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havea source code?

Hi! Thanks for the question, this includes source code in c# 3.5 and 4.0.

They are visual studio projects so its really easy if you want to change something.

If you want something added let me know and I’ll include it in an updated version.

can I see a copy of the sql for the database option. The file doesn’t appear to be active.

Thanks, Marty

Hi, Sorry about that, the link works now. You can see it at

Thanks, Andy

Is there a way to change all the X-headers with this code as well?

Hi you can add any headers you like to the emails.

Can I any change using vb6 ? need any relation with Outlook ? I went to send BULK mail from PC (from MySQL database in Localhost), pls let me know is it possible using it?

Sorry you’ll need VB .NET 3.5 or higher. No you don’t need outlook just a mail server although you can use a local mail server if you like.

I went to its source code, so r u provide it?

Hi full source code is included.

can you send attachments? I need to be able to attach a file to the email and send on click/event

Hi, Yes you can and it’s really easy! An example of how is here

Thanks, Andrew


I am using this dll in my project and everything works grate except that when I try to send email in Arabic, the recipient will get the message with all ?? ? ??? in it instead of the real Arabic characters. Do you know how to fix this problem?

Here is an Arabic text that you can copy/paste it to try it out “???? ???? ????”


Version 1.3 will allow you to send emails in UTF8 which will allow you to use Arabic script. It should be available in the next few days it’s just waiting for Code Canyon to approve it.

Thank you for your great support!

Hi, It’s ready now. Thanks!

I bought Easy Email Extended License, and download the source code, but i can not send mail, Iam using gmail smtp but didnt work i still get an error. please help me for solve this problem.

Hi from the email you sent earlier it looks like you are putting a name in the from field instead of an email address.

Changing that should get it to work assuming all is ok with your mail server too.

One thing to note is you still has EE.Demo set to true but since you got the output I’m guessing you changed this before running the code.

Thanks for purchasing the item however CodeCanyon states you have not, I’m sure its just because it was bought on another account or something but any future support will need to come from a comment from the account which purchased the licence.

Thanks, Jet Powered Code

I am newbie my question simple too. I have a site with two types of forms 1) contact form 2) a sign up form.

I want to send email to 1) to admin when any user fills the contact form 2) to particular user when he/she fills the signup form on my website. i want to use gmail or my domain specific email like

Is it possible with your app?

thank you very much. Last question Can you please go through my site and tell me if I can integrate Easy Email to my forms present on my site. My site address is the forms are present on Services page under employer section (there are three separate forms here) And one contact form on contact page.

If it can work. I will buy the code immediately. Thanks in avance.

These three form sends email to the one who fills that form (email of sender should be extracted from the form itself. And on contact form the email should go to admin’s email address. Is it possilble? i have used with c# language. Plz reply

Yeah, cant see why you would have any problems with that!

Just remember you’ll need your SMTP settings of Mandrill API key (if you choose Easy Email for Mandrill).


Can i use it on my form in VB.NET Application?

Yes you can, we include VB.NET documentation and examples too!

Ok, Thank you very much!

Its not working for me, i tryed 3 hours, i created winform put everything with send code on a button event, but when i add <><mailSettings> in app.Config of my application, the application would not start or even send the mail.

Please Help

Of course, it sounds like you may have your config configured incorrectly. If you want us to take a look please submit a ticket at

Thanks, AJ