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I am interested to purchase your Emailing app. Is the full source code included in the download ?

Hi, yes it is also included is full C# and VB.NET documentation / sample apps.

Great job

have seen the code, looks very nice, 1 question is it possible to identify a certain email? so you can call the API and get the stats only for that email (not for the last 7 days like in the example now?)

Sorry but we can’t get that information from Mandrill, if and when they start supplying it we will add it to the plugin.

Hi, just to let you know this is now possible in version 1.2 which has just been released!

You get a unique id with every email you send which can be used to retrieve statistics for that email.


I found 2 issue with your component not sure consider bugs or not. Will you fixed it ?

1. When the email text with CR but not CRLF for the line break, the email can’t send successfully

2. When the email text containt “tab” charactor, the email also always failed to send

I believe most of the special character implemented in the email will cause the error.

Hi, Thanks for buying easy email for mandrill, we will definitely get those issues resolved for your.

We are currently on holiday so these changes should be made and be ready to download towards the end of next week.

Many thanks, Andrew


The problem is not because of the HTML format. The main issue is the TXT format it return failed when sending.

Well, I believe this should be doing either 1. Return failed reason, so that the user know what wrong with it or 2. Removed automatically for those characters and send. But put on the documentation that for people that using your API



Sorry for the delay, we just got the release submitted to Code Canyon and it should go live in the next day or so.

Thanks, Jet Powered Code

in the example of the MultipleRecipients.aspx, this works but i have seen that all recipients do see the email address, is there a way to hide this?

so only the remail address of the receiver is in the “to” field of the email header?


As Mandrill sends transnational emails each request you make will send one email.

However if you were to create the EasyEmailForMandrill.MandrillEmail object in a loop and send each object to one person that would have the effect you’re looking for.

Thanks, Jet Powered Code

ok thanks, in meantime i have solved it, i have written some extensions to your code, so more functionality is available, thx

Hi, just to let you know this is now possible in version 1.2 which has just been released!

You can now add many, many email addresses into the to field and they will all receive an individual email.

I found that sending a newsletter page test as this will always return an error in sending.

Are there any limitations to html code ? How could I workaround this problem and send this type of newsletter? Thank you

Hi, Sorry you’re having problems. I’ve tried your template and if you swap ” for ’ your template will work.

Mandrill has issues with ” and will just return a 500 error.

On a side not just to help you out you’ll need to change your image links to the full URL of the image for them to appear in emails.

Thanks, Jet Powered Code

Other… There’s a way to update Mandrill Template HTML & Plain text files through this component? thanks


sorry not at the moment. We’ll add it to the list for the next version though.

Thanks, Jet Powered Code

Hi, just to let you know this is now possible in version 1.2 which has just been released!

We now have a selection of template functions including, create, update, publish, delete and retrieve.

Thinking of purchasing this but how would I handle sending to a large number of contacts? Such as 5000, 25000? I have large political campaigns for large name politicians so this has to be doable. I would think a look and sending one per iteration would be very inefficient. Any recommendations?

Hi sorry for the late reply, due to the way Mandrill works we only send one email at a time so you would need to do this in a loop. This would take longer than sending one request but would still be ok. We plan to build bulk sending in a future release but as said before Mandrill only handles an email at a time so it would still take the same amount of time.

Hope that clears things up, Jet Powered Code

Hi, just to let you know this is now possible in version 1.2 which has just been released!

The maximum request size is 10MB so you should be able to send hundreds of thousands in one request and they will all receive their own individual email.

Hi, I’m finding very difficult to set it up. Could anyone help me with that please? Online documentation is very poor. I have been contacting support and I haven’t heard anything back for two weeks.


Hi, you contacted us on 29 April 2014 12:33 and we replied at 29 April 2014 20:03.

The online documentation contains a code example of every function that EasyEmail For Mandrill can do, the documentation in the file you downloaded contains a working example of every function too. We believe it to be fully comprehensive and not poor, all you need to do is enter a valid Mandrill key into the WebConfig Value and set the demo setting to false. Those are the two steps you need to take to get this plugin working.

In order to help you further we will need to know what issue you are having so if you can reply with the specific problem you’re having we’ll be happy to look into it.

Thanks, Jet Powered Code

Hi, I just want to know how to get the display name of “from_name”: of the sender… I tried having this function.

EasyEmailForMandrill.MandrillEmail email = new MandrillEmail(to,from, subject, templatename); but I cant seem to get the from name… When I received the email it only have the email address. Hope to hear from you soon …


Sorry for the delay in replying, currently we don’t have the ability to do this in the plugin.

We are working on an update that will include this functionality.

If you drop us an email on our support email we’ll keep you updated and hopefully get you a beta version when its ready.

Thanks, Andrew

Hi, just to let you know this is now possible in version 1.2 which has just been released!

HI, anyone experienced the same problem?.. I wanted to show the display name of my email address but got no luck…any help?...

Sorry for the delay replying, we’ve replied to your previous message.

Thanks, Andrew

Hi, Recently i purchased your plugin and its gives an error response after integrate with a windows app.

error response-You must specify a key value

Please suggest me how to pass mandrill key using app.config

Hi byjuchandran,

I’ve put together a sample app which I’ve attached to your support ticket.

Essentially in your app.config you will need this

<?xml version=”1.0” encoding=”utf-8” ?> <configuration> <startup> <supportedRuntime version=”v4.0” sku=”.NETFramework,Version=v4.5” /> </startup> <appSettings> <add key=”EE.DefaultFrom” value=””/> <add key=”EE.ValidateEmailAddresses” value=”true”/> <add key=”EE.MandrillKey” value=”YOUR KEY HERE/> <add key=”EE.Demo” value=”false”/> </appSettings> </configuration>

Once you have your key in there you should sending emails!

Thanks, Andrew

So will this allow my users to use the mailchimp/mandrill email templates and edit them inside of my software?

Thats right, you can use Easy Email For Mandrill to create, update and delete templates with Mandrill. As well as sending of course!

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have, Andrew

I bought your Easy Email for Mandrill on Code Canyon and I have enjoyed using it until when I just spent almost 4 hours dealing with mail sending failing with a “key not found” message.

They key is in the Web.Config file of the Web application’s root directory but I am trying to send e-mail from within the Account folder of a project that uses Microsoft Identity. This Acccount folder has its own basic Web.Config file and it might be interfering with Easy Email obtaining the Mandrill key.

Is there any way I can manually specify the key name? I have tried adding the key to the Web.config file in the Account folder but it is still not working. Can you please help me?

Sorry about that we’ll send the email again you should get it shortly.

Let me know if not.

Thanks, Andrew

Just got your e-mailed and replied back. Thank you so much for your help in resolving this soon… I really think you should release an update where you can specify the key directly… I was up last night until past 5AM trying to figure out why I was getting this Invalid key message inside the Account Folder of a Microsoft Identity Membership project and the ability to specify the key directly would have saved so much time and frustration… :)

PS: Thanks for such great and responsive support!

I am having the same issue as ICDC. The raw response from the send request is:

<?xml version=”1.0” encoding=”utf-8”?><error type=”dict”><status type=”string”>error</status>-1<name type=”string”>ValidationError</name><message type=”string”>You must specify a key value</message></error>

I have a separate appsettings file that is accessed by the web.config file: <appSettings configSource=”AppSettings.config”/>

What was the solution for ICDC?

Further investigating: To make sure the account info is being pulled, I checked the account information and the result was the full Mandrill account based on the key in the appsettings file.

EasyEmailForMandrill.MandrillAccount.AccountInformation acct = new EasyEmailForMandrill.MandrillAccount.AccountInformation();

Update: appears that the error was due to a double quote in the body. I noticed in previous posts there is mention of Mandrill not liking double quotes. This messes up the json request causing Mandrill to respond that the key is missing. Replacing double quotes with single quotes worked fine. Thanks.

Glad you have your issue resolved.

Thanks! Andrew

Hi, i want to send dynamic content email to multiple recipients using bcc feature( none of the recipient be able to see other recipient). Is that possible?

Also based on one of your replies above how can i achieve this: “You can now add many, many email addresses into the to field and they will all receive an individual email.” but again using dynamic content?? Thanks,

Hi, sorry for the delay the best way to get in touch is through the support tab.

You can add bcc if you wish the best way to do this is through a header, this page describes how

Thanks, Andrew

I’ve been having an issue, in my .net project, with the MandrillEmail email.send() call throwing an exception when trying to send to emails that seem to be valid. The exception message seems to show that it is failing when trying to validate the email instead of just returning an email invalid status. Is there a fix for this?

Hi thanks for purchasing and sorry you’re having problems.

If you send the details of the error and the email you’re sending to support one of the support guys will take a look for you.

hi a buy your component some time ago, this only work with SMTP option also I need receive information for email send but the object EasyEmailForMandrill.EasyEmailResponse no get the “EmailSent” collection after the email is send

I need track the activity, but in your documentation the only way is using the id returned in the object that I mention before, but this not return nothing

How can do this using your component?

Hi the data should usually be there it’s likely that Mandrill is throwing an error which you should be able to see.

Drop our support guys an email at and hopefully they should be able to help you out.

Many Thanks, Andrew

Hi I’ve just seen your ticket and we have replied!

Thanks, Andrew

does the purchase include source code?

Hi, yes it does.

Thanks, Andrew