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I’ve just bought your vc addons, but i can’t display the slider.

Instead of a slider, I just have a list…

Could you help me?


Alex Antoine

Hi Alex,

Of course. We’re here to help.

Please open your documentation and look for the text: Marketplace :: Slider and follow the instructions below.

If all fails, please use the email address to contact us inside the documentation and send us admin login credentials and a link to your website.

Kind regards, Kiarashi

Thanks a lot, now it works… Just a thing, I still have a space between slides, I’ve tried everything to reduce the space: padding, margin, etc… but it may be something I did’nt understand

Alex Antoine

Please use the email address inside the documentation to contact us with a link to your website and admin login credentials. :)

I try to build edd marketplace. Does this plugin support “Frontend Submissions” short code?

Hi boltzone,

Please open our documentation and look for the text: Demo pages Also please don’t forget to click on the “Preview” buttons to view the screenshots. :)

ok. thanks. good sample page (3) All I want “Frontend Submissions” is a Dashboard form. You know the one offering the vendor dashboard form. Note to make but wish I had more of a sample form.

This plug-in is a very good plug. thank

Although the FES (submission) form is part of the theme rather than the plugin, we don’t mind to share it with you. If interested, send us a PM with your email address. ^^

Hi, I’ve juste purchased and activated your Easy Digital Downloads for Visual Composer.

After creating the demo pages, I try to see Visual Composer on the download menu, but nothing appears. (I see “about message”)

Where can I see these demo pages ?

Could you please help me ?

Thanking you in anticipation,

Best regards,


Hi Nobuki,

If you open our documentation, it will guide you with the setup.

The 3 demo pages can be found inside Wordpress: WP Dashboard > Pages

The page with “about message” is actually going to be our Credits page. We forgot to finish this at the time of release, but it will be fixed within the next update. Our apologies for the confusion.

Hi I’ve just bought this and installed and activated it, I’m not getting a Downloads menu in the dashboard.

Hi vlongthorn,

We have a documentation that will guide you during the setup and how to use the VC Addons. There are also 3 demo pages available to help you get started.

Hi I’ve just bought this and installed and activated it, I’m not getting a Downloads menu in the dashboard.

wow awesome work many buty

Thank you for the compliment. :)

i wanna buy your theme Wordpress Marketplace Theme does this addon included ? i have visual composer? and please fix schema product error on your theme:D for index on google!

Yes, the VC Addon is included inside the Marketplace theme.

Regarding the google product schema error, we’ll fix this inside the next planned update. Thank you for letting us know about this.

With this plugin, it would be possible to achieve a result similar to this?

Hi yurimm4,

Since you’re using squarecode, please enable “VC Addons Styles” (See documentation). By enabling this, additional css code is added that will fix a few minor styling issues.

There’s also an option to enable “equal heights” inside the vc addons.

Because you’re using Squarecode, the custom code snippet will not work. Therefore you’re using the Newsblock VC addon to create a list, am I correct?

Yes, it’s what I’ve done.

Just activate the “VC Addons Style” and seem to show worse than before. What I can do?

We don’t see the extra style sheet on your website.

Would you mind to share admin login credentials (don’t send us yours but create a temporarily new one). Inside the documentation there’s our email you can use to send the info to.

Hi, I am looking for a solution to display main categories>Sub-categories>Products.

1) I want to show main categories in grid on homepage instead of single products. 2) I want to show associate sub-categories when user click on any main main category instead of single products. For example Main Category > Sub1, Sub2, Sub3, Sub4, ... and when user click on any Sub category then it shows associated products in it. For example Sub3> Product1, Product2, Product3, .... So can this addon help in doing so? Thanks.

Thank you for the explanations. It helped us greatly to understand your idea. Sadly, I’m afraid our plugin isn’t what you’re looking for.

The main focus of our plugin is to let users freely create their ’”front page” into something more creative rather than using their theme’s default layout. It doesn’t modify any theme or EDD related archives pages. These pages need to be adjusted for your idea to work.

We are going to look further into this idea of yours. It’s still too early to say, but we might add your request inside a new EDD theme we’re working on because we feel it’s quite a useful feature to have.

Ah thank you! Let me know when you guys complete it.

We will.

We’re also planning to sell it on Envato. We’re progressing quite well, but it will still take a few months before it’s complete. :)

I have marketify theme. It does not support video preview. So, i purchased this plug in. Will I be able to have previews of videos now?

Oh no! I did not know this while buying Marketify, this plug in looked like a solution for video thumbnail. Even this is not. :(

We looked into this and found out that the Marketify doesn’t support video previews by default. Only audio. Our plugin does the same. It simply grabs the features that are present in Marketify and shows them.

However, we do have some good news. Inside the next update, you’ll be able to use video previews as well. We’re already working on your idea as we speak. :)

We’ve successfully built the video feature that you’re looking for. For now this option is only availabe when you select the Marketify layout design. If you want, we can send you a beta version, so you don’t have to wait till the next update. Feel free to send us a PM. :)

After the installation of the plugin my website went blank i cant continue with the installation my website: can i get support of installation because am using the best hosting company (INMOTION HOSTING) with the dedicated server. so the problem is the plugin.

am not SUPPORTED YET !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Davisom,

We responded to your PM. After we received your answer, we’ll start solving your current situation. :)


I gave you my cpanel password but you have not yet activate the plugin, this morning i activated the plugin the website went BLACK again.

This product has an error. i regret buying it.

Because i followed the documentation for Pre-installation Planning Guide, i have the BEST HOSTING COMPANY.

Dedicated Server
Intel® Xeon® X3430
2.8GHz Turbo 4C/4T
8GB Double RAM Promo
1TB 7.2K HDD
Software RAID
Backup Drives Available
6TB Data Transfer
5 IP's Included



I NEED TO BE REFUNDED REASON? (you should tell your clients in documentation to install Visual Composer before they install plugin.)

am not satisfied with your support services :(

There’s indeed an unexpected fatal error when neither Visual Composer and EDD is installed. This bug will be fixed inside the next update for all other users soon.

Again, we’d like to offer our apologies that you’re unhappy with our support and plugin. We wish we could make your experience with our plugin more pleasant. We’ll also take your advice to heart and continue to improve our support services in the future.


eke_g5 Purchased

How can I make all item display thumbnails equal dimension even if different dimensions are uploaded my vendors? Please this is important for me

Hi eke_g5,

Inside almost all VC addons there’s extra option where you can manually enter the thumbnails height and width. If you can’t find it, let us know which VC addon you’re using, so we can send a screenshot to you where you can find the thumbnail dimension options.

If different dimensions are used, you might experience “height” issues, which can easily be solved with a bit of custom css code. If you want, please send us your website url (can be done through PM if you wish to keep this private) and we’ll provide the additional css code that you can use.


eke_g5 Purchased

Ok, also is it possible to make the post item appear 2 per row instead of 1 big image per row, on mobile view. By the way I’m referring to style 3 and NOT thumbnail option cos I want to display the title of the post as well (something thumbnail view doesnt do)

Supports the latest version checkout theme?

Other than some styling changes (inc/sass/style.scss), there haven’t been any mayor or noticable changes within the Checkout WP theme, so we expect our plugin to work just fine as before.

If there are any issues, always feel free to let us know and we’ll fix it for you. :)


eke_g5 Purchased

Can I add more that 4 colums? If no, is there any plans of adding that to future updates? I fee there is so much waste of space with big 4 columns, i would rather it’s 6 or 8 columns so as to include more items.

It’s something we can add inside the next update. :)

With a bit of custom css, it’s possible.

Please send us your website url, so we can provide you the additional css code. Feel free to send the url through a PM if you prefer to keep your website url private. :)


eke_g5 Purchased

Here is my website:

I am using style 3 in my option because I need the title and price to show too and not just thumbnails display

hello is this only a plugins?

Yes, this an EDD plugin.

If you’re interested in the theme, it’s available for sale. See the footer area on our Demo Url for more info.

Hello There,

Great!! You have created awesome plugin.

But I have a theme:

Can you please tell me this plugin will work with this theme. It is also EDD supported theme ?



Based on the Basil theme product description (on Envato), it supports Woocommerce, but EDD isn’t mentioned.

Our plugin will work with any theme that uses EDD. Please note, some styling issue might arise, which is quite normal and can be easily solved by us.

If you’re open to the idea, you could send us the theme through a PM, and we’ll test our plugin with it and iron out any issues that arise during testing. After that you can purchase the plugin.

Kind regards, Kiarashi

hi im not big fan for EDD its supports Woocommerce ?

Hi Remes,

We’re sorry to disapppoint you but this plugin can’t be used inside Woocommerce; it’s for EDD users only.

Kind regards, Kiarashi

Pre – sales query about the easy digital download plug in. I need this for ebooks, would this work in existing woocommerce site? Also can I use existing payment gateways for this? Finally are there any additional charges?

Hi bryanscott53,

I’m afraid the plugin will not work with Woocommerce; It’s specifically made for the Easy Digital Download plugin. Please note that Visual Composer is also required.

EDD comes with default payment gateways, which can be extended with additional EDD extensions. You can browse through the Wordpress plugin repository and the EDD website: for more info.

There are no additional charges either. Bug fixes or any css conflicts are part of the standard support we provide.


Sorry to be blunt, but I just purchased this plugin and I am very disappointed. There is really no advantage to using this plugin instead of the standard EDD shortcodes.

1 – No way to display “Add To Cart” button!!! (this is bad)

2 – No way to disable the author AND only keep title??

3 – No way to include full post content (ie, body text or audio player).

4 – No support for displaying custom fields.

I would simply like to get a refund asap.

Hi Takemymoney,

We’re sorry to read that you’re unhappy with the purchased plugin.

Regarding your points:

1 – When you hover over an product image, there are two icons (view and add to cart). Both should appear unless there might be a css conflict, which we can solve for you.

2 – The plugin comes with predefined grid layouts; if you wish to remove just one element (such as the author), you can do it with a bit of css code (which we can help you with). There’s also an option where you can request a feature that we can implement in our plugin. We’re always open to suggestions and improvements.

3 – The plugin supports media (audio/video/embeds). Please have a look at our documentation for more info. It’s true that the plugin doesn’t support full post content, but it does support excerpts and it’s also possible for you to modify the length of these excerpts. In your case, we recommend to use a higher numeric value inside the excerpt length field.

4 – Custom fields is indeed not supported.

If you still wish for a refund, it must be requested from your Envato account.

Kind regards, Kiarashi

Hello. Pre-sales questions. We’re looking for an intuitive way to present PDF download links to users. This is for a real estate/home builder. Say there’s 15 subdivisions or so that the user can select from and there could be up to 5 PDF links for each. These would all be free downloads. I looked at the demo, but those add to a cart for purchase. Can free products be done? Also, can the “cart” be shown inline on the page rather than on another page? Hope that made sense.

Hi MangoldCreative,

Within EDD it’s already possible to create free products with multiple prices/files.

If you’re looking for a way to offer free downloads without a checkout option, then there’s an additional EDD extension required. Some of our customers use the Free Downloads EDD extension for that.

This extension is also supported inside our plugin.

“Also, can the “cart” be shown inline on the page rather than on another page?” Would it be possible to create a screenshot? :)

If there’s anything else, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Kind regards, Kiarashi