Discussion on Easy Digital Downloads for Visual Composer

Discussion on Easy Digital Downloads for Visual Composer

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Is it possible to sell training courses like Udemy with digital products

Yes, it’s certainly possible to sell courses with EDD.

this does not seem to work with Visual Composer v36. It does not see visual composer as being installed. It is even licensed.

Good luck with your sales

Hi Kiarashi I am using Elementor Page Builder with EDD (rather than Visual Composer). Will the plugin still work? (Using Theme Mayosis) Thanks Jo

Hi does it work with wpbakery (I think WPB its the same as VC) ?

Does it work with latest Wordpress?

Do you have a demo page that works?

Thank you Simon

so this is not wpbakery also?

Hi DMDwapps,

This plugin is only for Visual Composer (

Perhaps you’re confusing it with the free version of Visual Composer?

If not, and you don’t see the addons, please check your settings first. WP Admin > WPBakery Page Builder > Role Manager.

In the past, we’ve seen customers controling user access to content elements. If “Elements” is set to “Custom”, You need to enable our elements first before they show up on this list.

If even that didn’t solve your issue (that you reported through email), then send us a pm again with your website login credentials so we can have a look.

Kind regards, Kiarashi

hi Do you have a similar plugin for Elementor ? thanks

Hi Mahmoodbeheshti,

Not at the moment. We do have an EDD Elementor Widget pack but this one is specifically for our KiwiMarket theme.

Kind regards, Kiarashi

Hello Kiarashi, i like your work so i have some questions for you. 1- I want to make a site very similar to this illustration in term of design and functionality: the question is can i launch a site just like that only buying this bundly?

2-Since there is 7 plugin included, i just need to get the theme, Can i use Rehub theme with those plugins, i have rehub and bakery page builder will it be integrated just fine? and will i be able to offer free product to users?

3-Can launch a site like the sample link i sent with just the plugin and Rehub or i have to purchase “Kiwi market as well” the main point is be able to offer free product for me.

4-Im planning to use for this purpose this theme which i own already unless you can recomend me a theme that will help me create the site as i my PDF with a free theme

By the way which theme is running on the demo of my PDF doc? doesnt look like Kiwi marketplace

Hi Elbigpapiyunior,

The Easy Digital Downloads for Visual Composer plugin will only be useful for designing landing pages as seen in the sample screenshot you shared. It wont make any changes to the product page, checkout page or any other dashboard related pages within your WP theme (e.g. Rehub theme). Based on the product description page of the Rehub theme, it supports Easy Digital Downloads. So the Rehub theme will provide styling/features related to EDD template pages instead of the plugin.

The WP theme is called the Marketplace, a theme that we created a while back. This theme will be phased out in the future though. If you’re interested in a similiar theme, we recommend to use our latest EDD theme called KiwiMarket. It’s much easier to customize with many more features. If you wish to keep some styling of the Marketplace theme, you can always customize the KiwiMarket theme with it.

If there’s anything else, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Kind regards, Kiarashi

hi, with this plugin can you set the image display priview image to 300×300px on custom page, category, tags, etc.? I want a 300 * 300px display like dribbble on every page.

Hi bomm_media,

The VC plugin is meant to be used to create landing pages. In such a setup, you can indeed change the dimensions of the Featured Image (preview images) to 300×300px if you use the “Thumbnails” design layout.

The plugin doesn’t come with options to modify theme related functions, such as (edd) categories/tags or any other (edd) archive/product pages.

If you wish to change all preview images, we recommend to contact your theme developers for additional assistance. Wordpress offers a function that can be used to modify the dimensions throughout your website.

Kind regards, Kiarashi

Is this plugin compatible with Kiwimarket theme?

Hi Nikhil,

We recommend to use the specific VC addons pack (or the Elementor Widgets pack) for the KiwiMarket theme instead and not this plugin here on Envato. Inside a child theme, you can easily modify any of the grid layouts of the KiwiMarket theme to suit your own needs.

If you’re looking for a feature that this plugin offers and it isn’t available inside the KiwiMarket theme, simply let us know and we’ll look into it. :)

Kind regards, Kiarashi

Thank you Kiarashi for your reply. We want some features from this plugin into Kiwimarket. Like audio/video player. So audio or video can be played right into the thumbnail. Audio waveform can be the added feature. Second feature is preview tooltip. This feature can be added for photos, videos and audios.


We added this plugin with uncode theme but I think it’s not compatible with it because it’s creating layout issues. Please let me know how we could solve this issue or what are the possible reasons causing the issue.

Hi sanaya123,

Could you share your website url (through a PM) with us so we can have a look and provide you with additional css code to solve any styling issues you currently have with the Uncode theme.

Kind regards, Kiarashi

Hi, presale question. Is this compatible with the OLAM (EDD) theme?

Hi PMP_Digital,

No reports have been made that it wasn’t compatible with the Olam theme, so yes it should work.

If something doesn’t work, simply let us know and we’ll fix it. :)

Kind regards, Kiarashi

When will we release a new theme (kiwimarket)? I am watching. I like the beautiful theme very much.

Hi Downsys,

The KiwiMarket theme is already available for sale on our own website:

Kind regards, Kiarashi

Hi! Will one get the design look also with this plugin? On for example single downloads page? Thanks!

Hi Ecee,

Unfortunately that won’t be possible. This plugin is best used to create pretty landing pages inside Visual Composer.

Kind regards, Kiarashi

Thanks. May I ask what theme and/or plugins you have used for the demo? I like the look on the single product page there. Thanks! “License Type Not Mobile Responsive”

Confirmed and we’re going to look into it. :)

Hi, I am using Marketify Theme with EDD and would like to know if this will integrate with my site setup. I have a third party audio player within my Marketify Grids so need to know if this will still work on your grids? My main interest in your plugin is to display all the vendors on 1 page. This is what the plugin does, right? You can see my site at Do you have any demos of your plugin working on a Marketify theme I can look at please?

Hi buynichesites,

Yes, the plugin can also be used within the Marketify theme and there’s an extra addon that will display all vendors. :)

Whether or not the plugin will support the third party audio player entirely depends how your current website is handling this external audio player. Are you using a special submission form field (FES) to upload the audio url? Or are you using a specific hook within the Marketify theme to display the audio player?

The VC Addons plugin itself, supports all Marketify hooks as well as all post_metas for media files within the theme.

Unfortunately, we’re unable to share any Marketify demos at this moment.

Kind regards, Kiarashi

Hi Coldword,

Based on the theme description alone, most likely not. The Arcane theme is compatible with Woocommerce not Easy Digital Downloads.

Our plugin is for Easy Digital Download users.

But it’s best to contact the Arcane Developers to be absolutely sure.

Kind regards, Kiarashi

Hi Kiarashi, I have your plugin bundled in an EDD theme, but it has negative impacts on my seo and site speed. the problem is with grid and slider addons, because there is no option to specify the image size and the grid/slider have to resize the full-sized image to show them as thumbnails and it doesn’t use the thumbnail version of images. Image size options are available in other addons you provided. Thank you.

Hi Earmin,

First of all thank you for making us aware of this issue and we’re also adding your request on our feature list.

Right now, we’re working hard to finish our upcoming EDD theme and once that’s over, we’ll improve our VC Addon with customized thumbnail sizes.

Kind regards, Kiarashi

Hi there, pre-sales question. Does this work with the latest version of easy digital downloads (2.5) and PHP 7.0+?

Hi Mattyshigh,

Yes, it will work with the latest EDD and php 7. No issues have been reported yet.

In case there is an issue, you can always contact us and we’ll solve it asap. :)

Kind regards, Kiarashi

Hello. Pre-sales questions. We’re looking for an intuitive way to present PDF download links to users. This is for a real estate/home builder. Say there’s 15 subdivisions or so that the user can select from and there could be up to 5 PDF links for each. These would all be free downloads. I looked at the demo, but those add to a cart for purchase. Can free products be done? Also, can the “cart” be shown inline on the page rather than on another page? Hope that made sense.

Hi MangoldCreative,

Within EDD it’s already possible to create free products with multiple prices/files.

If you’re looking for a way to offer free downloads without a checkout option, then there’s an additional EDD extension required. Some of our customers use the Free Downloads EDD extension for that.

This extension is also supported inside our plugin.

“Also, can the “cart” be shown inline on the page rather than on another page?” Would it be possible to create a screenshot? :)

If there’s anything else, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Kind regards, Kiarashi


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