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Hi, I have a question : does it handle asynchronus cron tasks or multithreaded tasks ? Actually i want to handle multiple php url calls from the same server, does your solution handle that ?


yes, you will not have a problem

Hi, I bought this script and when working is fine, easy setup and all clear, however I’m having one problem all the time: I setup the script, I put the login password and the cron password, fine, al works, but after few hours, when I login to the script again, I check and is like the data file has been reseted. There is no cronjobs list, no master password, anything. It looks like joining for first time.

Is there some specific file I need to protect with specific permissions or something ? Thank you.

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Is there any possibility to reset the pw without reinstall the script? My password manager didn’t catch the pw :-/

open a ticket with your order#

Works Perfect! Thank You very very much for creating this nice script.

you welcome

Hi, I am having a terrible time setting up the master cron in cpanel. I just switched hosting to a vps, but I had the script working fine before using I get this error: /home/schneiderprofess/public_html/cronjobs/cronjob.php: line 1: ?php : No such file or directory /home/schneiderprofess/public_html/cronjobs/cronjob.php: line 2: : command not found /home/schneiderprofess/public_html/cronjobs/cronjob.php: line 3: syntax error near unexpected token `300’ /home/schneiderprofess/public_html/cronjobs/cronjob.php: line 3: `set_time_limit(300); ’ and this error: /bin/sh: usr/bin/php: No such file or directory

when setting up the cron in cpanel I have tried just i think every possible combination of commands using /usr/bin/lib/ -q -f home/.. etc. but it will just not work! Please help, I would greatly appreciate it! Otherwise great script, nice UI and makes setting up crons a breeze and a pleasure, lol.

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Hi, I actually figured this out.. it only took me 1000 tries to get the command right, lol.

I have a vps through and their path to php is different using cpanel. This is the command that finally worked: /usr/local/bin/php -q -f /home/schneiderprofess/public_html/cronjobs/cronjob.php password=mypassword >/dev/null 2>&1

Great script by the way, easy to use and efficient!

Thank you, Andrew Schneider

Ps-I picked this up as the free item of the month so I wasn’t given a purchase code. I would have bought it, though, if I knew what it was before downloading it as the free item of the month. I may still purchase it if I see that there are some cool updates!

perfect, i will keep you posted if we do

i got “cronjob already running” all the time. how can i fix that pls?

open ticket with your order number for support

why do u have the created data encoded? how can i decode so my developer can integrate to my system

I would like to be able to schedule cron jobs to the minute. Would you be able to provide a code change that would allow me to do that?

Can you confirm if this could be modified to allow for 1 minute increments vs 15 minute increments?

Can you confirm if this could be modified to allow for 1 minute increments vs 15 minute increments?

you can do 1min

Ultimately, I am using this to space out my WordPress cron jobs so that the server doesn’t execute too many domains at once. My wishlist would be to calculate the total number of cron jobs and space them out within a specific time frame. So let’s say I have 90 cron jobs that I wanted to run every 30 minutes. It would be great if it calculated those jobs and ran 3 every minute in order. This would help to automate the math as I add more domains.

i can, but that may put a load on your server if cron is running in the same server

if that many is ran at the same time

Thanks for the quick response.

Yes. Cron is running on the same server. However, I am thinking that if there is a routine where the calculation functionality is ran manually, it shouldn’t take much in terms of resources… other than the actual cron jobs that are running.

I was running WordPress cron jobs automatically, and I had instances where it negatively affected performance and so this is my way of having better control over it.

Hello, I have had this application for almost a year now, but installed it recently because my godaddy cron runs for 5mins only. I have setup the cron task, but it runs manually. have also set cron from my cpanel with this config /web/cgi-bin/php5 ”$HOME/html/cron/cronjob.php?password=<mypassword>”> /dev/null 2>&1 Please what is missing to make this run automatically.

cronjobs.dat.php keeps getting corrupted and the application looses all my cron jobs. Do you have any way to protect against this automatically?

sounds like the web server, how is your config ?

I downlod the file but your document did not explain the steps of installation, could you explain further.

upload files to root dir, and upload sql.. edit config to your sql details

Can you tell me script requirement ?

php/mysql apache or nginx is fine

I installed the “site” and i can’t get it to run the Cronjob automatic. Can you help?

make sure you have master cron setup correctly

Can not get the script work on browser. I open browser at localhost and point to script but it show error “No cronjob password found, use cronjob.php?password=<yourpassword> or full path to cronjob.php <yourpassword>”. I do not how to do next, what is default password? It’s the first time i open this script.

you will need to set the master password, please review your install with the readme file

Connecting to cronjob Cronjob error: Operation timed out after 5001 milliseconds with 0 bytes received I set master cron but still something is wrong. I am using CPanel on a VPS, can you please let me know what is the right command that I should use? I have tryed all from the commentaries and nothing works still. thank you.

Control Panel php -q -f Path CPanel /usr/bin/php DirectAdmin /usr/local/bin/php

thanks! I think it worked


devgm Purchased

Easy way to add “One time” iteration or Execute once? or twice? Great script btw :)

I will buy it , can you provide Rest api for this app??

Is this script is work for shared hosting , I want to use this script for

yes, will work fine

Does this work on bitnami? When I try use a url for a chron like /opt/bitnami/apps/wordpress/htdocs/myscript/scripts/jobs.php I get a url error. Also, it would be nice if there was an option to pause a chron.

make sure you use full path if is on same server, if not then need to use url if not on same server… also make sure your permissions are correct

I think I am using the full path, but will just use url. I would recommend you also add the ability to have a short description which shows up in the cron list and also a category so that cron’s can be grouped together, making it easier to find all the crons for a particular folder.