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Can you create similar to:

http:// www.

of course, send me a PM and we’ll talk privately.


You have a georgious looking form!

I would like to use simple, static form and am ONLY interested in the beautifull facelift that you have given to your form.

After some research i found out you have based your beautifull design on the engine scripted by Niceforms by Charles Eames.

BUT after even more research, comparing your demo and his original demo in no less than seven browsers worth of examining, I found out, that you Adytzoo, have PERFECTED the engine that Eames wrote! In his code many text elements align wrongly while youra are rocksolid no matter which browser…

So, my question is, if I buy YOUR code, would it be possible to use it flat, non-dynamic, simple STATIC html form as a stand alone form piece in my simple html website? I need plain html (some check boxes, some radio buttons, thats all) while keeping all the beautifull niceform design!!

I need the static plan html right in my document because my website TRANSLATES the text and ehoes everything in the html, example:

<form ...> <input value="<? echo __('Company')?>" type="text" onfocus="if(this.value=='<? echo __('Company')?>'){this.value=''}" onblur="if(this.value==''){this.value='<? echo __('Company')?>'}" /> <input value="<? echo __('Send')?>" type="submit" /> </form>

If no simple static example is included in your product, i am wiling to buy your form five times (5X) this code, after that you could provide me a simple, static working form that ONLY has the beautifull design markup on it, and all the rest is stripped off of it (the catcha, validators and php admin everthing) to make extremely light code minimalistic fast loading possible? (welcome to North European design philosophy :)

Do we have a deal? If yes i buy 5x, (or donate otherwise like paypall, i dont care how!) after that wait for you to strip your code and mail me light version. I will then add the form myself to the pages that i need and change them manually.

Let me assure you that there is NOTHING more rocksolid in terms of DESIGN when it comes to browser compatibility, than your code.

Bravo for that! Awaiting your reply, Eftegarie from Holland

I believe this is more a freelance project than what you describe. I will gladly Integrate the contact form into your HTML , Contact me using the contact form on the right Email Adytzoo on . Thanks

Since ‘Niceforms’ by Lucian Slatineanu is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License shouldn’t you credit the author of the script in the ‘Item Details’ page?

For a moment I was under impression that you where the author of the script that is doing all the magic, and clearly is not the case.

I am only using the script, the niceform file has the author/copyright notice untouched, It is only a small part of the script, the php being so much more complex, But i will develop a form switcher of my own, since i believe it is not that tough

Please let me know when the live demo is available again :) Thanks!

Hey, fixed the demo for the contact form! check it out!


dew Purchased

I copied the files over to my server, but the index.php doesnt load properly and admin.php doeant load at all (Parse error: parse error in C:\Intranet\www\admin.php on line 235).

I’ve loaded other php files with no issues at all…

I am currently running: Apache 2.2.11 & PHP 5 .3.0

Help would be appreciated!

I cannot figure out what the problem might be, i have never encountered such an error… can you upload your files on another server and try it again? Or , as a secondary solution give me a private message and i will install it for you. Thanks


Thanks for this contact form. It’s really nice.

Could you tell me how I would go about removing the ability of users to drag and resize the text areas. I.e – how can I change it so the text area is fixed in size.

Thanks a lot,


dew Purchased

I am able to get this working with host papa web sever, but I can’t get this form to work with WAMP … Any ideas?

Hi, I have a question. Is it possible to create a form which, for example has two fields side by side? e.g. First name and last name. In the demo I have not found it?

how can i set the option for the e.g. radio button that the first option was selected?

Like this:


and is there a solution to remove the captcha?

The captcha can’t be removed and I believe there’s a way to dislay the fields as required. Please use the contact form as this is a sepparate job.

If you can add file upload where i currently need one that i am able to upload at least 2 files to send it to an e-mail address you will get me!

Good work, like …

So I would like to know if it was possible to place field for date of birth?

And even now how to fix the weird characters.



Hello!! first of all this is a great solution!! But i need to know how to send, once you are done…to a thankyou page…instead the message!! Thanks


hi,its support uploads files?

Character Encoding Issues

solution ?

Sorry for the late response but I was out of the country and had no internet access. Can you further detail the problem?

anyway to disable the captcha?

Currently not, but if you send me an email using the contact form on my profile page i can create a custom version for you :)

I am trying to find something that can be crated on the fly within an article post. (Specifically for contests and giveaways)

Is it possible with this ?

Hi Support.

I’m trying your form out and my first error is no captcha. I mean I cannot see the numbers to be keyed in before I submit. Any ideas on this ? Tanks


Is it possible to send to multiple emails (like 3 or 4 admin emails)?


there is also the problem of incoming mail font.

How do I fix this?


I bought your form a while back and I really like it. Now I’m working on a project where it requires to label sections inside the same form, in example the first part is Personal Information and the second is Delivery Information. If this is possible I will buy the form again. Thanks.