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Nice work, GLWS! :)

Thank you! :)

does this work with 24-hour setting (i.e. 14:00 instead of 2 pm) ?

Yes, it works with 24-hour setting. To provide maximum flexibility for languages and local hour setting, it uses input textfields for day and hour settings.

What would make this worth $7 (heck, I’d buy it for $27) is if it integrated with Facebook and Google+ automatically updating the business hours on a Facebook Page, Google+ page and the Google business profile that shows up in search.

Thanks for the suggestion, much appreciated. I will consider this for a future update.

Nice little plugin thanks :)

Thank you!

Can you group the days ie Monday-Sunday 06:00- 20:00?

Hi, I apologize for the late response. Unfortunately it doesn’t have such an option. Best regards!

Any shortcode to put this in as a widget?

Hi there! Nice Office Hours. Can I use it in the widgets? I would like to place this in the Footer of a website I am building.

Does the currently day illuminate based on wordpress clock settings?

Hello! Thanks for suggestion, I added the feature. You can see it on the Demo Site. the current day is highlighted, based on server/wordpress time I will upload it today, but it will take some time for Code Canyon to update.

Thats great thank you! I just purchased it. I can see that they are not highlighted on my website, so I will wait for the update to come through on Code Canyon. Thanks again!

Working on a site where the staff has different hours – can the plugin be used for different people/different hours or is it just the one time?

Hi, it can be used multiple times on a page, you can see it on the demo site.

Hi there, Thanks for the great plugin! Can you please help me out how to decrease the distance between day and opening hour (see my footer @ http://www.dinmarfashionstore.nl) Many Thanks, Marjolein

Hi Marjolein, thanks for purchase. The width of the plugin depends on the surrounding div. You can decrease the width in your footer like this: .footer-widget-2 .row{ max-width: 50%; } Add this to layout.css or style.css in your theme. Feel free to send me a message if I can help you with that. Best regards

Hi there, how can I add a class to this plugin to style it? I would Like to add a thin border around the whole feature, reduce padding + style fonts.

Hi bigcreativa, thanks for purchase. You can add a wrapper and its class/styles in vc_templates/businesshours.php. There are all styles for the pluigin. Feel free to send me a mail if I can help you with that. Best regards

Can this do a table like what is on this page? But better?


Hi I purchased it and did a table like on the bottom of thie page http://www.jkmarketingproof.com/Ragazzi/home/contact/ I just need to get spaces between the lunch and dinner times. And get everything to linup


And also Sat seems bolder to me.

Thanks again

Hi jennymess, thanks for purchase. The bolder date is the current date. Spaces and lineup: please contact me via email at info@themewerk.com, you’ll need to make some small customization on a php file. If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks.

Hi there,

Cool Addon! Does this allow to put two times on the same day, i.e lunch time/dinner time?

Many Thanks, Jawad

Hi Themewerk, Cool, Thanks for considering it. I am looking forward to seeing it soon :)

Hi Themewerk,

You mentioned that two times on the same day was nearly complete but you have not updated plugin yet, when will it be ready?

Many Thanks, Jawad

Double post for some reason.


Could this display hours for various custom post types instead of just once on the site?

Thank you

HI ijgarcia, thanks for purchase. I tested it, it can display hours for various custom post types. Feel free to send me a mail, if I can help you with that. Thanks

Hi there,

I have tried contacting you via the Contact Form, could you check please?

Many Thanks, Jawad

Hi, is it possible to add one different in each posts ?


andrefw Purchased

Hello, how can I open a support ticket? please see my issue, I just bought and installed and used, it does not look right https://prnt.sc/gmp404


andrefw Purchased

any reply for this please? I sent the issue through the contact form, no reply as well

Thanks for purchase, please check your inbox. I have sent you an email.