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The radiobutton and checkbox itself are not clickable, which is a bit confusing.

Would love to see the admin back-end!

There’s a link at the bottom of the script, that takes you to the admin area, or you can simply access the admin.php file using the account admin/admin

Just a stupid question but why would this script only allow you to create one form then delete the admin file? I should have waited for the demo. The radio and check boxes do not work.

Any ideas on how to enable the check box and radio buttons? It seems to work for a second when we refresh the page then it does not. Could be the associated files.

Will l you be improving this so we can use the admin to create more then one form? I have client who would love to use this but for only one form it is not going to work :( She needs to be able to change or add more forms.

YOU can build such an admin? Will you be fixing the radio and check box inputs?

The Radio buttons and the Checkboxes do work if you click on the text assigned to them. In the documentation i wrote that after configuring the script you can delete the admin file because you will not need it anymore. This is the first version of the script, in a few days i will release another version of the script in which i will fix the checkbox/input issue and add an option so that you can create more than one form.

ha ha duh! Sometimes these owners manuals are worth reading. I am just not used to clicking the text . I have always just clicked the radio or check box but you are right they do work.

Once you make this to create additional forms and or edit existing forms I would recommend this to anybody. I would even pay extra for an upgrade that would create unlimited forms and each one different. And if that form builder can be used by the most novice PC use I would buy the extended license

There are no other forms on CodeCanyon that can create radio and checkboxes that I have seen in the last 2 years :) If there is a form script that was updated to do this I apologize to that programmer but for now I really believe you have the only script that does this.

Good Job!

Hi Adytzoo

Are there options to use the regular phpmail functions or smtp with your contact form?

Also, does the form do any validation for different field types?

Best of luck with sales :)

Currently you can send emails using phpmail, no smtp is enabled, Wait for an update in the next several days. The form validator checks if the values entered are empty, it validates radio,checkbox input,textarea and select fields.

A new version will be launched, just wait for the updated version You will se the revised icon on the top right. In the new version you can send emails using smtp and create more than one forms using the same script!

I’ve been playing around this contact form and talking with the author. By far one of the coolest forms on her this is going to make my clients life a lot easier along with mine.

The Author was extremely nice and helpful! I recommend this contact form and or the new one that will come out soon!

Great Job Adytzoo!

I look forward to trying the updated Demo once the added options mentioned are implemented.

The updated demo is now available!

Hi, how can i hide the captcha security!?

Delete the lines 38 to 40 and after that remove the lines 177 to 206. For further assistance please send me an email.

Thank you for your quick answer. An other problem comes up: “SMTP Error: Could not authenticate”. I dont get any mails… could you help me. please

thx in advance

Probably you didn’t configure the smtp right :). Reffer to phpmailer for this error :) thanks.

every time a try to submit the form, i got a webpage has expired – my smtp setting is ok, becuz another forms works, but this one not works.

Have you tried moving the form to another server? try adding this line ’’ini_set(‘max_execution_time’, 300); anywere in the config.php or index.php

I did the change um mentioned but still the same problem, i have a VPS server

$smtphost = ‘; $smtpuser = ‘; $smtppass = ‘email_pass’; $smtpport = ‘26’; $smtpsecure = ’’;

this i did on config.php on folder data/mail

i can acess the admin section ok, i just cant send any email from the form.

try moving the script on another host and see if the sending works with the same configuration… if it still doesn’t work you have a problem with your smtp configuration. also try GMAIL

You might want to remove your Google Analytics tracking from the code as well. That’s a pretty sketchy coding practice especially for script people are paying for.

I’m sorry for the analytics code, it’s present only in the demo version for tracking puprose :)

Hi nice way for doing forms! A few questions:

How would you insert & validate an email address in the admin?

How would you insert & validate an address & postcode admin?

Again the same with a phone number?


And by validation do you reffer to? - the email should be ? - the postcode should be numeric and have no more than 5 characters? If that is what you reffer to, it’s not possible in the actual script..

Nice form. I have an issue where the captcha works great in FF and Safari, but show a red x in IE…how can I resolve this problem?

which version of internet explorer do you use? can you send me a link with your website or a print screen? thanks


I just bought this form and this is a very good form especially for user like me has know nothing about php.

By the way, Adytzoo, I have successfully deploy the form to one of my website, but it failed for another website. What I did is copy the successful version to another website, but when I try to run and submit the form again, it show the following error code:

SMTP Error: Could not connect to SMTP host.

Ooops there seems to be an error! Contact the admin!

Kind of strange , hope to hear from you soon on how to solve this asap.

Regards Samuel

The causes to your problem could be one of the following: - The mail() function on your server is not activated you must contact your hosting provider for that! - The SMTP is configured incorrectly , reffer to the documentation for that! Please check the following and contact me again if your problem doesn’t get fixed. thanks for buying!


I would like to know if that possible to change the email From to capture my visitor’s email address when they fill in the form rather than showing my own email address.

I know you set the From in the config.php under this: $mail->SetFrom(‘’, ‘My Portal Name’);

But can you advice how to change this to capture the form’s email address field? Because it is very troublesome when I’ve received the submission form from some my visitor and when I want to reply straight, I can’t just click reply, because the from address is my own email.

Would be great if you can help.

Thanks and looking forward your help asap.

Regards Samuel

Unfortunately you can’t do that, because all the forms are dynamically generated. If you wish to keep a fixed structure i can help you with your problem but i have to help you modify the source code every time you add or remove a field. Send me a private message and I will gladly help you with your problem!

Really great file! i just have 1 questions: can i put a attach field on the form? /



There will be an attach file field in the next version which will be up soon!

Hey Adytzoo

Great file, works great

Keep up the great work

Greetings from Slovenia Urban

having trouble with smtp

also, i’m looking for documentation on that in the download but all i see is documenatation.pdf and it’s only 3 pages long and mentions nothing about smtp setup.

is there way i can just disable this and just send mail through php?

Edit “data/mail/config.php” and set $usesmtp =0;. Sorry for the inconvenience.

thank you!

please update documentation… other than that… great contact form. exactly what i was looking for.

when will you be releasing the update with file attachment?

thanks again!