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I am using your plugin on WP 3.6 multisite install.

Upon uploading the plugin, it installs successfully, but it does not result into giving me an option to network activate it; instead it simply asks me to “Select sites to activate on”.

I selected just the main site for activation; it does get activated but instead of giving me the two tabs (one for “Contextual Help” and the other for “ECH Multisite”, it gives me just one tab of “ECH Multisite”.

When I create a contextual help tab using ECH Plugin, it does get created, and can be seen on the main site (Option to “Allow sub-site Administrators to create Contextual Help.” is NOT ticked).

But in order to see the same contextual help tab on the child sites, I have to activate the plugin on child sites too – which then again puts the “ECH Multisite” tab on the child site (sub-site) admin menus too. It is important to note here that when creating the help tab from the main site, I did NOT tick the option to “Allow sub-site Administrators to create Contextual Help.”

Obviously something is not right here, and I am unable to find out what.

Could you please tell me what possibly the reason could be?

Ok I have used the plugin and wish to comment as follows:

1. The working is perfect, just as you have described.

2. The General Settings as well as Advanced Settings have the description against each option that is not visible (the text color is same as that of the background rounded-corner box).

For example, the following text description is not visible, although available (text can be selected using cursor) in General Settings/ Allow sub-site Administrators to create Contextual Help.

Allow sub-site Administrators to configure local Contextual Help. This Contextual Help will only be visible to the local sub-site.

Although this does not affect the working, it is somewhat discomfortable to not see what is written.

3. In the summary of help (pages) creates, the table shows the “Location” where the help is active. If it is active on more than one location, it is seperated by a comma. I suggest that they be seperated using a comma AND a space.

For example, one of my help test is available in Lists as well as All pages nad location is decibed as

All Pages,Lists

I wish that this be changed to All Pages, Lists (notice the space after comma?).

4. It will be great if while creating or editing the help, if the page(s)/location(s) TAB is/are colored differently (from the standard grey) to easily know the location(s) where the help text being edited is active.

If in addition, the tab can also show the sub-location/tab/page on which it is active, it will be all the more helpful.

Let me explain it as follows:

Currently, when we create/edit any help text, then just like just like all location tabs are in grey color, the Posts tab too will be displayed is grey color, with the word ‘Posts’ written on it.

With my suggestions implemented, if the help-text is active (or made active) on Posts tab with sub-options “All Posts” and “Add New” chosen amongst all sub-options All Posts/Add New/Categories/Tags , the color of the Posts tab will appear/change to, (say) SkyBlue (from grey) with the words Posts / All Posts/Add New appearing on this tab.

If you also allow the option to change the color of the help-active tabs (so as to match the admin theme scheme, it will be perfect!

Of course, none of these suggestions are necessary to implement; but they would surely add pleasure while working with the plugin.

Hope you do consider making these improvements for ease and pleasure of your customers!

If this is feedback for us and suggestions for improvements I would really appreciate if you could submit it to http://support.righthere.com there is no way we can follow up or search in the Dashboard, so this in formation will just get lost :(

I will copy this now and add it to our Project Management system. Thank you!

I appreciate you taking the time to write the feedback.

Is there a way to remove “For more information:” on the side of the Contextual Help panel?

As you can see we use the plugin to create help for many of our own plugins http://cloud.righthere.com/image/1b1J100w1M1x – in this case you can see what we replaced the default “For more information” with our own. Just chose SIDEBAR http://cloud.righthere.com/image/2o1r0C013q2b – then it will go in the right side :)

Thank you for buying the plugin.

Got it



aam Purchased

Compatible with WP 3.7? Kindly conform!

Yes the plugin is compatible with WordPress 3.7.

Is it compatible with 3.8? Can I add my help to other plugin pages? Thanks

Yes it is and it is perfect for adding help for other plugins. We use it our self to provide Help in our Calendarize it! http://cloud.righthere.com/image/092l0e2w3G3f

Hm I can´t see any help in the demo?

Are you looking the right place? If you click on the Help tab in the upper right hand corner you can see this http://cloud.righthere.com/image/3N2O412v1r0r – it depends on which menu you are on. If you login on http://calendarize.it you can see extensive Help for this plugin created with Easy Contextual Help for WordPress. This is a sample from Calendarize it! Help http://cloud.righthere.com/image/452G2H3p1E06 – if you login on http://plugins.righthere.com you can create your own help and test it.

Is it possible to embed videos in the help menu?

Yes you can pretty much embed any HTML you want. This is from our demo site


Oh Perfect!! Great for embedding help tutorials. So much better than what’s included with WPMU’s Branding plugin because you have to actually write in real HTML, pain in the ass. Thanks!

I’m glad you like it. Let us know if you have any other questions.

Is this plugin supported with latest WP 4.2.x versions?

Yes it is compatible with WordPress 4.2.4

Hah, this is about the 3rd plugin I’ve had to notify you about (I’d check all your demos)... I can’t see anything on your demo page for this plugin either. :(

Not sure I understand the question 100%. You can use this with any theme. Remember this is in wp-admin – not the frontend of your website.

It is this sentence i’m not sure what you mean
Is there any plans to make this plugin show up on the a WordPress that works with any theme?

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Yeah, I was wondering if you were planning on making this available as a frontend plugin as well.

Sorry, but this is WordPress Contextual Help :) We follow the WordPress Codex for this https://codex.wordpress.org/Adding_Contextual_Help_to_Administration_Menus – thus is it only available in wp-admin.

looking to buy but the accordion tabs in the demo (where you select your options) don’t work, I click and nothing, i double click and it shows then hides (using safari)

Thank you for letting us know. We will review this asap and release a fix if it’s broken.

Does this plugin still work? It has been without updates for four years and it WP might have changed the way it handles contextual help…

Yes it sure does. WordPress has not made any changes to how the Contextual Help menu works. It is a great little plugin that allow you to add contextual help. The WordPress Help tab has never really caught on in popularity. We still have customers who doesn’t know where to find help in some of our plugins. And the Contextual Help in WordPress has been there since version 3.0 was released.

Sorry, I missed this comment. Do you have any questions?

It is a long time without update, it still works in the last version of wpmu ?

The plugin works just fine on WordPress. If you use it on WordPress Multisite it will not automatically create the help on all sub-sites.