Discussion on Easy Digital Downloads - PDF Vouchers

Discussion on Easy Digital Downloads - PDF Vouchers

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Pre Sales Question:

I have a client looking for a specific feature and your plugin looks promising. I just need to know a couple of things before we buy & try. My client is looking for something where the user can put together their own package of options, and then we validate it, and then send the voucher to the user after we vet it. Is there any way to NOT have the voucher automatically sent to the user after they put their package together and submit? Can the user put together their own package or does the admin have to create pre-made packages for the user to choose from?


neevwpweb Author Team

Assuming when you mention package, it would be EDD product(downloads) and if so, admin will create and configure vouchers within the product and user will purchase it. Once user purchase it and make the payment, they will receive a voucher that can be redeemed inperson.

I have some doubts. I’m going to create a coupon sales platform that sellers can redeem at their stores. Can I generate 10,000 pdf coupons for a product? I can make each seller on their private page where they see only their redeemed coupons (and that those of other sellers are hidden? Can I generate a report where I can quickly see how many coupons each merchant has redeemed?


neevwpweb Author Team

1. Yes, you can generate unlimited voucher codes for product. 2. Yes, all sellers have page on frontend side to redeem the codes. if they will enter other vendors voucher code, they will not be able to redeem 3. You can download global report as a super admin and filter data from CSV.

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raesgo Purchased

We are very interested in purchasing and utilizing your plugin. Could you please answer these questions?

1. Can we customize the information gathered from the recipient – for example can we add “postal code” or something arbitrary? We would be looking at adding 3 additional fields.

2. Upon redemption, can a field be added for the vendor to enter a value that would be recorded in reporting? ie $ Revenue Generated _

3. Is there or can there be an option to deliver the voucher via mobile SMS?

4. Our voucher site will be only be accessible and provided by certain people – they would distribute the vouchers to customers. Is there a way to track which person provided a specific voucher? Perhaps this can be accomplished via question number 1. ?

5. Can vouchers in the front end be filtered via categories or some other manner?

6. Assuming that so of these answers are possible with custom code, could you provide an estimate and timing?



neevwpweb Author Team

All above points you mentioned are required custom work. Please drop us an email on for the estimation.

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raesgo Purchased

Hi there I have a couple of pre sale questions:

1) There will be no money transaction as these are free – so no need for WooCommerce. Is that an issue?

2) Can we customize the information gathered from the recipient – for example can we add “postal code” or something arbitrary?



neevwpweb Author Team

1. As this is an EDD extension, you will not need WooCommerce but EDD is must.

2. Yes, that would be possible by custom code work.

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Hi, before to buy your plugin, i need to know if the last version of EDD pdf vouchers is compatible with siteground with php 8.1 I ask this question becouse my friend use your plugin and it doesn’t work on siteground with php 7.4.30 and lastest versions. can you reassure me about the compatibility? Thanks Maurizio

It’s already working fine at our end. Feel free to let us know if you face any issue and we are happy to help you out.

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I cannot validate the plugin after purchase. I have already sent two requests to support, no answer. No Answer! Not even an automatic ticket. More than disappointing…

We already did answer to your ticket. Thanks.

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I’m sorry, I can’t find your answer. I asked you last week. I got no support ticket and no support number.

Ticket #939394 and Ticket #976052 both are answered and also the ticket you mentioned last week, we answered that and taken a follow-up on that but just received your response.

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Hi, I am looking at EDD and woocommerce version that you have. I haven’t build the website yet.

My ideas would be as follow and hope you could help me to decide which is better.

1) compatible with dokan
2) multiple vendor can create the voucher 
3) does both versions work for both online and offline? If not, please precise which version work online and offline or one of it.
4) For online, can the same coupon code work for online store? The online store would be the store that generate the coupon which is my store.
5) For online, possible to add the code provided by vendor? Mean generate code from a list of code provided by vendor.
6) For offline claim, how does it work? Vendor login into their account and scan the voucher that provided by customer? Do you have a demo?

I see you have posted the same comment for woocommerce version as well. The things that you need like Dokan compatibilities and all are possible with WooCommerce version only. Please refer my response to your comment for WooCommerce version.

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Hi, would it be possible to add the function to limit the purchase of discount vouchers to one e-mail per campaign, so that the same user cannot purchase another discount voucher of this campaign with the same e-mail.

Thank you.

Apologies, the plugin do not have this feature available. However, it can be possible by doing custom work. You can drop us an email on if you are interested.

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The scheme that I need for my website is like this:

  • I will create 2 vouchers: Different prices and different validity-length (say one is valid for 6 months, another is for 1 year).
  • Each voucher offers discounts to several businesses, like hotels, restaurants, activities, etc.
  • Also I need member area for users who bought the vouchers.
Do you think your product can deliver this tasks?
Also, are there any demo for admin and clients?
Thank you.

Do you have demo for clients/buyers admin area?

Also, what I need: one voucher can be used for several palces. e.x. some Hotels, restaurants, activities. etc. Can we do this?

Yes, they can do redemption inspersion at any place. Please check demo here.

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Is it possible for the Customer to enter a value of their choice? Or only to use Variable amounts?

Unfortunately, at the moment our current version of plugin doesn’t provide with this functionality. We would like you to submit your suggestion here.


We are considering all the Ideas for future improvements & We shall keep progressing to implement them based on our availability, votes & technical feasibility of the suggested features. WPWeb will decide based on these facts that what will be implemented & when. We appreciate your valuable suggestions & would love to see it suggested on our forum.

In any case, If you have an urgency to implement the feature RIGHT NOW, then we would like you to visit our contact form to request for a custom quote. You can fill up the form here & ask for quotation to implement your feature. We are looking forward to provide our best support & quality solution for your need.

Thank you.

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It seems like all are images and yes, you can always upload image as a background image and set the position of the different values.

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Hello Support I have four specific questions:

1. Is it possible to install a scan for the voucher query? So when a customer redeems his voucher I just have to scan the QR code to retrieve the data and subtract the amount if necessary.

2. Can a voucher with individual amount AND individual picture be created? So that the customer can choose the amount and the picture (upload). of course, a template should still be offered.

3. Can the customer (voucher holder) see his current balance and the log? So check the booking logs (history)?

4. Did I understand correctly that the “OTP Verification add-on” is a verification for the voucher holder (to check the booking whether the debit is correct)?

Thanks for the answers …


1. Once you scan the QR code, it will generate redeem link that need to open in browser and click on redeem button.

2. This not possible with current version. However it’s possible by custom work.

3. They can track their orders from EDD. Plugin do not have individual page to track the same.

4. OTP addon if for WooCommerce version so, let me know are you going to use EDD or WooCommerce on your domain?

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Hello I plan to start a project in which the vouchers are integrated. Here is a case study of how it could be:

There is a city marketing in which a lot of shops are connected. Everyone accepts a voucher that we create. 1. Customer receives a voucher for EUR 100. 2. Go to ShopA and shop for 30 EUR. 3. ShopA logs in Domain and books from EUR 100 / EUR -30 4. The voucher holder receives an SMS on smartphone with information that an amount of EUR 30 should be debited from Vendor (Shop A). (like Google if someone logs into an account and this has to be confirmed) 5. After the customer has confirmed, the booking is carried out automatically. The customer now goes to “Shop B” and “Shop C” and finally has a credit on his voucher that he wants to check. He goes to the Domain and looks at the history. There he sees: What he bought, how much he paid, time and on a Google Maps card he can see the shops from which he bought.

Can such a project be realized with your plugin and what would it cost with all extensions? greeting Alex

Yes, this is possible with our plugin by doing some customization and if it’s just a start of the project, I’d like to suggest you to go with the WooCommerce platform as it will require less customization as compare to EDD. Please contact us on so, we can guide you in detail. :)

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Hallo, just downloaded the “easy digital downloads PDF vouchers” from Envato elements … installed it, but when i click on activate the plugin is not activated! it´s not working! what can i do? thanks for your help! regards Andi

You might activating the plugin without installing EDD. Please install Easy digital downloads plugin first and check.

I haven’t installed edd! I just downloaded from envato elements! 1 plug in, not more! The plug in is installed correctly but when I click on activating the plug in is not activated!

The plugin is EDD extension so, it should required EDD activated on your domain.

Also, this is not a right place to ask for support. Envato Elements does not included technical support. You need to purchase plugin from Codecanyon for the same.

Please read this article from Envato Elements.

Hi, when I try to view a voucher PDF, I get the following error with WP Debug on: Warning: require_once(/var/www/html/wp-content/plugins/edd-pdf-vouchers/includes/tcpdf/tcpdf.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/html/wp-content/plugins/edd-pdf-vouchers/includes/edd-vou-pdf-process.php on line 13

I just downloaded the plugin again from Envato and checked the source files, there is no tcpdf.php file in the package. Please help!

Please submit a support ticket and we will help you out.

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We did revert to your support ticket.

Pre-sale questions:

1. Whatever payment methods set up in Woo Commerce are compatible, correct?

2. We sell a gift card for an “event type dinner” and we want the customer to be able to choose between purchasing 1 dinner for a set price of 745 SEK and 2 dinners for 1590 SEK. The customer does not get to choose their own amount. Possible?

3. Does our now variable product (deluxe or no drinks incl) need to be split up to two simple products without variations?

4. Could the customer then just print out or email the gift card to the recipient as a physical PDF?


Yes, that you can do by creating 2 simple product.

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You are welcome!

Hi I want to buy this, i have 2 question, please: (ASAP)

Can the money go to the account of the person who owns the business? Different accounts for each business (card)

How does the business do to mark the gift as used?


Yes, for money management you have to use any EDD vendor plugin and also it will identified by product name and vendor.

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I tried adding the check voucher shortcode into a php wordpress template and it renders, but its weird because the render shows 2 spinning icons and also fails to hide the redeem button. When I add the same shortcode to a regular page editor, it works fine.

This is prior to entering any voucher code. This is what I see upon page load.

It seems that when I add the shortcode to a regular page in WP everything is fine, but when I add shortcode to a php template file, the css file is not loaded, causing the spinners to show and redeem button to show. File missing in source when using php template is: /plugins/edd-pdf-vouchers/includes/css/edd-vou-check-code.css?ver=2.0.17

Please submit a support ticket and our team will help you out.

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Hello, I want to use the voucher as a lead magnet. NOT a woocommerce website. When visitors they fill their details on the landing page, the voucher will be automatically sent to their email.

Can this plugin do this please?

Unfortunately the current version cannot do this as they need to place an order. However, this can be possible by custom work. Contact us on if you are interested in custom work.

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I’d like to know if your plugin is capable of this feature? Please kindly ready carefully and let me know. Feel free to ask if the explanation is not clear.

We want to create a form on wordpress for our customer for do an online registration for our coming event. After submitting a registration form on our website, customer will be redirected to a page with an e-ticket with a QR code so they can download it. And the system will send an e-ticket to their email as well. So when customer attend to the event, they can show the e-ticket to event staff to scan (scan via smartphone). After scan the QR code, it will take a staff to a url to see that customer profile (the information they fill on register form).

Fine, I have gone through you need and understand. All you mentioned here is possible but it needs plugin customization for some part. Default plugin flow is like customer needs to place an order and follow all checkout process. WooCommerce is more flexible to customize so, WooCommerce PDF vouchers plugin is more suitable for your needs. If you are interested in custom work, please contact us on and we will discuss further.

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So since the flow is that user has to add to cart, checkout, etc, is it possible for user to just fill a registration form and get the voucher right away?

Yes, that’s possible but need to do custom code for this.

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I have 2 questions before buying the plugin for a client.

1. The plugin I had before connected directly to Pay Pal, is that feasible with your plugin?

2. Is the price (not taking into account support service) a one-time deal or a subscription?

1. Plugin is directly relates to the downloads and not with PayPal so, the plugin will work with any payment gateway that you set from default EDD.

2. It’s a one time payment that includes 6 months of support.

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