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can we import user from our magento store to woocommerce store. are they import password as well??

Yes, we can import users from magneto store to word-press store. But for import user you ned to create CSV in required format. Password field import also works for MD5 format. You need to enter user password in same format in CSV.


I got 500 pre-made coupon codes that I need to import with a few settings (25$ off, one time use, etc…). I’m assuming I need to create a coupon code with the exact features I’m wanting them apply it to my csv file and import that. Can this do all of that for me? Export, too, I guess I mean ?

Hi Lucky Skulls,

We are currently testing the same feature, we will update you once we are done with it.


HI, I missed something before buying your plugin: 1) how do I export the data your plugin allows me to import? Can I do it with the standard wordpress CSV export feature? 2) can you explain me precisely how to link my woocommerce products to each of the orders? I only have 5 references in my shop. Many thanks,

Hi bruno_dualo,

Reply1: For export CSV in required format, you can use our this plugin.

Link to Plugin: https://codecanyon.net/item/easy-customer-and-order-export-in-woocommerce/12909374?s_rank=14


You can create required import CSV manually from WordPress exported CSV.

Reply2: While we import Orders by CSV, column named “order_item_1” used for link my WooCommerce products. for more detail please raise a ticket on Helpdesk.

Helpdesk URL: https://www.envisionecommerce.com/store/helpdesk/

Thanks Team Envision Support

Hi, i have to download 3000 coupon codes from an excel file and apply it for one or two products. Is it possible? thanks

Yes, This extension allows admin to import coupons of woo-commerce store. Admin can import Coupons from CSV. Coupons rules will be imported as defined in CSV. We can include and exclude products by product_sku’s in CSV columns for coupons.

Where can I see an example CSV?

The csv is shared with the plugin. Incase if you face any trouble, please raise a support ticket at http://envisionecommerce.com/store/helpdesk/ and our team will assist in it

Hi, can you advise how the order import is recorded? Is there a summary to detail what was successful, and what was a error?

Hi, no currently there is no such provision in the plugin. We will plan to add that in next version. http://envisionecommerce.com/store/helpdesk/

Hi Guys, thank you for great plugin. Can you help me with importing orders, everything works, but I am struggling with TAXes, how I can import orders with taxes.

Thank you.


Thanks for your message. Please raise a support ticket at http://envisionecommerce.com/store/helpdesk/ and our team will get back to you.

Hi, need to be tax for orders import in this format? label: Local Tax | tax_amount: 0.40 | shipping_tax_amount: 1.00

What about SKU? Can I add manualy one colum about SKU? Thanks ;)

For import products details in orders. We don’t need to add any sku column in CSV file. We can import products details in orders by column name “order_item_1”. This column value use to import product detail. If you need detailed information you can raise a ticket on helpdesk: https://www.envisionecommerce.com/store/helpdesk/

Hi, after import order numbers are diferent in woocomerce as I importet? Is posible to get same order numbers from csv order_number?


Actually in WooCommecre stores, Order Numbers as auto increment values in DB. So, when we import orders by this extension. Order Numbers gets auto generated in DB. It is not possible to import same order ID. But when you will open any imported order detail it will show you Original Order Number in right sidebar under.

Thanks Envision Ecommerce

Hi, after I import users and orders, they are not mached together… user do not have order in My account area. I match order with user ID. Is this posible with this plugin? Thanks

Kindly raise a ticket at our help desk so that our developers can look into it: https://www.envisionecommerce.com/store/helpdesk/

Presale question please : I need to import order based on : customer + SKU + quantity. After import, then the Total amount is calculated. Is it possible ?


Yes, you are right. But still WooComerce doesn’t have this feature. Generally WooCommerce does user identification and order calculation at the time of order creation from front end.

At this time total amount creates and stores it into database. There is no feature to calculate total of order and identify user by customer ID in WooCommerce in admin panel after import orders.


Indeed it have it… and found it… ;) Bye.

Great Thanks

I have purchased this plugin but its not uploading my orders. I add the CSV to the software, it says it has completed with 0 errors and imported 350-ish orders. I go to woocommerce orders and see nothing. Please can you help.

We request you to please raise a support ticket at http://envisionecommerce.com/store/helpdesk/. Our team will respond to it soonest.

Hello, we still haven’t heard back for you as there is an issue with your plugin ? Please reply

We have Supported you over our ticket system.

Thanks for your Cooperation.

Pre-sale question : is you plug-in can be installed on a Wordpress multi-site installation ? (cause I already bought a plug-in from somebody else that doesn’t do this, don’t wanna get fucked a second time) thanks :)

Yes, our plugin supports multi-site installation. (Only 1 restriction is there, if user with same Username and Email already exist then it’ll skip this User because network share between all user).

View This screenshot for more information: http://www.awesomescreenshot.com/image/1950478/c98bb0d696c29af5f93f363783497cfd

Started a ticket yesterday, and still no response. The time is ticking away on this, and my boss is getting angry with me. PLEASE RESPOND!!! Ticket # 502244


We understand your concern, as we can check that there are loads of tickets raised and your ticket is in queue. Our technical team will soon respond to your queries.

Thanks for your cooperation Envision Ecommerce

Than you for the response. Your answer needs clarification. Please see ticket again.

The ticket is replied

Hello. I have your export plugin. I have a new WordPress installation and want to seamlessly migrate all the users/customers/customer orders/coupons. Does this plugin also include WordPress user information with the import, like user password, email, billing address, etc? In other words, can I export everything, including passwords, for the WordPress users/customers?

If so, I’ll buy right now. Thanks!

Hello Team,

Currently our plugin not exporting user’s password. When you purchase our plugin, we’ll customize plugin for you to export password as well. User id may be differ in wordpress when customer import from csv but all info related to every customer not missing during import


will their respective orders also transfer over?

Yes,It will work as respective orders.

Hi, i want to know if i import 300+ orders to woocommerce will they be combined to the existing orders already on the website – so for instance order 4500 – if i import the orders will the latest update on that specific order? Other words will existing order be updated and not new ones created?

Yes it’ll merge and update with latest info.

Hi is this plugin works with Woo 3.0.x and WP 4.7.x ?

Yes it does

Hi, can I export WooCommerce orders and directly import them to Shopify without making any changes?

Hello Aart95,

You cannot directly import the orders into Shopify. Shopify has different format of order information for importing it. For eg order_id in woocommerce (wordpress) can be ORDER_ID in Shopify. You just need to change the header of csv file and you will successfully importing the order into the Shopify.

does not work. not even with the demo orders that you provide need a refund

Hello Jcprinting,

Please raise a ticket then only our developers will check.


TmdStudio Purchased

HI in order can import more then 4 products thank you

Hello TmdStudio,

Yes, you can Import more then 4 products.