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does this work on gd or require another 3rdparty

no need of any 3rdparty tools.

I am using EDD and would like to know: I understand it adds a watermark to the featured image but does it also add it to the downloadable file which gets added to Amazon?

Thanks – email sent

This product doesn’t work as described and my last comment was removed from Envato! Shameful Poor support and I’m having to make a claim back with PayPal

We going to make a refund , just stop putting bad comments, actually I was trying to help you that if we can make it work for you. but anyways I think let me make the refund.


maxvit Purchased


I try to activate plugin on my site but I got error and it does not work, plese respond to my ticket on support.wpweb.co.in

Responded your ticket.

I was wondering if it’s possible to show watermarked images only if someone downloads any or when the images are indexed by search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc..) I basically do not want to have any watermarks visible on my website till someone downloads any or see them in e.g. google images. Is it possible with your plugin? Thanks

by default thats not possible. we can do that via custom coding or you can hire any developer to do that.

This is exactly what i am looking for…(Almost)...Could this plugin create a unique QR Code watermark to an image only after someone successfully pays for it on paypal? Each time it is bought and payed for , paypal returns to the site with a token # of the successful payment and then the QR code watermark would be uniquely generated on that image at that time…? Thanks in advance…

There is no QR code feature in this plugin.

Very nice plugin extension. It works perfect for my project !

Thanks a lot.

Hello wpweb, is there a way to make the thumbnail bigger? it seems that when selecting the position the watermark only can cover 1/9 of the image. Let me know please. Thanks in advance.

please create a support ticket and we are happy to help you via that.

29$ for a watermarking plugin ? hard.

Hi, Am i able to change the settings so it automatically adds the user’s logo onto the image when downloaded? I have a Membership site and everyone has their own logo which will need to be added to images. Thanks!

it needed to be done via custom code. by default that is not possible.

hi, we are looking to get this for Easy Digital Downloads, but need to clarify the process for watermarking specific images and how vendors on the site will have their images protected, until someone downloads it via the checkout.

Does there need to be 2 versions of the file for each photo?

Hi, can someone please get back to us? It is almost 4 weeks since we opened a support ticket.

There is still conflicting information about ‘applying watermarks to existing images’ which is now holding up the launch of the site.

Support is incredibly slow and sends mixed messages when responding.

This plugin DOES NOT WORK as described!

It CAN NOT be used on sites with EXISTING IMAGES without needing to re-upload every single one to the media library so that the watermark gets applied correctly.

The ‘regenerate thumbnail’ plugin they suggest DOES NOT apply the watermarks to all the front-end images in the store as they make you believe.

we have already refunded your purchase.

Hello, I bought recently the plugin, and it didn’t work with the latest version of wordpress and EDD, I get this message when I try to install it:

Installing Plugin from uploaded file: codecanyon-16064112-easy-digital-downloads-download-image-watermark.zip Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

Please help

Sorry for delay in response, well, you might try with wrong plugin zip. Please have a look at documentation: http://wpweb.co.in/documents/install/ to see how to install plugin. if you still found the problem, please open support ticket, will provide you a quick support.

hi please help …not working after activating with license

please create a support ticket at http://support.wpweb.co.in/ and we are happy to help you via that.