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Great charts. :) Just wondering if they animate on-load or on-scroll?

Thank you! unfortunately the charts doesn’t load on scroll, but it’s a feature that I will add in a future release.

Great looking plug in. Pre-purchase question—will the plug in support an embeded shortcode that outputs a numeric value from a database?

Hello! Thanks for the interest you can use ‘do_shortcode’ function and generate the values from db.


installed, activated – see nowhere in menus or anywhere in admin to create shortcode

Hello Sir,

When you add a new page or a new post you have the shortcode generator on the right side.

Best Regards.

Pre Purchase Question: Will this work with 3.8.2?

Hello ! It should work, just to be honest I’ve tested the plugin only with 3.8.1.

Thanks for the interest!

Thanks for the quick reply. One last question, how does it look when building the data? I saw that it’s a shortcode generator, but just curious how extensive the fields/data can be. Mainly just looking to give my sales reps a visual on overall performance. Do you have a screen shot of the shortcode that is generated? is that where the data would be entered?

Thanks again.

The shortcode generator is for non-developer webmasters but if you are a developer you can use ‘do_shortcode’ and generate charts with custom data.

Pre-purchase question. Is it possible to create a chart by accessing data from a wordpress/mysql database table without additional coding?

Hello, without additional coding you can’t query the database to generate charts, can you send me a PM and explain what you need to have and we’ll find a solution. Thanks for the interest.

I want to show charts in WP with 1) posts/ categories based on number of posts 2) tags 3) comparison of categories 4). authors 5) date 6) status updates 7) other meta

I want to embed the charts with a page or show it at the admin end when a user logs and who has the user permissions to view this on wpmu

I could not see anyway of importing the data in your demo sir

Just bought the plugin, it works intuitively and looks nice, thanks!

However, is it possible to include the ‘hover-effect’ for pie-charts, just as in the demo-page of the chart.js code? Same as the automatic scale function for the width of the graph. The graphs look nice on a Mac now, but on a iPad they overlap.

Thanks in advance!

Hi is there a way for the pie chart data to have currency symbols instead of raw data or percent? Ex: $443, $334, etc. Can the colors be changed? Thanks!


You can set the colors, in the case of round charts you can only set a color for all colums, in the cose of bar chart and pie chart you can set individually.

What type of chart do you need to use ? bar, round, or pie ?

I’ve created an example with your data here:

Any feature can be added if you explain to me exactly what you need so if you would probably buy the plugin if it had a specific feature if I can implement it I’ll do it.


Do you have a voting / polling plugin to go along wit these charts???

Hello sir, no I don’t but that’s an interesting idea.

Take a look at BWL Poll Manager… and i it work well with Visual Composer you’d be the best plugin of your kind… because the animated charts are nice already

I will take a look and let you know if it hits production, thank you. Cheers.