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Thank you for your plugin! It does what it says :). Just a comment: it would be really nice if you could apply the keyword generator to every post type, not just to regular wp post. This is specially useful for woocommerce stores.

Hello. Thanks for suggestion. In next update it will be added. We will push till the end of this month :)

Hi, I like your search. But we have a problem. Everything is working fine, but you have to do a double click for “searching”. You are typing in a word, like “chili” and you get a huge list. When I am clicking on “Hot chili” it stands in my search, but then I have to click again for searching it. In some other searches, the search is activated on clicking on the item “hot chilli”. So can you help us with that?

And we would like to change the font – how can we do that?

Thank you!


Hello Lara. It needs some javascript tricks. I will try to do smth and wil reply you here :)

That would be so great! Thank you.

Pre-Sale Question:

Is it possible to use search filter as a radio button based on 3 exclusive fields?

I have a CPT for a campus having 3 different custom fields named City, Location and Campus. I want to place a search widget in the sidebar with text input and 3 radio buttons (City – Campus – Location) as a filters.

So when visitor wants to search by City, he/she may select City and search. I may not be able to explain it cleanly, but if you check the below link or image, you will understand what we are looking for:

Link: Image:

Hi kashif78. I got what you mean. But our plugin doesn’t offer such feature. Your task needs absolutely different solution and I would suggest you custom solution. You can order it for example, in envato studio

Pre Sale Question:

I have a lot of searchs on my site, Will it work on all of it? Like here:

Here: (theres 2 searchs, on top and in slideshow area)


Hello. Your search seems to be custom and a bit different from WP default search. So after install we will need little customization to make it work for both search fields. It is easily possible.

How can i request this customization?

Hello. Please write to support at guaven dot com, we will be glad to help you :)

Seems the Live Preview link doesn’t take you to a demo.

Hi Joementum. Actually that is really livel preview link, not demo one. In the link there red dotted box which displays didyoumean message. Correcting feature is in search box there.

Does it generate keyword from product titles & contents from woocommerce?

Ok! Will wait for update y buy it! THANKS GUAVEN!

Ok! Will wait for update y buy it! THANKS GUAVEN!

You can alredy generate keywords based on titles+contents of products :) After purchase we can give you instruction if you have any difficulty with the settings :)

Dear Author,

We found your this plug in after long time.Just i read all your customers review.We are so happy in which way you supported to your customer.

We plan to buy any of below theme :

Could you check for us and let us know this plugin will work with these theme.

Waiting for your replay… Thanks

Hello dear friend.

Our plugin requires just jQuery (which is supported by native WP), so there is no any conflict with another themes&plugins. So i can 99.99% surely say that it supports those themes.

But anyway, we can test it with those themes for you, if we have those themes’ copies. If you have, you can send them to our email: support at guaven dot com

Ok Sure..We are going to buy the theme.After that we will contact with you.

Hello, i just purchased this plugin and the suggestions work great but for some reason the did you mean feature isnt working? the website is

Hi Pinnacleint. To make didyoumean to work just follow the documentation and paste a little function to your theme’s search.php. If you have difficulty to do it, just email us, we will help you: support at guaven dot com

sorry didnt see that! Thank you!

Hi, can it be used with WooCommerce?

Hi. Yes it can be.

Live preview on your code canyon page for the “DidYouMean” plugin is not working

Hi beats4legends.

It works. You see “nothing found” page yeah? It shows how didyoumean feature works. The search keyword is worldpress, so nothing found, then didyoumean feature displays “did you mean wordpress?” And in right-top you see search box, you can type there windows, wordpress etc. to test live suggestion

Hello, does this plugin works with searchford plugin ?

This plugin is standalone and doesn’t have any relation with another plugins. The plugin uses theme’s search box area and adds its suggestion box there. No any another plugin takes part in this process. So another plugins can work with this one(Each one will do its own functions)

Sounds good! Thanks for your fast reply!

You are welcome :)

HI. Presale-Question:

Im using Listify Theme + WC Vendors Pro.

My Listify theme (which provides a custom post type “Listings” with its own categories and taxonomys), provides a “search keyword” in homepage that redirects to “results page” (similar to airbnb), and also in my Results Page, i have a keyword search field. U can see this here: Homepage keyword search:, and results keywords search: (The field with ¿Qué estás buscando? is the keyword search field)

My question is if i can associate by ID or some other way, my already keywords search fields that comes in the theme with the functionality of ur plugin.

I need to search in “types”, “categories”, “tags” of custom post type “Listing”, so i only need that when people writing in this keyword field, suggestions of this taxonomys shows in autocomplete. For example, if someone starts typing “Res…”, Restaurants (listing category) should be shown in suggestions.


Yes sure. In another plugin we have done this. (Woo Search Box). Please send me an email to support at guaven dot com. I will send you a little code to fix it

Thanx for the fix! It works good!

You are welcome :)

Hi Guaven,

Would you recommend your Easy DidYouMean and Autocomplete for WP Search or your WooCommerce Search Box for an e-commerce site? It seems like the Woo Search Box would be great, but I really like the Did You Mean function for when people don’t wait to click a suggestion. Any thoughts? Thanks so much! :)

Hello cheerfulpet. I recommend “WooCommerce Search Box”, indeed. :)

In next version we are going to add backend search too. It willl provide same smart results at backend side. We are going to push it in 7-8 days.

1.The following themes are job themes. Can I use this plug-in in the job registration form here?

2.And do you support Korean language?


Hi 020music.

1. With this plugin you can add live custom suggestion list to any field you want. If you clarify more details may be i can give exact answer. 2. Yeah, it supports all utf-8 characters.

Please refund me. This plugin won’t work on my ecommerce store for some reason

Hi. Please contact us and our plugin will solve you setup problem. It will work like a charm as you expected :)

Hello, I just sent you an email regarding the plugin.

Just sent a respond, please check it

Hello , is your plugin compatible with Listify Theme ( ? I see you have not updated your plugin from 2 years ,any particular reason ?


Guaven Author

Current version doesn’t have demo version. And I don’t know either it would meet your needs or not (as it hasn’t been updated in the last 2 years ) . Can you describe me which features would you like for your website ?

I can see one guy (ahumadomayte) has used your plugin for listify theme.I checked in comments, and he has used in this site : ..

Can you please confirm?


Guaven Author

Yes, that website is using current version of our plugin.