Easy Bulk Order - Upload CSV to Create Cart Magento

Easy Bulk Order - Upload CSV to Create Cart Magento

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Upload CSV to Create Cart provides an option for your customers to add a large number products to cart through a CSV file.

The way to a customer’s heart is by lending simplicity and easy navigability throughout the e-commerce store that you run. The procedure involved in adding products to cart to the checkout process should be made as swift as possible in order to give the maximum comfort to a customer. This extension allows people to add a large number (and types) of products by adding their SKU codes and the quantity to be ordered. The cart is prepared on its own, depending on the availability of the product at that time. The SKU codes can be entered in the form of a CSV file (containing the list and quantities of products to be purchased) that can be uploaded on the website. The customer would need to have a registered account on the website in order to take benefit of this simple process.

Customers will create CSV file offline in their spreadsheets software and add selected products to cart in one click through uploading CSV file.


- Enable/disable for backend
- Only Simple products add to cart via CSV
- Customers can add large amount of products to cart with no extra time.
- A separate page to upload a csv format file with sku and qty fields.
- Extension can be enabled/disabled from backend.
- Admin can change csv header titles from backend.
- Only registered customers can access custom cart page.
- It also allows back orders.

Steps to be taken for Installation

Step-1. Login with your Magento admin

Step-2. Go to system -> Magento Connect -> Magento Connect Manager

Step- 3. Login with Magento Connect Manager (with your Magento admin credentials)

Step-4. Upload package file (purchased file) in direct package file upload section and click on upload.

Step-5. Return to Magento admin and clear cache from System -> Cache Management

. Logout from Magento admin and re-login.

How to Enable and Disable the Extension?

Step-1. Go to System -> Configuration -> Custom Cart

Step-2. Select General Settings of Extension.

Step-3. Select YES to Enable and NO to Disable the extension from Admin.

How to Change the Header Titles for SKU and Quantity?

Step-1. Go to System -> Configuration -> Custom Cart -> General Settings

Step-2. From here Admin can change the Header Titles for SKU and Quantity in CSV.

Front End Demo of the Extension

Step-1. Register an Account on the Magento Store

After the registration you will see a new option “Custom Cart” in top links.

Step-2. Click on Custom Cart to Upload CSV File consisting of SKU codes and Quantity of the products to be ordered.

Format to be used for CSV file