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Hello, i just buy the item but having some problems with codification of latin characters like áéíóú in the message field, so the author displays this characters but the comment_content dont, the ytf-8 is in the metatags of the page can you help me?

Fixed, line 35 replace: $_POST[‘message’]=htmlentities($_POST[‘message’], ENT _QUOTES, ‘UTF-8’);

thank you parada1280 i had the same problem and this is fixed thanks to you ;)

Demo not working.


Hi, very clean script, easy to install. 1) I need to have the same chat conversation on 2 different pages. 2) would like the script to auto refresh so new messages show up automatically. Is this possible? Thanks in advance.

really nice is it easy to change the time stamp to 1 min ago, 10 mins ago, 1 hr ago etc.

You still supporting your script? a question was asked 19 days ago with no reply?

Took me about 10 minutes to get this working, but once it was up, it is working beautifully. Thank you so much! It was just what I needed.. a lightweight website and comment system without any use of databases. Glad it just stores it on the comments on the server in a file. That’s all I wanted and all I needed. I probably could’ve written the script myself, but so glad someone had already done it.. saved me so much time! See the code in action. If stopping by, please leave a comment!

Is there any way to make all the comments connected? For example, if I make a comment on the homepage and I navigate to another page, the comments are separate. How can I just make it all a universal comment system?

$url in the jscomms.php

hey i will pay you 80 dollars or so if you can update this with a reply to post and an editor for symbols

What is the correct way to call the jscomms code from another directory if its main folder is left in the root directory?

Found the answer! You need to set your base URL <base href=””> and then in the JS (folder: /jscomms/) call the jscomms folder for anyone interested in using this with multiple subdirecories.

hello, pls send me link to the docunmentation. i wud need to check it out before purchasing.

Good Work! Congratulations!

Thank you!

Hi, is this easy to get it to work with a user data base… For example: The page login reads the user that is on the page and i can put like the user Image, and all they will need to do is post a comment.