
  • New feature: Added encoding support.
Version 1.2 : 23/11/2012
This release introduces VB.NET documentation and fixes a bug.
  • Upgrade: VB.NET Documentation is now included
  • Upgrade: VB.NET Test client is now included
  • BugFix: Fixed a bug in the custom template object where a custom SQL query could stop an email being sent.
Version 1.1 : 27/09/2012
In our first update since going live in CodeCanyon, we have introduced the following.
  • New feature: Add custom headers to emails.
  • Upgrade: Better handling of email failures.
  • Upgrade: More information returned after sending emails.
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