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Why no image preview for image files?

Hello Sir/Madam, Greetings!

If you are talking about the image preview in message list of admin, then Yes, currently its not developed becuase there may be any kind of files uploaded, but We have listed your request in features list and will work soon on it.

If you willing to buy it, then We can provide you image preview as thumbnail.

Please let us know your thoughts.

Thanks & Regards Team Vivacity

Hello Sir/Madam, Greetings!

Now we have improved our version to show preview image in admin , if a user uploads any image, also if he uploades any doc,pdf,excel or text file, then a related icon will also show there.


Hello, this extension looks good. Great job.
I just have a quick question… Sorry if this sounds stupid, but when a user submits a new form with image attachment. Is the image sent in an email to the store owner as an attachment? or does the store owner have to login to Magento admin to view it?

Hello Sir/Madam, Greetings!

Thanks for using our extension. I want to let you know that attachment is send on admin email and also save in admin store so whenever admin need the information in future, He/She got the attachment from admin panel.

In addition if you have problem from that then you can share with us so we can resolve it.

Regards, Team Vivacity

Great. Thanks for the reply.


I bought this extension… But in the settings I can’t generate a key, because the website is down.

And how do I actually edit the contact forms? I thought I could have multiple contact forms but there is no way to “add new” or anything like that. Do i need to activate the product first? Then I need the activation website actually working..

Thanks Any email I can directly talk to you on?

Yes, website is down due to maintenance, please send email to:

How does the product inquiry works? There is a button near “Add To Cart” or is a form under a product tab? I didn’t found any screenshot of this feature. Could you update, please?

Hi robsonw,

You will see a Send Inquiry button beside of Add to Cart Button. Thanks for letting know that screenshot needs to add for this, we have recently added this features.

We will update more screenshots today.


Hi robsonw,

You can review now here product inquiry option is now visible on our demo.


Hello, this is a great extension and works really well… I just have a couple quick questions:

1. – How do i edit the Autoresponder email that is sent when the form is submitted? I noticed some spelling mistakes.

2. – How can i edit the style of the form and make the input fields more wider?

Thank you

Hello Sir/Madam, Greeting!

Thanks for using our extension and asking query. For edit the email content, I want to let you know that there is no option in extension from where you can edit the email message. You need to edit it manually. The file path of email content is given below:

1. app/code/local/Vivacity/Contactform/controllers/IndexController.php

In addition if you want to edit the style of form, then you can edit it files The path of file is given below:

1. app/design/frontend/base/default/template/contactus/blockContactform.phtml 2. app/design/frontend/base/default/template/contactus/contactform.phtml

Please review it and let me know if you need more help.

Regards, Team Vivacity

Does your form has date picker?

Hello Nardtz, Greeting!

Thanks for asking query. Currently no date picker in our form. Please do let us know if you have any query.

Regards, Team Vivacity

Does it works on magento 1.9.2?

Hi, this is a pre-sale question.

I’m interested in your extension, but does it allow to create multiple contact forms? And can I insert contact form into custom pages?

When user submits a message is it send to the store owner’s email address or to Magento admin panel only? I’d prefer that email will be sent to my email address. Does it work that way?

also, does it work in Magento

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for your query and showing interest in our product. Unfortunately, It doesn’t allow you to add multiple forms, there is only one form that can be used, but that single form can be used on CMS pages with some code adding in it. When User submits, a message is send to store owner`s email, and also stores email in admin to view from dashboard. Yes, It will work on version of Magento.

It also has some features to add files in contact form, and admin can reply from admin dashboard.

Please update us if you have any other query.


thanks for your answer.

Could you please tell me more about adding form to CMS pages with some code. Does it mean that I can customise forms a little bit by adding some code? Can I, for example, remove some form fields on some of the pages?


By adding code means you can add this code {{block type=”contactform/getdata” name=”contactform_getdata” template=”contactus/contactform.phtml”}} to any of your CMS page and will be able to show same contact form.

But you can see by using this you can`t edit any fields, for that you needs to go to some code files and then you can edit, you needs to have some PHP/HTML knowledge for it. But If anything will be simple to do then will help you out.

If you want some customization, then you can request for it separately on our support link, we will also provide that.



I have modified extension an works great. I need only one solution.

I use extension with below code to add contact form to static block {{block type=”contactform/getdata” name=”contactform_getdata” template=”contactus/contactform.phtml”}}

And i use this only for product contact but i need product name and product url in submit mail then i know for witch product goes.

Why is no possibility multilanguage? our web page:


Hi, We are checking the issue and will send you files to update in your installation.

Please can you create a help request on our support forum, we will then send you updated files.

Hi This is a pre-sale question. I need to know that is there any way that the user can only be able to submit the form only after login/signup in the website? Can it be integrated? Regards Tinku

Hi madsparkindia

Thanks for showing interest in our extension. Currently its not like this, but if you willing to buy it we can add some custom code to make it work only for the logged in users.


Hi Team,

Can I add this form to a static block?

thank you.

Hi Webdesignace12, You can add this to static blocks.

Thank you for this and can I add custom fields?

Unfortunately, custom fields are not available in it, But if you want then we can add fields as per your requirements. You can send more details on our support link


Hello, I want to ask some questions abour product inquiry. 1. Can I change the language? 2. Can I make the form according to my needs or is it just like that? 3. Is there any admin demo link?

Hello Sir,


Thanks for showing interest in our Extension. Here is reply for your queries:

- Yes you can change language, but there are some Javascripts validations that you may needs to change in files.

- You can’t make a custom form, its a pre-designed form that you can use as it is with some configurations options.

- We will create a admin demo and will share with you soon.


Team Vivacity

Hello Sir, Greetings!

Unfortunately at the moment there is no custom role available to show admin features, but we have some snapshots to show about how those features.

Detail of an Email and a Reply form: Listing of Emals: Configuration:

We hope this helps to understand about features.

Thanks Team Vivacity

Is this compatible with magento version

Yes Sir, Its compatible with latest version

Hello, I want to create two forms A & B and these two forms admins are Aa and Bb and both are having different email addresses. So when user user submit form A, then admin Aa should receive the email (and ofcourse data should be store in magento) and if user submit form B then admin Bb should receive the email (and ofcourse data should be store in magento). Is this facility available in your extension, I will be ready to buy now..Please reply me quickly..

Hello Sir, Greetings!

We reviewed your requirement. Your required functionality is not available in our extension. For this We need to customize our extension to fulfill your requirement. These customization will be paid.

We have a query here: Which form do you want to setup twice? Sliding contact us form OR product inquiry form OR contact us form?

Please contact for price and other details of customization of Extension.

Please let us know, if you want to proceed with these.

Thanks & Regards, Team Vivacity