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Can I have an “OFFLINE” button or message in place instead of hiding the live chat button when I am not around to chat with visitors?

Yes! I personally avoid it but this is very easy.

Edit the one-line code you put on your website:

<span id=”easychatbutton”></span><script type=”text/javascript” src=”easychat/easychatbtn.js”></script>

To be something like this (put an image if you want, anything you wish). In the example below it leaves a simple link to a contact us page with message “Live Support Offline – leave a message”.

<span id=”easychatbutton”><a href=”contact-us.php”>Live Support Offline – leave a message</a></span><script type=”text/javascript” src=”easychat/easychatbtn.js”></script>

That will appear when no chat admin is logged in.

Help! It doesn’t work!

Make sure you are testing in a seperate browser (one when you login to the chat admin), another for testing the button shows up your site.

If it’s still not working and you have added the one line code to your website template / page then:

If you “view source” of a web page the button should be on. Do you still see the code you pasted fully intact?

If not, you pasted the code in using your favourite CMS. Some CMS’s strip <script> tags or mangle them. You will have to add that part the <script>...</script> bit of the chat button code in your template via some other location.

Most CMS’s have a “template” section that lets you paste things in their safely. Do that with the <script>..</script> part. Keep the <span>..</span> part where you had it (the button will appear there).

This should solve your problem.

If it’s still not working, confirm you have uploaded easychat to

If you put it somewhere else, follow the README.html file that explains how to tweak the one line button so it knows where easychat is. Very easy.

Still not working? Avoid uploading easychat via a GUI / control panel interface, especially not file by file. Generally this is OK and works fine, but as these are “third party” ways of uploading files, I can’t know if they work well or aren’t breaking something. Please try to use an FTP program to upload Easy Chat.

Still not working? Please contact me – something is breaking the code on your site I will likely spot it in 30 seconds.

How does it work on my iPhone / Samsung phone?

It works well because it utilises the Internet Browser on your phone. E.g. Safari for iPhones, Chrome/Firefox for Android / Samsung phones.

There is one short fall, and this is to do entirely with Google/Apple, in that you may need to keep your phone active, or simply check it every now and then for new chats, this is because when your iPhone powers off, Safari can’t tell you “chat received” because your phone is hiding it to save power. The work around is to check your phone every now and then. I know this is a little inconvenient, but short of writing an APP for your phone (which takes several weeks to get approved on App Store), there is no work around short of setting your phone to never go into power-saving mode, at least while you intend on using Easy Chat.

Again this is not a limitation of Easy Chat itself, this is a hard-wired feature of your phone, that only creating an app to show notifications on your screen even in power saving mode, can bypass. This is a costly exercise in terms of time, but if you really want this, let me know by contacting me via this site. If enough people want it I will definitely get it done.